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Cody Morgan - Since You've Came #Flyah Review

Growing up in Kentucky, Cody Morgan was embedded with Gospel and country roots. As he grew older and music became more and more a part of his life,  more influences came in to play. Listening to classic rock, hard rock, and more, the songwriter ended up performing in bands of different genres playing rhythm and lead guitar along with singing. Over the years his experience working with others and performing live lead him to put together a set of songs all  his own. Having won 2nd place in ‘Lexington Untapped’, a singer -songwriter competition in Lexington KY, Morgan was rewarded with a live performance at the Lyric Theater ( a major community theater) along with studio time and sponsorship. The "Rocketships And Fireflies" EP is a testament to where he is at with
his sound right now.
With the release of the  "Rocketships And Fireflies" EP, Cody Morgan takes on a classic genre, and gives it a spin all his own. Laced with beautiful progressions, an edgy but soulful vocal style, and a southern undertone, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie folk anthems. Although songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue holds them all together much like any concept album would.
The first single, “Find Yourself”, immediately grabs you with it's soothing ambience, followed by addicting vocal melody and a peaceful atmosphere,  the song to builds and breathes while it plays on.
Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where Morgan is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.


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