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J.Cole is in the Off-Season

This week in Hip Hop saw the glimpse of a new album cover from North Carolina rapper J. Cole. The release of this cover was displayed on Twitter over the midnight hours and the fans of the rapper were in elation. Downtime due to the pandemic has left J. Cole in production mode and according to the rapper, there was 3 projects constructed. He made mentioned an album was in the works but no confirmation was made months up until now. J. Cole's new album "Off-Season" gets release this year with a specific release date not announced. for more news, stay with Flyah Magazine.  

Jason Rylan- Exclusive Interview!

  So Jason Rylan, how does it feel to be from the busy and exciting city of Las Vegas? Could you tell us a little more about your upbringing and how you moved from California? I’ve lived in Vegas for many years.  The city is a pretty amazing place with a large concentration of live entertainment/shows, activities, tours, amazing nightlife, and tons of great restaurants.  I don’t think Vegas can truly be appreciated in just one visit.  The city can get pretty crazy tho.  I think I’ve seen it all.  Vegas took quite the hit with Covid and restrictions, but the city has been coming back to life with business capacities increased, shows reopening, and hopefully a rebound with tourists.   I moved around quite a bit growing up, mostly between California and Colorado.  My Dad had a family-owned business.  I moved with my parents shortly after I graduated High school.     I understand that you do EDM and Electronica; those genres are a little experimental. Could you tell us about your inspirati