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Mick J. Clark, Exclusive Interview

  So Mick, I understand that you're from the U.K.; can you tell us about your upbringing? Like a lot of kids I had a violent, frightening father and when he came for me or my sister we and my mum always feared he would lose control and kill us, I could always here my mum in the background shouting, 'no John no', so I put that at the end of my song, 'When Teeth Hit The Bottom Lip', about losing control. When I was 11yrs old I saved up all my money including my School lunch money for three months till I had enough to buy my first guitar. I played in many bands when I was young, did the Holiday camp summer season gig and came close to making it, but 'no cigar', and as starvation set in I became an electrician, but still always wrote songs.      How long have you been doing music and what inspired you to start? I have always been doing music in one form or another since I was a kid, but I always enjoyed writing songs and looking up 'who wrote' the hit si

Steve Ryan Exclusive Interview!

  Steve, how was your upbringing in the city of Los Angeles? I grew up in georgia but have spent a lot of time on the west coast.  My upbringing was pretty suburban.    What is it like to have Prince as one of the musical influences to you? I didn't realize that he was a music influence until a later time.  It came out in some of my singing and music style, especially the falsetto.    So tell us about the "Miracle of Love" single and what is the inspiration of this track? Miracle of love is about 2 things, one how love can heal things with people in general, its more universale, but more specifically at the beginning of the chorus, it talks about how someone bring out the best and the worst in you at the same time, and that a miracle ''from'' love is needed. Give us some detail about the creative process of Steve Ryan?  My creative process varies, sometimes i hear the music in my head first and then do lyrics, other times i come up with lyrics and then wor

Funktasic Players Exclusive Interview!

  So David, What city are you from and what's it like back home? I'm from a suburban community just 20 minutes outside of Washington DC in Prince Georges County. It's a middle-class suburban neighborhood. Like everywhere else people are getting up and going to work or working from home. As far as the music scene goes, most of the clubs, restaurants, and music venues have been closed. From my understanding, you guys do a blend of 70's soul 80's hip hop, and contemporary Jazz; can you tell us some of your influences that brought about such a unique sound? I think of my musical influences like a triangle. On one side you have my hip-hop roots, Tribe called quest, black sheep, Pete Rock, and CL Smooth. These days I listen to Cookin Soul and a lot of lo-fi and chill-hop. On the other side of the triangle, I listen to groups like Incognito, Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright, Ronny Jordan, unwrapped band. On the third side of the triangle, I listen to groups like Tower of

Currie Wayne Clayton Jr FLYAH INTERVIEW

WE HAD A CHANCE TO TALK TO CURRIE WAYNE CLAYTON JR READ THE INTERVIEW BELOW   1.   So tell us about your upbringing:  How did you get into making music?         I am  " Musician born, American Made"!  I was born in Burlington, NC and named after my musician father, Currie Wayne Clayton Sr.   I was always surrounded by music.  My musical career began as a drummer at the early age of 3.  Winning several musical contests in my earlier years, my love for guitar came at the age of 14.  My talents are 100% God given and I am totally self taught in all the instruments I play . . . guitar, drums, bass, fiddle, keys.  Singing, writing and producing have all come naturally to me as well. 2.   Touring the United States is a Major accomplishment.  Can you tell us about your first tour? I moved to St. Louis from Delaware in the summer of 1993.  My GF at the time landed a job as lead vocalist for the lounge band '7th Heaven' so I packed my things and made my way to St. Louis.  I ev


So Monica I understand you are originally from Puerto Rico, Do you remember much about home, and do you believe you have Caribbean influences in your music?  Aside from my previous music being in Spanish and English, it generally did not delve too deeply into the Latin side. I think this track, and the record for that matter is a direct reference to reggaeton and the sounds we hear in the Caribbean. While I only spent my childhood in Puerto Rico, they were some of my happiest times and these are the sounds that echoed in my environment.  Where do you find the inspiration for your retro Pop sound?   The music I listen to incorporates warm analog synths and so generally I prefer more of a retro sound.  So you graduated from two colleges, One of them being Berklee College of Music. I also went to school for recording. In my experience, it was great to get the additional knowledge, but when I arrived at school, I was already gifted in music. Was it a similar experience for you?  I think wh