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Tornado Touchdown - Richmond, Va

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A tornado spurred over the afternoon hours through the commonwealth of Virginia. Forecast detailed that thunderstorm watches, warnings, flash flood watches, and even thunderstorm warnings were in effect for parts of the state. In Chesterfield County, Va, there was one fatality issued over the news airwaves and also reported on local radio frequencies that the person affected by the tornado was taken out between 6 pm Monday Evening. Nearby schools ranging from elementary level middle and high school were given mandatory procedures to follow. According to the school districts, parents and legal guardians were notified via Facebook Twitter and cell phone of their child's well being and were following protocol to keep them safe until the area was cleared from tornado like activity. Around 10 pm in the late evening, parents and legal guardians have picked up the children after a long wait; faculty and staff were also concerned of the school's defense mechanisms as it was able to withstand the pressure of air and wind gust blowing by the county. No other fatalities as of now have been announced and residents in counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, Amelia, Nottoway and Prince Edward have decided to resume with school activities as planned as they are taken the next day off


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