Rellz Tha Postman Golden Horses Freestyle!

Rellz Tha Postman is back with a entertaining freestyle entitled Golden Horses!  The 90s sounding superstar has been quite busy working on Flyah Entertainment’s new comic series Respect Robo.  Being featured in this comic as a main character, he knows he must maintain his hip hop status. With witty punchlines, a grimy production and cool green screen backgrounds, this hip hop video surely sparks the interest of boom bap heads worldwide!  Check out the Golden Horses  freestyle below

Brian Shuck is elevating Southbound Summertime - #FlyahReview

Brian Shuck, a Texas native who was born in California, has been actively performing in the Southern music scene. With influences of Johnny Cash and similarities of Garth Brooks, his music brings a smile to Nashville music lovers. His latest single, "Southbound Summertime", brings a joyful vibe as he speaks about the good times in his country town.

When I first heard the lyrics to this song, it reminded me of friends I use to have in my early 20's. We happily would hang out at the county parks and talk about good times in high school. Brian shares detail about having the windows down, relaxing on a lawn chair, and enjoying the day like an American should. The instrumentation of the song is well mixed and I love the way how his voice blended with the music.

Another thing I love about the song was the vibrant video showing the young people enjoying their time in the summer weather. Who wouldn't want to spend their time in a drop top convertible cruising down the highway with the people they love. Visions from the hammock on a beach with blue water makes this song even more colorful. 

If I had to rate this track on the scale of 1 to 10, the score will be a 8 for its energy, its conveying message, the positive vibes and well put together lyrics. Check out his video below and let us know what you think.

Chase Tremaine and Honest Pop Rock

Chase Tremaine and Honest Pop Rock

Songwriter Chase Tremaine rocks his way into the ranks of  pop rock with the "Unfall" album. Completely full up with guitar licks that make you think twice, obsessively hooky choruses, and a modest undertone, Tremaine bares all in this relentless indie rock work. The record as a whole, encompasses elemental classic rock, punk rock, garage rock, and even math and prog at times making it an individually massive chunk of songs. Right now seems to be a time where artists are pushing themselves and when that happens there are some that shine through. Chase Tremaine is one of those. Get your hands on this  record as soon as you can. Notable songs include "Humanizer", "Search For Myself", "Cave", and Honest Tree". 

Skittish - Roots from Two Legs Bad Album #FlyahReview

Two Legs Bad | skittish

Skittish is a Folk Rock band from Minnesota who has toured nationally and recently signed a deal with Spectra Records. Permanent member Jeff Noller paints the industry vibrant with sarcastic and rough weird tunes. Artists like the Beatles, Paul Simon, & Rilo Kiley help influence their musical perspective. When I first heard the hit track, "Roots", I was greeted by a professional video that was nothing more than entertaining as the music floats me through. Comic book scenes involving goofy ninjas and a powerful packing female is all someone needs to be engulfed in Skittish's work of art.

The mixing on this track was clean and the lyrics was full of metaphors. Short verses alongside catchy choruses have always been my favorite. The song is easy to learn and has a chill vibe that makes me think of nights at the skating ring or line dancing. What I found to be even more interesting was the breakdowns in the instrumentation that brings you more into the harmonics from the guitar and punchiness in the drums.

If I had to rate this on the scale of 1 to 10, the score will be a perfect 10. I could not find anything that poses as a flaw and I'm adding it to my personal playlist.

Skittish Online:

Dockko Launches His Latest Project “Elohim”

Dockko born Donnell Tucker comes from a long line of hard workers. He works hard on his craft and is self-taught to play the piano, drums, and bass guitar with the saxophone being next on the list. Dockko produces his own beats and handles his own engineering. Dockko grew up with his brother rapping and as they tested each other’s abilities to enhance their skills.
Dockko’s brother even shoots his music videos for him so his family is supportive of his career. Dockko was raised by his grandparents who taught him about the importance of morals and ethics to have common sense which has brought him a long way in life.
Dockko started making music at the age of ten as he started to play music on glass cups filled with various levels of water which made different unique sounds. Adding his voice to his music productions took things to the next level as Dockko realized his rapping ability. Currently Dockko is working towards becoming successful music artist, producer, performer, and writer in the industry while continuing to learn as much as he can about his craft.
Dockko’s latest project is the 14 song album, out via Dogface Records, entitled “Elohim”, which has been touted as a game changer.
Dockko is on radio rotation with the tracks “Chocolate Baby” and “Freak Tip” ft. Indari

Gritt Gritt - Gas Gas 🔥🔥🔥🔥

For as long as he can remember, music has been an integral part of GrittGritt’s life. By age seven, he was rhyming words on his way to For as long as he can remember, music has been an integral part of GrittGritt’s life. By age seven, he was rhyming words on his way to the bus stop . At age 13 he writing rhymes in his car chicago-based School Gladstone with the rhyming dictionary his unti got him. In elementary school wanted to pick up the electric guitar. But his family could not afford to pay the down payment  the school had until this day wants to create a program for unfortunate kids so they can have the opportunity that he didn't. It wasn’t just a fun hobby for a bright kid. It was a refuge for GRITTGRITT and his now deceased mom in a home plagued by substance abuse and domestic violence. bus stop . At age 13 he writing rhymes in his car chicago-based School Gladstone with the rhyming dictionary his unti got him. In elementary school wanted to pick up the electric guitar. But his family could not afford to pay the down payment  the school had until this day wants to create a program for unfortunate kids so they can have the opportunity that he didn't. It wasn’t just a fun hobby for a bright kid. It was a refuge for GRITTGRITT and his now deceased mom in a home plagued by substance abuse and domestic violence.

A New Generation Of Pop With Cameron Lane

A New Generation Of Pop With Cameron Lane

With everything people are dealing with right now its a breath of fresh air to hear "Stupid Happy", the new single from Cameron Lane. An absolute pop song for her generation, the track certainly hits on what it is to feel love. The happiness does shine through in every aspect of the tune and really puts forth a compelling energy while hooking you in. One thing is for sure, catchy is still the name of the game when it comes to pop. "Stupid Happy" is no exception. While you're at it, take a gander at her other single "Make Me New" released last year. 

LA Originals: a Netflix documentary about an influential hip-hop duo

It's 1992, and two lowriders walk into a Penthouse Players record release party at the Hollywood Athletic Club. They did not arrive together, but as two of the only Chicanos at the party, they were quickly introduced. Both steeped in the 1990s hip-hop zeitgeist, they bond over music, art and the beloved Los Angeles pastime of custom lowrider cars. Bedazzled in intricately designed, glinting candy paint with wire-spoke wheels, whitewall tires and bouncing hydraulics, a lowrider isn't just something you own, it's something you are.
Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon (née Mark Machado) are born and bred Angelenos – Oriol from West LA and Cartoon from San Pedro. They lived similar yet separate lives until 1992, when their paths collided and their ascension to hip-hop eminence began, explored in detail in the new Netflix documentary LA Originals.
"The world's kind of small in lowrider culture," says Cartoon, who was given his nickname in high school because of his animated personality. "I didn't know what networking was but that's what I was doing when I met Estevan at a record release party I had done the cover art for. When I found out he was a lowrider too, we instantly connected."
Growing up in south Los Angeles, Cartoon seamlessly transitioned between various creative endeavors. Discovering a preternatural skill for drawing at a young age, his parents – who owned a lithograph printing company – wholeheartedly supported his craft, emboldening him to pursue a career in art. What began with pen on paper soon evolved to spray paint on walls, airbrush on T-shirts and prints on paper before finally arriving at ink on skin.
In addition to designing the logos for Cypress Hill and Eminem's Shady Records, Cartoon has etched the hides of pop culture royalty such as B-Real, Kobe Bryant, Eminem, 50 Cent, Travis Barker, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Danny Trejo and Snoop Dogg, some of whom are featured in the film. His style became iconic because he was one of the first artists to diverge from the ever-popular flash style of tattoo, wherein a numbered series of traditional designs hung on the wall that patrons picked on the spot. Cartoon's tattoos were – and still are – custom, seminal and distinct. Fusing his Mexican heritage, lowrider aesthetics and hip-hop culture with the fine-line style of tattoo art that was born in California prisons, he quickly found a niche

"The tattoo world is different from any other art form," says Cartoon. "In every other style of art, especially graffiti, if you take somebody's shit, you're a biter, you stole it. With tattooing, you can borrow anybody's artwork and put it on as a tattoo because you don't sign them – it's all borrowed, inspired by other cultures and artists and combined with the tattoo artist's own style."
Though Cartoon's most well known canvas is skin, one can also marvel at his latest mural painted on the exterior of the Chicano landmark Casa Vega, a family-owned, historic Mexican restaurant located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Open since 1956, Casa Vega is a local institution that has seen patrons such as Marlon Brando and Quentin Tarantino in its glossy, tufted red booths.
Meanwhile, in West LA, Oriol was living a parallel existence. The son of renowned activist, artist and photographer Eriberto Oriol, he was genetically predisposed to living the life of a creative. Though lowrider culture was his passion, he found work as a bouncer for a hip-hop club. It was there he became a friend to a clique of hip-hop pioneers which eventually led him to becoming a tour manager for Cypress Hill and House of Pain
Nearing the eve of his launch into the rap touring world, his father gave him a gift that, unbeknown to Estevan at the time, would reroute the trajectory of his life.
A still from LA Originals. Photograph: Netflix
"The first camera I got was a Minolta 35mm," Oriol, who also directed the documentary, reflects. "It was given to me by my dad and was his spare camera. He was also a photographer, but was kind of over photography by that time. He said, 'Hey man, I got this extra camera. You're doing your lowriding stuff and going on tour with House of Pain so you should take pictures of all that.'"
"I started out real slow, taking pictures of my people in the lowrider community, then also of House of Pain," Oriol continues. "At first, I felt really uncomfortable bringing out a camera and putting it in people's faces but after a while I started getting used to it and it became easier. I was the only person taking photos on these tours at the time."
What began as capturing moments for posterity became a full-blown career. Since touring with House of Pain and Cypress Hill nearly 20-years ago, Oriol has become a photography heavyweight, his work often showcasing the gritty microcosms of LA that are diametrically opposed to the Hollywood glamour often projected to the world at large. Additionally, he has directed several music videos making him as much a fixture of the hip-hop community as the rappers themselves.
Oriol's photography portfolio boasts an impressive lineup of athletes, artists, celebrities, and musicians alongside his unpolished, often black-and-white captures of Skid Row's homeless community as well as Latinx, gang, and tattoo cultures. He has photographed rap deities such as Dr Dre, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Big Pun, Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys, as well as the portraits of Al Pacino, Dennis Hopper, Robert De Niro and Floyd Mayweather. Still a lover and champion of film photography, Oriol's work shows that in Los Angeles, glamour and grit are not mutually exclusive.
One of Oriol's most recognizable photos is the so-called LA Fingers. It features a woman's hands, adorned with long angular talons and ornate rings, forming an L with the index finger and thumb on one hand and an A with the index and middle fingers on the other. "I wasn't the first one to throw up the sign, but I can confidently say that I was the first one to capture it in a photo," Oriol told Los Angeles Magazine in an article about the famed image.
It has since been copied, mass produced and turned into clip art in several forms – from T-shirts to coffee mugs. In 2013, Oriol sued clothing retailers H&M and Brandy Melville, which used the image without his permission. According to Oriol, the judge ruled that a hand gesture cannot be trademarked by comparing it to the peace sign. Another finger gesture comes to mind, but the peace sign is the more diplomatic choice for comparison, despite the unfortunate ruling of the case.
When Oriol and Cartoon finally merged their creative psyches, a super duo was formed. Though both were successful apart, together they created an empire. After Oriol made Cartoon his first tattoo gun, out of a Walkman motor and a Bic pen, taught to him by a friend who made one in prison, Cartoon's career flourished.
They went on world tours with hip-hop giants, photographing and tattooing them along the way. They established a creative agency called Soul Assassins that was unfortunately shuttered shortly after the market crash in 2008. They partied, they hustled, they traveled, they created, they never stopped lowriding, and now, they've made a documentary about it all. One of the most important tenets of their ethos, however, which is scarcely publicized is their community outreach.
"We are always helping out the community, we just don't publicize it," Oriol explains. "We're not doing it for a pat on the back, we're doing it more because I have family members who have been homeless and friends and family members that were drug addicts. I donate my time, I donate clothes, I donate money, I donate food to homeless people and mentally ill people. And now also, we give jobs to convicted felons who can't find work."
"We've been doing outreach in schools for 20 years also," Cartoon adds. "We didn't show that in the movie, 'cause it's just what we do. We don't film it too often, you know, but one artist helping another is a powerful thing."

D-Witt Brings “Escaping Me”



New Zealand Artists Iveta & Simone Announce Upcoming Single, “Psycho Baby”

New Zealand Artists Iveta & Simone 
Announce NEW Single, “Psycho Baby”

Iveta & Simone are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of their highly anticipated new single, entitled “Psycho Baby”. Iveta & Simone are the edgy female vocalists behind tracks including “Sunshine”, “More Than A Man”, and “L.O.V.E”. Their music is upbeat and thought provoking, often centering around relationships and the challenges that come along with them. Their music is best described as a fusion of contemporary, alternative rock, and new age and offers an eclectic sound that is loved by their many fans, to whom the duo serves as inspirational role models. They cite influences such as Madonna, Shakira, Celine Dion, and Fergie but have crafted a sound that is entirely unique to their music. “Psycho Baby” is no exception, with its mellow yet striking rhythm and sound that capture the attention of listeners right away. The track will be available on all major streaming platforms beginning when it officially debuts on April 3, 2020. The two are currently touring, with upcoming shows slated for Takapuna Bar, Kalah Bar, Cambridge Cosmopolitan Club Inc., and Hamilton Workingmen’s Club Inc., and “Psycho Baby” is being implemented into Iveta & Simone’s latest shows, giving audiences a first glimpse at their newest track. Iveta & Simone are excited to offer their newest track for their many loyal fans. More information, including touring dates and times, can be found at

Wrong Number Series - Chapter 3 - Breaking News Written by Avijit Misra


Nikolai Belinsky was in his office when he received a phone call from Boston. He answered the call as he heard, “Greetings Sir! I am Dr. Douglas Mahoney! You appointed me the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital that you own in Boston!” In a cold voice, Nikolai Belinsky replied, “Oh! Now I remember you! I asked you to call me only when there was something that urgently deserved my attention!” Dr. Mahoney replied, “Yes Sir! Last year! You ordered a hit on an old woman called Melanie Turner! Today morning a junior doctor told me that she died in this hospital from a heart attack! I was shocked to hear that she was here! And alive all this time! I ordered the checking of medical records to find out when she was admitted here and why I did not know about her presence! Records say that she was admitted here three months ago when I was on leave!” Visibly shaken, Nikolai Belinsky said, “What? I hired Wolfman to kill her! She never contacted police after I hired Wolfman! I thought Wolfman killed her! If she was alive all this time, then why did she not report my operations to police? And why Wolfman did not kill her!” Dr. Mahoney replied, “I don‘t know Sir! What should I do now?” Nikolai Belinsky said, “You know Garry! He is the underboss who heads my gang in Boston! Give him the address Melanie Turner! Ask him to check her house and find out if there is something that can lead police to me! Better burn her house!” Dr. Mahoney replied, “Yes Sir!” Hanging up, Belinsky spoke on an intercom, “Send Mikhail Andropov now!” Within two minutes, Mikhail Andropov entered the office of Belinsky. Looking at Andropov, Belinsky said, “You need to find out that where Wolfman is and why he did not kill Melanie Turner! I want to know that why did he take payment when he did not do the job! That is not the Wolfman I knew! I am choosing you because in my gang, I secretly shared the identity of Wolfman only with you! You need to find him!” Mikhail Andropov replied, “OK Sir!” Mikhail walked away.

Artist John Avery logged into is net banking account to see the balance. From the $ 1 Million that he had received one week ago, he had deposited $ 10,000 two days ago, in his new bank account from which, he was doing net banking activities, using the new phone number he had purchased. He called his customer relationship manager Karen. When Karen answered the call, he said, “Hey Karen! Now I can see the $ 40,000 I deposited in the account! And in a week, I spent $ 10,000! Thanks for updating my mini-statement service as earlier I could not see any transaction!” Thanking Karen again, John hung up the phone. Then John called Amy Tomlinson. He said, “Amy! Are you free tonight?” Amy replied, “I always have time for you!” John said, “OK! Cool! I want to share good news with you! As I am earning now, tonight dinner is on me! I will pick you at six!
As John hung up, Amy wondered, “What good news is John planning to share with me? Has he understood my love for him? Is he going to propose me to marry him? I hope he gets over that fucking slut Stacy!” In the evening, John arrived at Amy‘s house punctually in his car. In the car, Amy asked John, “So what did you do in one week? You were so busy to set up your business that you did not have time to return my calls or text messages!” Continuing to drive, John spoke without looking at Amy, “I am extremely sorry Amy! That is why; I invited you tonight to make it up to you! You are having dinner with me tonight! In past week, I printed pamphlets to advertise my services! I got a website developed called Avery Designs! I ran online ads on search engines so that more people know about my services! I spent almost 10,000 at least, maybe more!”

Amy thought, “He is not even looking at me! Maybe he is concentrating on driving! I wish he had told me how beautiful I looked tonight!” She asked John, “Wow! You are a real fighter! Did you reap any benefits with the efforts you put into?” John replied, “Yeah! I got three clients! They paid advance! Money has started coming in! Today I made my first delivery! This client also wanted me to design invitation card for his son‘s upcoming birthday party! Hence, to celebrate my first success, I invited you to celebrate with me! Who else could I celebrate it with? You are my best friend!” Amy thought, “Still friend! Except John, any man would want to be more than just friend with me!” She asked John, “How did you raise $ 10,000 all of sudden?” John told her, “You think I robbed a bank? I am not strong enough to lift a gun! You have a licensed gun at your house! I have a licensed gun and I tried to learn shooting but I could not perfect it even after learning it! Learning a skill and perfecting that skill are two entirely different things! Once my business is running smoothly, I will tell you! It might give you a reason to believe in miracles!” At the restaurant, John and Amy were eating. John told her, “Tonight...” Amy thought, “Finally he noticed my beauty!” John continued, “...everything at the dinner table is of your choice!” Amy thought, “What the fuck!” John spoke, “I wanted dinner of your choice because I wanted to make you happy!” Amy thought, “Why he cannot see that it is a life with him that would truly make me happy!” John continued, “You have been my true strength!” Amy thought, “Perhaps he saw it now! But I would hold my horses!” John said, “You helped me many times in school even though you were my junior! You helped me to overcome my breakup with Stacy! You motivated me to get up and fight back when I lost my third job! Your motivation encouraged me to do efforts to start my own business instead of looking for a job which I should have done! You helped me to realize my true potential and bring out the best of me! I realized that you are one person I can trust with my life! That is why tonight I want to ask you Amy...”

Amy thought, “He saw it! Now he will ask me to marry him! I will say yes with or without him offering me a ring!” Amy told John, “Why did you stop? Say what you want!” John spoke, “...I want to ask you Amy! Will you come and work with me? With you by my side, I will have four hands! I will share profits with you! And I will not treat you like an employee! You will still be my best friend!” Amy was mad with rage even though she was smiling. She thought, “I want to slap you hard across your face John! But working with you can still get me chance to be close to you!” Controlling her anger, she said, “Yes John! I would love to work with you!” John said, “Perfect! Inviting you to dinner turned out to be fruitful! I am so glad you said yes! I love you as my best friend Amy!” Amy said, “He did not need speak that long sentence! He invited me to dinner to offer me job! Not to propose me!” John dropped Amy home and left for his home. Amy was sad, “He did not try to kiss me tonight also!”

Next morning, Mikhail Andropov was standing in front of Nikolai Belinsky. Looking at Mikhail‘s stone-like face, Belinsky spoke, “So what information do you have for me?”
Mikhail reported, “Gary sent report from Boston! He found many things in Melanie Turner that imply that Melanie knew about many police officers being at your payroll! She was silent for a long time because she was trying to contact FBI and she wanted to give incriminating evidence against you directly to some Federal officer but only after confirming that the Federal Officer was not in cahoots with you! She died before she could confirm any officer! Gary has burnt her house!”
Belinsky asked Andropov, “Any updates about the whereabouts of Wolfman?” Andropov replied, “I talked to all contacts in the underworld about Wolfman! Everybody says that Wolfman has been in the wind for past one year! Nobody knows where he is or what is he doing!”

Just then, Belinsky received a phone call. Gary was calling from Boston. He said, “Mr. Belinsky! I got the house of Melanie Turner burnt! But media is not reporting it as they have found bigger news about Wolfman!” Belinsky hung up and told Andropov, “Turn on the TV!”
Andropov turned on the TV and switched to a news channel. On the screen, Andropov and Belinsky saw a news anchor speaking, “Good Morning! I am John Weir and the biggest news of this hour is the murder of dangerous contract killer Wolfman! That is right! The fearsome Wolfman who was wanted by police of 11 countries is no more! Today morning, Pittsburgh police has found a van from the Ohio River in which along with a headless dead body, a sniper rifle, a handgun, and a Wolfman mask have been found! Police also found a Voter ID card bearing the name John Avery!”
As the Voter ID card flashed on the screen, Belinsky said, “That is not the face of John! That is disguise! John did not have that type of beard and such long hair! Dead body and mask are for police to find! John would not be fool enough to throw his voter ID! He did that to convince those people about his death who knew his identity!” Andropov wondered, “You mean Wolfman is alive?” Belinsky replied as he muted the sound of news channel, “Possibility cannot be ruled out!” Belinsky made a call. He spoke when the call was answered, “Accountant Jamie Anderson! Belinsky here! I want to know who you gave my money to when Wolfman has been dead for past one year!”

Accountant replied, “Sir! Last year, you told me that Wolfman had chosen New York to collect the money! I deposited the money in the Post Box whose number was given to me! Before depositing the money, I called the number of Wolfman that you gave me! I asked if he was John Avery! This was my first question! He said yes! Then I told him about Post Box! Then I called your contact in New York and asked him to deposit the money!” Belinsky hung up! He told Andropov, “Two possibilities! Either John Avery is alive or his phone number is being used by someone who also has the name John Avery! Andropov was looking at his phone. Belinsky angrily demanded, “I am talking to you! And you are looking at your phone!” Andropov replied, “Pardon me Sir! I had saved the number of John in my phone! And I noticed that even after his death, his phone number is active! On Find My Buddy app, I can see the location of his phone in New York!” Fuming with anger, Belinsky said, “Assemble as many men as you want! Go to New York! Get my money back! Along with the dead body of Wolfman!” Belinsky again turned on the sound on TV, as he watched a news correspondent talking to a cop near the Ohio River as a crane could be seen in the background, pulling out the van. News correspondent asked the cop, “Is it really Wolfman?” Cop replied, “We never had the fingerprints of Wolfman or his DNA sample in his database! All we can say that final confirmation can only be after postmortem! If his DNA does not match any DNA sample in our database, we can rule that he is Wolfman!” 

After the interview is over, the police officer who spoke to the media was walking when his junior cop joined him and said, “Sir! Pittsburgh Police can earn the credit of finding the dead body of Wolfman! I think that after postmortem, even if the DNA of Wolfman matches someone in our database, we can pass off that person as Wolfman if that criminal is dead!”
The senior cop told the junior, “You kidding me? I am not going to waste time with postmortem! Tomorrow, I will issue a Press Release for media saying that the body is indeed of Wolfman! Years ago, Wolfman killed many people in this city including our former mayor! We have many unsolved cases! This dead body is a golden opportunity for us to close those cases! This would improve our track record of solving cases!” Hearing the senior cop, the junior cop said, “Wow Sir! You are genius!” Senior cop replied, “That I am!”

Zack Snyder on Why He Chose to End ‘Batman v Superman’ with Superman’s Death

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes its inspirations from 90s comics when it has Doomsday and Superman kill each other. For those who don't remember, the Death of Superman was a major event in the 90s, arguably the biggest event in all of comics since it took a character who was synonymous with superheroes, offed him, and then brought him back, which opened the door for all superheroes to die and then come back. The negatives of this "event" far outweighed the positives, and yet it became part of the character's history that had yet to be translated to film. Enter Batman v Superman.
In a live commentary for the film this past Sunday, director Zack Snyder explained the narrative and thematic reasons for why the film ends with Superman's death. Per THR:
Snyder revealed that Superman's death scream, which echoes, was the sound that awakened the Mother Boxes and would have alerted Steppenwolf, hence the Justice League line, "no Kryptonions," which would have also been in Snyder's cut of the film.
The film begins and ends with a death, that of the Waynes, and that of Superman. The canon shot fired at Superman's funeral echoes the bullet firing from Joe Chill's gun at the beginning of the film. Snyder said the cyclical nature of the film was important to him and the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne broke something, while the death of Superman allowed for healing to begin, not only for Bruce Wayne but for humanity. He said that as the film evolved, Superman's sacrifice became more impactful on where the characters were left, citing an earlier idea to have Batman brand Lex at the end of the film, but instead showing him struggle with his rage and refuse to brand him, an initial effort to take Superman's sacrifice to heart.
These ideas make sense, but as I've argued, they leave a Superman-sized hole in the film because we don't know who he is as a character. We understand him as a narrative device (his presence creates escalation) and a thematic device (his death allows for healing to begin), but we don't really know him as an individual. There's really no reason to feel sad when Superman dies other than the feelings you have for the character you bring into the movie rather than anything the film does to pursue your affections. Superman's death has an impact in Batman v Superman, but lacks the emotional punch it needs to really land (especially since the audience knows that Superman will return).

James Gunn Has A Surprising Choice For Which Marvel Character He’d Be Quarantined With

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The past few weeks have been unprecedented as global concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic greatly alter daily life. Medical professionals are urging people to stay home and self-isolate, in hopes of flattening the curve and reducing the spread of the virus. As such, the population has been finding ways to keep entertained from the safety of their home. James Gunn's social media has been entertaining as usual, and he was recently asked which Marvel character he'd like to be quarantined with. And his answer might surprise you.
After three full phases of the MCU, there have been countless characters introduced on the big screen. James Gunn has personally worked with his own ensemble of heroes through the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. But when he was asked which character from the MCU he'd like to be quarantined with, it wasn't one of the Guardians. Check it out below.
Well, that was easy. It looks like James Gunn knew exactly which Marvel character he'd like to spend his isolation with. And it's not even a physical character, but Paul Bettany's former operating system JARVIS. Talk about a bold choice.
James Gunn recently did a Q&A on Twitter, where he fielded all sorts of questions from movie fans. Obviously Gunn's name is synonymous with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, so the conversation eventually turned to all things Marvel. Given the massive cast of heroes that have graced the screen over the past decade of filmmaking, there were a ton of characters for the filmmaker to chose from. But in the end, he went with JARVIS.
JARVIS Tony Stark's operating system throughout the firs two phases of the MCU. Voiced by Paul Bettany, JARVIS frequently helped to get Iron Man out of trouble, and guided his missions. He was also a real person back in the day, as character in Agent Carter.
Avengers: Age of Ultron greatly changed the trajectory of JARVIS, as he was transformed into a physical being as Vision. After the operating system was seemingly destroyed by James Spader's titular villain, he was transported into a physical vessel through technology and the Mind Stone. James Gunn ultimately didn't chose Vision, but the OG from of the character, JARVIS.
Marvel fans can re-watch JARVIS' appearances in the MCU with Disney+. You can use this link for a free 7-day trial to the streaming service.
Given how many people are craving connection during self-quarantine, James Gunn's choice for his Marvel character to hunker down with might be surprising. There are plenty of colorful characters occupying the shared universe, including some great conversationalists. But in the end James Gunn seems to be taking isolation seriously, and JARVIS is the only character from the MCU that you can truly social distance from. Because he's not a physical being at all.
It should be interesting to see what comes next for Paul Bettany's Vision. While his character was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, he'll get an expanded story in Disney+'s upcoming series WandaVision. As for James Gunn, he'll be heading back to the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, following his brief firing.
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DC: 5 Marvel Villains Wonder Woman Would Get Along With (& 5 She Would Hate)

Wonder Woman is one of the shining stars of the DC Universe, as much a beacon of hope, goodness, and virtue to the world as Superman. However, Wonder Woman's sensibilities sometimes stray towards a more stark and brutal worldview, due to her upbringing by a warrior society.
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Diana lives her life by a warrior's code and has sometimes teamed up with those considered "villains" but follow a similar code as well. How would she fare with the villains of the Marvel Universe, however? Here are 5 Marvel Villains Wonder Woman Would Get Along With (& 5 She Would Hate).
Diana's mission in the world outside of Paradise Island is that of an ambassador, trying to impart the Amazon credo of bringing peace and love into the world, but also safeguarding her island from outside incursions. This desire to protect her people has sometimes trumped the other half of her mission, leading to some spectacular battles between the Amazons and potential invaders.
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To this end, she would find a kinship with Magneto, who strives to safeguard the lives of his fellow mutants. Granted, he may be a tad over-proactive and zealous at times in seeking to eradicate or
subjugate humanity, but there's no doubt Diana would understand the desire to protect one's people.


One of Wonder Woman's classic foes is Circe, a powerful sorceress who wishes to eliminate Diana as an obstacle for gaining more power. Circe's counterpart in the Marvel Universe is The Enchantress, a powerful Asgardian sorceress who often uses a combination of magic and seduction to achieve her goals of self-aggrandizement.
Similarities to Circe aside, Diana is not a big fan of using seduction as a means to an end. A warrior at heart, Diana often advocates a direct and honorable face-to-face combat or negotiation to settle issues. She would no doubt find The Enchantress' aims and methods severely distasteful.

Wonder Woman is a skilled and talented warrior, and to remain that way, she is always looking for new methods to train in and partners to spar with. Following up Superman and Batman would be a tough act for anyone to follow, but it should be easy for the Taskmaster, a mercenary who can mimic the moves of any fighter he sees.
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Diana would definitely not approve of the Taskmaster's choice of vocation, but she'd revel in the opportunity to test her mettle against such a skilled opponent. Although he's not super-powered, Taskmaster definitely knows enough martial techniques to keep Wonder Woman occupied and learning indefinitely.

A bulk of Wonder Woman's earliest appearances pitted her against the Nazis, as her first appearance was made during World War II. Aside from depicting American superheroes fighting real-life American enemies at the time, the Nazi's ideology of world domination based on racial purity was anathema to Diana's mission of peace, love, and acceptance amongst the people of the world.
For this reason, Diana would hate the Red Skull, and do everything she could to destroy his multiple organizations and plans for world domination. Bringing the Skull to justice would be a self-realized crowning achievement for Diana.

Diana's warrior spirit is a cornerstone of her being, forming a big part of her personality and based on her strong belief in her mission and the safeguarding of her people. In this way, she shares much common ground with the Super-Skrull, who prides himself on being the greatest warrior and advocated for the Skrull race.
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An encounter between these two formidable combatants will almost certainly result in a battle. Probably resulting in a stalemate, the two opponents would definitely emerge from that battle with, at worst, a begrudging respect for each other, or at best, a friendship.

Diana was raised by strong, independent women to follow suit, so if there's one thing Diana takes issue with its someone who tries to rob someone else of their autonomy and freedom.
This is why she would have an issue with the Purple Man, who has the ability to control people's minds and force them to do whatever he wishes. Perhaps most famously, he used his ability to manipulate Jessica Jones into becoming his virtual slave. Wonder Woman has dealt harshly with mind-control experts before, and a similar fate could await one who preys on her "sisters."

Mystique has fulfilled almost as many roles in her life as she has assumed different identities, as she's been a criminal, government agent, assassin and X-Man. But above all, she's a survivor, weathering hardships as best she can, doing whatever it takes to get through them and thrive.
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In this manner, Mystique would prove herself adapting the warrior's code of the Amazons to her own life, and would win Diana's respect. Perseverance and steadfastness in the face of adversity is the Amazon way, and there's little doubt Diana wouldn't recognize and admire those qualities in Raven Darkholme.

Wonder Woman may have a warrior's spirit, but if there's one thing she cannot abide, its sadism and a love of violence for violence's sake. For this reason, she'd definitely hate the master assassin, Bullseye. Responsible for some of the most heinous acts perpetrated against Daredevil in poor Matt Murdock's life, Bullseye definitely takes a little too much joy in spreading violence and misery to others. Encountering him would probably lead Diana to stop his murderous spree decisively, with a fair share of disgust.

Historically, Diana doesn't do well with power-hunger megalomaniacs intent on ruling the universe, and has suffered defeat at the hands of Doctor Doom before. However, Doom has been known to aid heroes when they have a common cause, and can be a worthy ally when circumstances dictate.
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A fellow monarch responsible for his people, Doom has many resources, from science to sorcery, he can use to defend himself and his kingdom, much as the Amazons do. Lastly, Doom has an internal (albeit somewhat skewed) sense of honor dictating his actions that Diana could come to respect.

Aside from spreading peace and harmony throughout nations, Wonder Woman's mission also entails teaching the rest of humanity how to leave in balance with Gaia, the Earth Mother, as she and her fellow Amazonians do.
This would put her at odds with Norman Osborn, a wealthy industrialist who sees everything in front of him, from Earth's resources to the people of the earth themselves, as fodder for his own ambition. Sacrificing such precious elements for greedy ambition and personal advancement would incense Diana, setting up an Osborn/Wonder Woman battle for sure.