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Make Me Miserable By Karin Ann

Make Me Miserable combines high energy pop-punk with nostalgic 80s influences, while lyrically dealing with the painful realisation that an exciting new love may not be what it appears to be. Featuring a music video that documents Ann’s live shows over the last few months. “I didn’t really want to do a narrative music video with this song. It’s very upbeat and fun and I wanted the video to have the same energy. I love the people that support me and this is a little bit of a tribute to them because there are some great moments captured in the video.” The background story for this song is quite simple, there was a guy i really liked and i thought he really liked me, things seemed to be going great and then i found out he had a girlfriend the whole time.

Pimpin’ Change is Flyah!

  Pimpin’ Change knows what kind of music moves him. Expressive lyrics that paint pictures across intoxicating beats. Bluesy rhythms that meld into hip-hop soul. Melodic flows that lure one’s true nature out. His music is designed to shake the soul. Pimpin’ Change – also known as Jeremy Hill – first developed this sonic understanding in the 6th grade, where he played the trumpet in the school band. The band director restricted the students’ musicality to playing a strict set of songs that may be considered classics by some but, for Jeremy, failed to deliver the exuberant inner tingling that he knew music could provide. He craved a sense of connection to the art he was consuming, and soon found himself forming musical bonds with artists whose words resonated with him: deeply emotional storytellers like Z-Ro, expressive innovators like DJ Screw, ambitious rebels like Pimp-C. Together they form a pyramid of Jeremy’s greatest creative inspirations, with Chad “Pimp C” Butler seated firmly a

Flyah Review: "ALL ON YOU" by Happy Curmudgeons

  Flyah Review: "ALL ON YOU" by Happy Curmudgeons   Happy Curmudgeons finds a deeper meaning.   After sizzling success with their last single, the incredible band returns to take you to a higher level.   Officially released on Sunday, October 16, 2022, "ALL ON YOU" is a welcome surprise to those who crave spiritual music   PLATINUM LEGACY:   Relentlessly determined to make music their way, Happy Curmudgeons took destiny into their hands.   Refusing to be average, the music collective decided to make amazing songs on their own terms.   And you can experience their extraordinary talent on the debut album entitled "MEANT 2 BE."   They also knocked out the competition and won an award with the  showstopping  single entitled "2ND CHANCES."   Instead of letting massive success slow them down, Happy Curmudgeons continues to release superior music.   ALL ON YOU, SO IT BEGINS:   The top-notch  production  is filled with rich, exciting sounds.   With maste

DownTown Mystic Exclusive Interview

  FLYAH MAGAZINE INTERVIEW Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?   Born and bred in New Jersey in a town called Maplewood. I got interested in music from as far back as I can remember. There was always music playing, either from a radio or a record player. I took to rock’n’roll like a fish to water. When The Beatles came along I got a guitar and lessons for my birthday and haven’t looked back. Once I started playing guitar I was in various bands, rehearsing in basements and garages. The earliest performance I remember was like being 5 or 6 and having my friends back me up singing in the street to impress some teenage girl I had taken a shine to. lol   If I wasn’t a musician I probably would have been a DJ because I love playing records. As a matter of fact, my whole family loved records. We’d go out at night every week or so to a record store. It was a thing to do. My uncle built his own stereo and speaker system. The house would shake from the bass


GORILLA TOPHAT SPREADS MESSAGE TO LOVE NATURE WITH DISCO SONG Written by  Avijit   Misra Emerging from Canada,  Gorilla  Tophat  is one of those unique bands from  North America  whose  music  provides education and entertainment at the same time.   They specialize in creating music through the fusion of Rock, Reggae and Pop.  Although  Bassist Alex  Deuzeman  i s no longer a part of this band,  Jon  TheFawnDoe ,  a  bassist from  Ottawa  has joined the multiple-award nominated band, keeping their ability to make quality music intact. After making an impact at  Burlington Music Festival , Gorilla  Tophat  is bac k with an awesome song titled “Disco”. I loved this song!   A miraculous combination of education and entertainment,  Disco provides knowledge through its music video and enjoyment through its instrumental beats.   M odern Disco  and  Funk  music are fusing together to produce the fabulous track.    The beats in the beginning of this song remind us of Disco music of the 80s, wh