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Topnotch is #Flyah

Topnotch, born
Michael Anderson, is a solo rap artist born and raised in North Philadelphia. At the early age of 8 years old Topnotch started rapping and first hit the stage at 10 years old. Fine tuning and developing his craft for over 9 years, Topnotch is known for his ear catching punchlines, witty wordplay, and never ending rhyme schemes. By the time Topnotch was a teenager he was already receiving recognition as one of the best emcees in his neighborhood.

Now in his 20's Topnotch has people all over the world appreciating his music for the unique style and authentic messages. Topnotch's most recent single, "CRAZY OUT HERE", is a great example of his genuine approach to music never compromising his creative integrity to jump on the bandwagon. The single's simple production combined with Topnotch's hot hook makes the song an interesting blend of sound and rhythm. "CRAZY OUT HERE" is currently available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, and all major online music retailers. Keep up with Topnotch on his facebook “Topnotch” fanpage


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