Kamilla November Gives Us All A Fresh Take on Indie Pop

When you hear the term "Indie Pop" you're really not sure what to think anymore honestly. It's more and more difficult to gage what it means. What it can sound like. With all the indie pop being released these days it's a breath of fresh air to spin Kamilla November's Fragile Silver Dreams record. The EP comes off mature with a youthful emotional backbone and all the while holds strong to a mainstream radio pop foundation. Painting pictures with each track, the release leaves a sweet after taste that makes you want to find more from the artist. It's the maturity we love about this record. Seemingly flawless, November comes through with a certain freedom with her songwriting. You can hear the full EP pretty much everywhere.


A darker side of alternative-eletro rock with Voices Below

A darker side of alternative-eletro rock with Voice Below

Voices Below grabs hold of electro rock and holds true to it's alternative  beginnings with the massive Stories By The Lake record. The album certainly doesn't hold back touching on the darker side of things. Songs dig deep and tell stories from one track to the next. Hitting the nail on the head with songs like "The Fallen", an alt rock creeper that slowly gets you addicted the more you listen. Other songs go full on electro dream pop but still hang on to that dark side of it all never straying from the concept  and feel of the album. On point with having an array of genres that almost clash without actually clashing, this record is a solid effort and turns out to be something that keeps you wanting more once it's finished. Be sure and give Voices Below a good long listen. There's no other way to do it. 

Holmstrum packs an emotional punch with "Empty Rooms"

Holmstrum packs an emotional punch with "Empty Rooms"

Holmstrum's single release "Empty Rooms" isn't your average alt rock song. Sonically grunge driven and emotionally giving, singer Kody Henry wears his heart on his sleeve in true emo style. Growing more aggressive and intense the longer you listen "Empty Rooms" will likely have you humming the chorus melody even after it's ended. The band definitely holds true to their hardcore/screamo roots with a classic breakdown into a half time version of the chorus giving it a little extra punch. We hope the EP (set to be released later this year) holds up to the single, and if it does, Holmstrum is a contender to look out for. 


Ryan Frazho delivers a Rollercoaster of Ups and Downs

Ryan Frazho delivers a Rollercoaster of Ups and Downs

Ryan Frazho delivers a rollercoaster of ups and downs with the Love Bug Time Machine album. Released this week, Frazho touches on everything from acoustic folk, to piano pop ballads, and straight up rock songs. Giving the record a spin from front to back will surely have you thinking about days and even people you thought you ad forgotten about.  A very honest and free record, Love Bug Time Machine has it's layers and it's quite fulfilling to soak it all in. 

The album has a multiple singles within its walls but the first of them is a song titled "Santa Cruz Blues". A song built for summer, the single is an indie rock song that has you humming its melodies far after its ended. 

You can check this album out on Spotify now! 


Rio Glacier - Nobody Loses Everyday but He Wins - #Flyah Review

Born in the winter of 2018, Rio Glacier began its journey into the unknown. As a result of the first tentative steps the single Ballerina appeared. A song written for Van’s oldest daughter who was on the verge of following her own path. One ear later, single N°2 The Evening Is A Robber and N°3 Drive followed the first one. The steps became more certain, safer, more confident. In the summer of 2019, RG released its first album Out Of Tune, an EP containing five songs about the dichotomy of life, not about Good and Bad, Black or White but about the things in between. Fascinating things. Things which the concrete heads of this world would love to drown. Currently, RG is recording its next album which is to appear at the end of 2019. For this purpose, Van Vogt, head and founder of RG, has retired to a secluded cabin in the alps to concentrate on writing his new songs.
 At the moment Rio Glacier is on tour as a trio. Van is being accompanied by Lukas Stalder (Guitar) and Heinz Morf (Bass).

When listening to Rio Glacier's "Out of Tune" single, I felt uplifted as I was living a cowboys dream. The strumming of guitars keeps a steady beat while the voice makes the listener float on a musical high. The lyrics are very deep and descriptive of a relationship that was once close but the other has drifted off on a separate route to living large. The one line "I'm coming down like a feather" brings you in the mindset of a strong man that has too much pride to let go and let the emotions overwhelm him. 

On the "Nobody Loses Everyday" song, Rio Glacier illustrates the picture of circumstances of losing everything you got. We all have ups and downs but its the challenge of maintaining or strengthen through time is what keeps us going. Rio depicts the concept behind the song's title; there's a bright side to the story as it continues on how one can find God on TV and happiness is expressed. An introspective view on two tales that center around life; a learning experience indeed we all can be taught.

Overall, the influences i get when hearing Rio Glacier are of Kenny Rogers Willie Nelson & John Mayer. The music is worth listening multiple times and the lyrics are emotionally driven with passion; it sounds like a blend between indie rock and blues. the instrumentation on all three tracks were calming while having a clear vibe.

If i had to rate Rio Glacier on the scale of 1 to 10, it will be a 8 on performance poise warmth and humbleness. 


Songwriter Chad Johnson takes on the Indie Pop Scene

Songwriter Chad Johnson takes on the Indie Pop Scene

Chad Johnson isn't new to songwriting, and it's pretty clear when you press play at the start of his Over Cast EP. "Real", the first single from the record subtley gets you to stop what you're doing and listen. Before you kow it the track has your full attention. This doesn't seem to change as the EP keeps going. 

"Real" swiftly takes you to silky chorus and keeps you floating there nicely. 

The record is Indie Pop from start to finish and comes with the ability to make you think and almost transfix into what can only be described as a peaceful mental state of being. 

Here is what Chad says about his single: 

"The name is significant in that it is the most autobiographical song I've ever written. The lyrics deal with coming to terms with who you really are and accepting the things that are no longer part of it. Distancing yourself or falling short of others expectations of you have always been things I struggled with and this song is a way of explaining those feelings."

With so much Indie Pop out there, it can be daunting to find some qaulity stuff. Chad Johnson has you covered. 

You can find more on Chad Johnson below!

Johnny Opus vivid stories in his Ms. Fortune release

Johnny Opus vivid stories in his Ms. Fortune release

Johnny Opus shares several stories throughout his Ms. Fortune EP. Each one digging deep and vividly portrayed. A great acoustic base singer songwriter effort, the EP shows the start of something worth digging into for ourselves. A very solid set of songs all around and a songwriter we should be paying attention to. 

Here is what Johnny had to say about his single "Heroes' Journey" - 

"The hero's journey is the path we all take through out our life both individually and as whole. It outlines, in detail, a story structure in which the hero starts in a neutral place, leaves to accomplish a mission, meets the struggle climactically and is forever transformed before returning home." 

You can find more on Johnny Opus below!


Weekend Weather brings on a fun indie rock style with their Bomb Cyclone album release.

Weekend Weather brings on a fun indie rock style with their  Bomb Cyclone album release. A heavy dose of classic rock complete with up swing harmonies, and catchy choruses, the record is sure to satisfy listeners  young and old. 

"Bomb Cyclone includes 7 songs, each a bit different, which reflects the band’s desire to delve into multiple fun genres infused with the recognizable Weekend Weather sound." says the band of the album.  

7 albums and 14 years into the bands existence, they never forget their humble beginnings as a six piece garage band kicking around For Collins CO. As the years went on their sound evolved and developed from what used to be an acoustic rock feel to the harder driven rock songs they perform today. The Bomb Cyclone release is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now.  

Bomb Cyclone is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the band is always working on new material and booking live shows to keep up their chops.

Molly Shuvani brings a certain honest rawness to piano driven indie pop

Molly Shuvani brings a certain honest rawness to piano driven indie pop with her The Space Between album release. Her single, "We Are" is something you could swear you've heard in a film at some point. Vocally catching, the song grabs your attention and doesn't let go. 
Molly Shuvani spent her days as a child singing her heart out. As she grew older, she joined the school choir, took vocal lessons, and eventually went on to study Jazz Performance.  Although she loved all of these things, they didn't give her the right environment for her own creative flow. Eventually, the songwriter packed her bags and traveled the country with friends. Playing in the streets and bus stations of wherever she landed, she gained money for gas and food, along with a new found passion for live performance. 

After stepping back into somewhat “normal” life and society, Molly began teaching herself to record on her own as she wrote more material. Realizing after some time that she had enough songs to release an album, she decided to do just that. It was then that The Space Between was finally born. A reflection  on many chapters of her life, it is a body of work she is proud of. 
ere is where you can find out more about Molly:

Eric Val - Tragedy #Flyah Submission

“Diverse Music with a Hard Rock Edge,” sums up Eric Val’s music career. This hard rock solo artist comes from Williamsport, PA, that was influenced by bands like Sevendust, Shinedown, Marvin Gaye, Garth Brooks, Eric Clapton, Stone Sour and Seether. He has a classically trained voice that helps him propel his sound and style far above the rest. His writing style is as unique as his voice. With the release of the debut album ‘3 Year Struggle’ August 31, 2012, the world got to see a small taste of what Eric is all about. With 13 original tracks, it is available exclusively at ericvalmusic.com, along with itunes.com, amazon.com, and cdbaby.com. The album demonstrates his diversity, honesty and passion for his music. The first two singles ‘High Above You’ and ‘Pull Me Under’ showcase his pop sensibility and the rest show the diversity.The next recording was released in September 2013 debuting the rock/pop single ‘Beauty Queen’. The song exemplifies a mixture of heavy guitars, groove drumming and smooth vocals. Another single was released, ‘If You Only Knew’, in July of 2014, and comprises a mixture of acoustic guitars, electric solos and fast paced drums. Then in 2015, came Beautiful Lie a mixture of rock, country and classical music with a smooth melody and voice. As for what is next? The sophmore album My Gift, My Curse is finished and set to be released at the end of the summer. In short, it the most diverse rock album ever, featuring 14 different musicians playing over twenty different instruments on the album. Ranging from rock and metal influence to classical and country tones. The first single Tragedy will start it off and is set to be released in 2019. A mixture of rock, country and classical music with haunting lyrics and melody. It is dedicated to the ones we've lost, the ones left behind and the affect it has on us. Inspired by the people we've lost due to suicide and drug overdoses. All the proceeds from the song will be donated to the Recovery Awareness Connection, an organization dedicated to recovery of those with drug abuse and mental illness.


Onism E - Love You More, ''This song is great in all epartments!'' #Flyah Review

Onism E is New York City's newest indie rock band. From singer/songwriter Eline Chavez, this new project comes after an extended hiatus from the tour scene to further craft and develop her production skills. After a few years of embedding herself in the production side of the music scene, she is finally back and ready to tell the story of those years out of the public eye. 

Known for being a workhorse in the indie music scene, Eline continues to develop her unique and ever-evolving style with Onism E. Rooted in rock music; this is a combination of her alt-rock style and newfound love of moody and often dark melodies. With 2019 being deemed the "Year of the Single" by Eline.

Onism E is a great rock band that plays the drums guitars and perform well together. When first hearing their single, "Love You More", i get the glimpse of a couple expressing their feelings in their relationship with one being strong minded and rooted in love and the other having some form of insecurities.

Deep love for a person and understanding of the world, Eline's lyricism depicts the flaws of human beings that should not be judged. No matter what we go through in life, we all in search of someone that cares about our opinions secrets and problems. The instrumentation on this song is very calming and delightful for any new listeners. Lead singer Eline definitely knows how to perform on a professionally high level; support of the band brings out elements that drives her vocals like a musical engine.

The songwriting behind Love You More was exciting emotionally driven and charismatically paints the perfect picture. This particular love song reminds me of great bands like Three Doors Down, Metallica & Canadian rock artist, Avril Lavigne.

If i were to rate Love You More on the scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 9 for great production wonderful calming vocals awesome lyrics and a powerful message.


Lanterns Of Hope relases Upward Over Album on All major Platforms

Having a love for music from a young age, songwriter and performer Joshua Hope had been writing his own material for years before deciding to bring in a drummer and second vocalist. It was upon recruiting his good friend J.R.  that things began to grow into what they are now. 

Not only performing drums on record and live, J.R. also took the helm of  co-producer and engineer for the recordings. It wasn't long after that vocalist Joan-Joy began working with the two singing backup and harmony sections through out songs. 

Although Joan-Joy ended up leaving the group, Hope and J.R. went  on to track songs for a fresh project. Performing everything aside from drums, Hope focused on the new  record as J.R. worked on the production and laid drum tracks. Before long the two dubbed the project Lanterns Of Hope. 

The full  length 12 track album Upward Over was released July 29th and
marked a new chapter in Hope's musical and life journey. 

The first single "There Was This Girl", based on Hope's relationship with former band mate Joan-Joy, has already been received with praise and Lanterns Of Hope has  moved into booking more live shows as the album begins to reach into radio and press. 

With the release of the full length Upward Over album, Lanterns Of Hope takes a new approach to some classic genres and gives the record a life all it's own. Lush with beautiful progressions, an indie yet soulful vocal approach, and persistent pop undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of neo folk anthems.

The first single, “There Was This Girl", immediately grabs you with it's infectiously haunting melodies, followed by a dream like atmosphere,  and the ability to build and breathe as it plays on.

"The song is about a special person who never found waht they were looking for. I think this is something many can relate to. In this case it was about a past band mate." explains songwriter Joshua Hope of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Lanterns Of Hope is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.

"Creating this record  has helped evolve my sound by making it more laid back and atmospheric. A lot of the older material was more upbeat and energetic. Still the feel of my songs can borrow from and old songwriting style while adding a more modern layer to it  " says Hope of creating the record.  

Lanterns Of Hope is the brainchild of songwriter and performer Joshua Hope. After writing and performing as a solo artist, he got together with good friends J.R.  and Joan-Joy to bring in drums, and vocal harmonies to create a bigger feel for the songs. Starting off playing his solo material, the band performed  live while Joshua began writing the new Lanterns Of Hope material. 

At a point in the process, Joan-Joy decided to leave the band as she was very emotionally involved with Joshua. Although it hurt, it sparked the single "There Was This Girl". Joshua and J.R. ended up recording the Lanterns Of Hope material on their own and the Upward Over album was finally born. 

Upward Over is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and Lanterns Of Hope is always writing new material for upcoming releases.

You can find the Upward Over album on all major streaming platforms now.

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