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Den Edie Flyah interveiw

  Den Edie Flyah interveiw So could you tell us a little bit about your upbringing in Ohio?  I was sent to guitar leasons by my parents when I was 10 years old. My uncle lived with us back in    Ohio then and he played the drums. I grew up with a Rock band practicing in my basement.    I did not know it at the time but this little town I lived in knew how to rock. When did music become your main interest and what lead you to take music so seriously?   When I was 13 I saw my first rock concert. It was The kinks (one for the road tour.)    It changed me instantly. Suddenly that was the only thing I wanted to do.    To this day I'm still doing it. My guitar obsession had just started and    I did take some music theory lessons as well. I began learning how to create music or write a song.    I recently worked with two clasical Violinist. A Saxsaphone player and a Pianist. The Music theory lessons did pay off as I was able to talk to them in a launguage they understood.  Being a Singer

Exclusive Interview With Toshiki Abe

▼ So Toshiki Abe, what's it like being from Tokyo and can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing? Now I'm based in Tokyo, but actually I'm from the countryside in the North which is called Yamagata. So mostly I grew up with abundant greenery and good foods there. And I've been in Tokyo since I came here to enter the university. My father also enjoyed music and played instruments so I was influenced by him and got into music since childhood. He had many western music CDs so there was no hesitation to make English songs.  ▼ As a producer that does indie pop, what are some of your influences as a musician? Maybe I can say old synthpop and post-hardcore. Synthpop is that my father told me when I was a little kid and I got into it. Speaking of post-hardcore, Actually I was doing cover bands of many post-hardcore bands when I was in high school. And it's that time that I started to make my original songs. So these are my basis. There were many experimental songs a

Thomas Geelens - Start Over.

  If your looking for a great love song with a chilled vibe check out Thomas Geelens - Start Over.  The lyrics pull you in right from the start and takes you on a passionate ride!  Check it out for yourself on Spotify we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Exclusive Interview With Son Of Janus

Where are you from and could you tell us about your upbringing?  I lived most of my childhood years in Beloit, Wisconsin.  I was raised by two parents who taught me to believe in Santa Claus, tilt my head backwards when I had a nosebleed, and go to church every Sunday.  I believe I have failed them on these things.  But, they say they are proud of me. So Son Of Janus, that is a very interesting name how did this come about?   I was sharing studio recording of my song under the name my parents gave me, when I realized that if I wanted to get serious about this, it would demand a rebranding.  I consulted with a good friend, Eric Kaun, who was responsible for coming up with the name of the band I was in during high school.  Going with the premise that my mother is named Janis, he floated Son of Janis, which I immediately took a liking to.  He then suggested I could go further and spell it like the Roman god, Janus.  I took the first idea, but the idea of suggesting that I was the offsprin

Exclusive Interview with Trish Discord

  So Trish Discord, how did you come up with such an interesting name? I thought the word “Discord” for me pretty well as it describes feelings of unrest and expressing those feelings. I found out later that the app Discord was a thing but still liked my name enough to keep it anyway! Where are you from and what's it like in your hometown? I am from Whitestone in Queens, NY. It is on the outskirts of queens and has a suburban feel to it while still being able to access the city and other areas of NYC. I like that there is almost a small town feel without it being too small where you run into the same people over and over. Trish can you tell us about your background and how you became a music artist? I played guitar throughout the years and took singing lessons since high school. I always loved writing songs and only in recent years realized I should finally release them to the world. I have an office job but day but always was passionate about music. Now my office job funds my musi