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Alan Goldberg Music (A Jazzy Sensation we all can Love)

We had the chance to interview the talented jazz composer Alan Goldberg.  Read below to learn more about his vision, upbringing and More! Alan, how was it growing up in Waterloo, Iowa, and ending up in Austin, TX?   Well, Waterloo, Iowa isn’t a major music scene. I started out playing violin in the school orchestra, and I played piano and drums. During high school, I was fortunate to work as a “local roadie” - unloading and loading equipment trucks whenever the ‘big name bands’ came to town on their midwest tours - Rush, Styx, Heart, Aerosmith, REO Speedwagon. Before the Rush concert, I was ‘hanging out’ with the late great drummer Neil Peart and asked him what the secret of good drumming was. He didn’t hesitate when he said “rudiments, man, rudiments”. That was a highlight for me, right there in Waterloo, Iowa. We moved to Austin from Minneapolis during the internet boom in the late 90’s. Now Austin does have a music scene, obviously. I’ve played keyboards in a band here pretty much

GG Maximum shares insight on her Music and More!

  GG, give us some details about your hometown of Bedford, TX? what was it like growing up in such a town? My  hometown  was very plain. There were a   lot of kids my  age running around  back then .  I  s pent a lot of time outdoors , but when I became a teenager, I locked myself in my room learning classical music for competitions that I won and advance d  in . That included my  high school  talent show my senior year singin g a song from Victor Victoria. As an only child,  I had  f reedom  to think a lot. When I was invited to play with the others, we   had  a lot of overgrown land to play  in. That rapidly became a neighboring brick city.  All  the  horse   trails  and creeks were gone or made  into  fancy  canal s .  My hometown is landlocked.  I live  here  again in the same house  I grew up in. I do  care about  my city . Y ears  ago,  I ran for city  council , losing  but being  appointed   as a public  city official  for about three years. So tell us about your latest song &qu

Lifestyle and Art of PJ PRODUCTIONZ

  WE HAD BLESSING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THE HIP HOP PRODUCER  PJ PRODUCTIONZ! Read our interview with him below! How was your upbringing in Tracy, Ca?    overall I had some good and bad childhood life growing up. I have 3 brothers 2 sisters grown and got they own place I don’t have to share lol.I’ve been bullied & sexually harassed online when I was in elementary, kindergarten & high school. when I was in middle school, and high school music was my outlet so that helped my social life a little bit I was also apart of the Tracy honor band as well as San Joaquin county honor band as a percussionist.My parents wanted me to go to the boys & girls club during the summer to help me socialize more with people and make some new friends to hangout with cuz I’m a lil introverted. When I turned 18 I was diagnosed with autism at a high level and also have a intellectual disability because of the seizures I was having when I was younger. Towards the end of 2018 in November me &