Coldswell Gives Alt-Grunge A New Name

Coldswell Gives Alt-Grunge  A New Name

Made up of brothers Evan and Brandon Krise, along with Ian Hudson, Coldswell is a power trio of alt-grunge at it's finest.  Releasing several singles like the ever catchy rocker "Dark Eyes", has already gained them a slew of notoriety in their local Ohio area and it doesn't look like they are slowing down at all. This year's Void Calls album release has been the pinnacle for the band without question. Going through all  the motions of alternative rock, grunge, pop rock, and more, the album is great for anyone that actually wants to feel something from a rock album. 

Upon a good listen you begin to get the feeling these guys are a great live band. And if you're in Ohio, you may get that chance. From head bangers to ballads the album is a wonderful range of soundscapes and is available on both vinyl  and cassette at