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Cristiana Di Palma- What we had(Music review)

Christiana Di Palma is a extraordinary artist with talent to outshine the competition in the music industry.  When first hearing her hit single  ''What We Had'' I was instantly blown away by its calming sounds and her beautiful voice.  This song could top the charts and become a universal classical ballet with the right of amount of push.  The lyrics of What We Had paints a emotional picture of two love birds being separated by hardships, with one reminiscing on good times. This story is very easy to relate to, and can almost bring a tear to the eye if you have been through a similar situation. The pain of a break up is definitely heartfelt and could have a strong impact on your life. The opening lyric ''Another day has passed way and I wonder if you are still the same'' is almost like making a wish to restore the bond with a spouse before it is too late to recover.    This approach surely will keep the listener tuned in for more of the musical masterpiece. I love her accent when singing and it goes perfect with the guitar strumming.  The video also makes her statement loud and clear.  Displaying good times with a mixture of disagreements makes the video a must see. She reminds me of great artist such as Cyndi Lauper and Shania Twain.  When I hear ''What we had'', in my head I can only think of the catchy chorus of the classic song True Colors.  I am mainly a hip hop fan but when you hear great artist like Christiana Palma you have no choice but to become a fan.  If I had to rate this song on scale of 1-10 I would give this one a 9 for its message, catchy chorus and instrumentation.  Check out her video below and don't be afraid to leave a comment or share with friends

Cristiana Di Palma - WHAT WE HAD (Official Music Video) from CRISTIANA DI PALMA on Vimeo.


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