Doug Galiardo aka Doug G - HalfEmptyHalfFull ''Flyah Review''

Doug Galiardo aka Doug G, is an indie Hip Hop artist from Huntington, NY.  Today I have been blessed to hear such a poetic and prolific artist with a strong message.  His song ''HalfEmptyHalfFull'' has a powerful effect on you from his first words.   The music is hard hitting, soulful, one of kind, and the passion for his lyrics is shown in his delivery.  This song talks about his own insecurities, and is the voice of many people that are going through a lot nonsense and hardships.  Sometimes you can feel like your own enemy, and that can make you feel like you are ''Running out of Time''.  I love the jazzy sample and believe it fits the mood of his song perfectly. Since we are producers we believe that this beat was an excellent choice.  I think this belongs on anybody's play-list that loves real hip hop.  Its hard to find New York rappers that have not changed their style because of what hip hop sounds like today.  Surely this is what New York is suppose to sound like.  I checked out some of his other songs on his profile and it really shows he is not just a one hit wonder.  The music could be perfect for the soundtrack of a Vin Diesel Movie, or any action movie to be honest.  I believe in due time he will get his just due and reach heights like no other.  If I had to rate the song HalfEmptyHalfFull it would get a 9/10 for its message, style, flow and beat.

Valley Joe ''If I Got Rich'' ''Flyah Review''

' Valley Joe is a west coast hip hop artist from Vallejo, California.  To me he is already at a level of professionalism and belongs at the top with many other hip hop heavy hitters.  His voice is perfect for this genre of music and if he could sing he would sound great in a rock band.  When I first saw his soundcloud page I noticed his professional cover and was blown away from his song of chose.  The dope style on ''If I got Rich'' is remarkable and unique.  I listened to this a few times and could really feel his point of view.  His other songs are great also and he remains consistent.  The subject matter is very relative as long as you are a real person.  This one should get some air time if he has the right radio promoter. It has over 6000 plays on sound cloud and well deserving of more.  I think he has a  Willy North Pole type of sound with a better flow and delivery.  Definitely belongs in the conversation when you mention whose the best in the west.  On a scale of 1-10 he gets and 8 on the Flyah Scale.

BOKU Revolution is Flyah

An international World-Hop band. 
BOKU is a force to be reckoned with. As if out of some coming book super group that forms like Voltron like an indestructible machine formed by interconnecting each limb with a unique operator with a specific skill set that compliments the whole. With high-energy, explosive performances heavy rhythm and conscious-elevating lyrics, head-banging grooves, BOKU has been defying categorization, and expectations. Following the whiplash success of their debut live album performing multiple sold-out shows at the House of Blues, BB Kings, Viper Room, El Rey, Congo Room just to name a few. Including as an open act for the roots at UCLA concert series. Creating fans all around the globe. Garnering major label interest, and support from artists like Natalie Imbruglia and Morgan Heritage, the members of BOKU have come back. With new beats, new members, new ideas, new sounds, picked up from their prospective travels, and with the same exhilarating energy, BOKU is coming to a venue near YOU.

Dear Nas official mixtape release from Jerrel (Flyah Review)

Dear Nas in our opinion is a deep interesting project.  Its starts off on a different vibe with the track RNL, that features a baby crying as a father tells him everything will be ok.  This song puts you in the state of mind of a young man who knows he has to do any and everything to make a better life for a child living in the ghetto.  This song reminds us of a time when street music was more introspective.  His flow reminds me of 2 pac, T.I and J cole mixed to make a style like no other.  Another great track on this project is Kobe Gone.  Jerrel and Lil Malik hits the trap anthem gunning for the throne with a dope metaphor using Kobe Bryants jersey number 24.  The song is on the level of major trap artist Rocko, and Gucci but his voice and style is something different for the trap scene.  Also on the song ''Party'' he kind of has a Chuck Inglish or Boldy James feel.  The beat and flow has a great bounce and he kills it when he mentions his Jordan number 1's.  If you ask me the only downside of this project is some of the tracks could of had better mixing but you cant complain because he decided to make such a dope project a free mixtape.  If I had to rate this project on a scale of 1-10 this definitely a 8 on my scale.

“Dear Nas” is the first official mixtape release from Jerrel. From Greensboro, NC he paints us a picture of what it’s like to grow up in his shoes. From discussing his child “Nas”.. His siblings… His parents… He vividly touches each aspect of his own well being. While it may sound vulnerable of someone to speak so naturally about what goes on in there own life.. He uses it to his advantage. Showing you what you go through makes you who you are & most importantly what your meant to be. Kobe Gone features “Lil Malik” the centerpiece to 24k along with Dj Beazy in the “New Carolina” movement. Dj Beazy also hosted “Dear Nas” on “Kobe Gone” was released a month or so before the tape dropped and brought in great numbers on soundcloud. This ultimately built the anticipation for “Dear Nas”. Since then Jerrel has done a couple shows & the anticipation for more is building. A recent audience member stated “as far as Greensboro goes I know, but possibly all of NC…behind “Cole” for now….he is lyrically unmatched”. Are they wrong? Let us know… Go Download “Dear Nas” give it a listen & you be the judge.

Spinrilla Link: Twitter: @jerrelmoore Instagram: @thejerrelmoore Soundcld Link: Facebook:

“Dear Nas” by Jerrel Moore

“Dear Nas” is the first official mixtape release from Jerrel. From Greensboro, NC he paints us a picture of what it’s like to grow up in his shoes. From discussing his child “Nas”.. His siblings… His parents… He vividly touches each aspect of his own well being. While it may sound vulnerable of someone to speak so naturally about what goes on in there own life.. He uses it to his advantage. Showing you what you go through makes you who you are & most importantly what your meant to be. Kobe Gone features “Lil Malik” the centerpiece to 24k along with Dj Beazy in the “New Carolina” movement. Dj Beazy also hosted “Dear Nas” on “Kobe Gone” was released a month or so before the tape dropped and brought in great numbers on soundcloud. This ultimately built the anticipation for “Dear Nas”. Since then Jerrel has done a couple shows & the anticipation for more is building. A recent audience member stated “as far as Greensboro goes I know, but possibly all of NC…behind “Cole” for now….he is lyrically unmatched”. Are they wrong? Let us know… Go Download “Dear Nas” give it a listen & you be the judge. Spinrilla Link: Twitter: @jerrelmoore Instagram: @thejerrelmoore Soundcld Link: Facebook:

Elle Ray — A Force That Awakens

Elle Ray — A Force That Awakens

Somewhere in the heart of Montreal lies an unspoken powerful music figure, one that has been on the grind and enchanting souls for a minute now. That is all about to change, as the once best-kept-secret is set to unleash three hit tracks in the coming months.
For those unfamiliar, Elle Ray is a Canadian Singer — Songwriter that has been sought after for her formidable voice as well as her songwriting skills, working as the frontwoman and also behind the scenes on stellar projects over the years. Having lived in London England for a large part of her life, this Montreal Native has been able to acquire listeners on the international stage with high-profile features.
Following her previous work with Tell Me You Love Me produced by Mr Saccardo and Ready Now with producer Tom Frampton, Elle has been getting recognition from reputable sources such as The Stage UK and UK Songwritng Competiion and, securing thousands of hits in a short time span. 

So what now?

Elle is poised to release her new single CANDYLAND and the music video that’s sure to catapult her to the next level in the coming months. After staying on the side of mass appeal for most of her career, the following Album is set to be much more daring and dangerous. With the help of well-known EDM producers Thomas Hayes and Mr. Saccardo, what will unfold in the coming months is sure to take us all by storm. Diving completely into her fantasy world, these next days will bring out a side of Elle you have never seen before. Twisted, beautiful, wicked and full of style. The Shamanic Songstress has a whole different side of her you haven’t seen before.
We will all have to wait and see how the world reacts to this new colorful fairy tale. Constantly re-inventing her style and aura such as a melodic shape-shifter, one thing is for sure: there is really more than meets the eye when it comes to Elle Ray. 

After winning 1st place at The Stage UK competition, Canadian Singer Songwriter Elle Ray attended London UK music school [Tech Music School / BIMM] with a Vocal/Music performance Scholarship. After writing with a number of Music producers in London UK, Elle won 1st Place at the 2013 AppleBeam songwriting competition, 1st Place at the 2014 EDA UKSC songwriting competition and received a nomination for 2013 Best UKSC Pop Written Song
Her single Tell Me You Love Me has attracted the attention of several House DJ's, University radio stations, and the song has played several time on 94.7 Hits FM,  European National radio stations, and on MTV. The song is written and co-produced with London UK DJ Mr Saccardo kown for his viral remixes of Michael JacksonStevie Wonder and Whitney Houston.  "Tell Me You Love Me" was mixed and mastered by  Glenn Morrison at Alpine Mastering [ Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Ministry of Sound, Armada...]

Her New track Candyland is an Electro-pop rock song, with elements of afro-beats, synth pop, and indie pop. Lyrically, the song is about being addicted to ... sugar? 
*Produced by Mr Saccardo [RCA Sonny Music, Huawei Mobile]
*Mastered by Dave Kutch [ Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, The Roots, and John Legend, Fifth Harmony 

Victims of the New Math

Victims of the New Math is composed of the singer-songwriter team of Thomas Young and Joseph “Joe” Young, two brothers who can’t seem to escape from the mid-‘60s-to-early-‘70s pop-rock era--even though they were (a little) too young to have listened to music at that time.  Thomas is 47, Joe is 53.  So they didn’t start paying much attention to music until the latter ’70s.  But even though they love all kinds of music from all eras, every time they write a song, it always ends up sounding like it came from that era.
However, don’t expect them to do covers of any oldies – they write all-original songs because, says Thomas, “We’re just too lazy to remember things like words to songs… so if we screw up the lyrics of our songs, no one will know the difference.”  Actually, if they’re not careful, some of the songs from their latest album, Satellite Head, just might become popular… so they may need to brush up on singing them. 
For Thomas and Joe, music is their passion and their hobby.  Their goal has never been to make lots of money or to be famous musicians.  Joe was born in Burbank, California, and Thomas was born in Boston.  Their dad was in the military, so they travelled around a lot.  That’s why they’re so close – they didn’t know anybody in the new places, so it was just the 2 brothers and sister Sue.  They’ve been doing their music off and on since the ‘80s, Thomas starting out on the guitar and Joe playing keyboards.  They would jam together, and write songs.  After Joe got recording equipment, they started recording.
In the ‘90s, they took a break for awhile, going to college and starting their careers and their families.  Then about 10 years ago, they released their first CD, Set Theory Infinity, and chose a name for the band: “Victims of the New Math.”  Their band name is kind of humorous and maybe appropriate.  It has a certain rebellious connotation, required of a ‘60s kind of band – alluding to a time when innovations like New Math were all the rage – and Thomas and Joe apparently never entirely escaped from the clutches of mathematics: Thomas ended up majoring in engineering and became a process engineer for a utility company; Joe majored in math and he’s a programmer.
The album title, Set Theory Infinity, was another allusion to their mathematical inclinations, although sales figures were too low to require much math…nowhere near infinite.  They didn’t do much marketing.  It was pretty well received and did a good amount of downloads on the Internet.   The best song from the album was probably “6 Feet Under,” which garnered the most downloads.
They hadn’t planned on doing more albums, but when Thomas’s wife Kelly bought new recording equipment that connected to the computer and set up a studio in their home, they decided to do it right this time.  Their first album had songs that were way too long.  This time, they’re short and sweet.
Satellite Head is a raw rock and roll sound, with solos, catchy melodies, and some really good rock ballads.  It’s a modern take on classic rock – guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, and Thomas’s 14-year-old son Jackson playing the trumpet.  Based on the album title, they came up with the songs “Satellite Head I” and “Satellte Head II” – the former being David Bowie-like, and the latter being more punk like, power pop.  “Brand New Day,” the leadoff track, has a great trumpet that kicks things off.  A bluesy rock song with a great guitar is “Reason To Be.”  The last song, “Missing You,” is a superb ballad.  They’re immensely proud of all the songs – and of course they’re all originals (remember their problem remembering lyrics).  Their biggest influences are late-era Beatles, Kinks, David Bowie.  Brother Joe is also a huge Tom Petty fan, and Thomas is a big Flaming Lips fan too.
The album is truly a family affair, including not only Jackson’s trumpet playing but also sister Sue Halpin, who did the band photography; daughter Sophia Tew, who did the artwork for the album – a painting based on the title, and Thomas’s youngest son Nick, who came up with the album title, as well as Thomas’s wife Kelly, the overall inspiration for doing the album, and Joe’s wife Lynn, who is handling the marketing.
Thomas lives in Phoenix and Joe lives in Charlotte NC.  They share music files via Google Drive, and Lynn is working on establishing an Internet presence and seeking reviews from independent magazines and blogs.  The goal of Victims of the New Math is simple – for people to hear it and to like what they hear.

Jack of None cool and unique

JACK OF NONE is an experimental rock / art band split between Manila, Philippines and Chicago IL, USA. It is comprised of siblings A.G. Syjuco (principal composer on guitar, bass and synths), Maxine Syjuco (poet-songwriter and vocalist), and Julian Syjuco (guitar).
The band's debut album, "Who's Listening to Van Gogh's Ear?" was released globally in April of 2016. It is being described by critics as "haunting and thought-provoking", "a brave new day for OPM (Original Pilipino Music)", "progressive and bold" as well as "an odd, fascinating combination of poetry, art, and rock into a satisfying whole".
MAXINE SYJUCO is a poet and visual artist from Manila, Philippines. She is the youngest daughter of artists Cesare Syjuco and Jean Marie Syjuco.
Working mainly with photography, digital collage, painting and installation art, her work "possesses an intimate, philosophical, and often twisted voice in storytelling. Manipulating faces, unveiling poignant surrealities, and probing into abandoned rooms of the subconscious, Maxine authors dark, thought-provoking introspections of the human condition and its fragility -- conjuring a netherworld where ghostly images exist neither here nor there."
Her first book of poetry, "A Secret Life," was published in 2008 and received critical acclaim. Her poems have been translated into Polish and French, and have seen print in several international anthologies including the Asia Literary Review, The Poet's Guild Quarterly, Chopin with Cherries, and the 2011 Rhino International Poetry Anthology.
Maxine's exhibits and poetry-performances have taken place in venues as varied as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Tokiwa Museum of Japan, the Hangaram Museum of Korea, the Art Takes Miami Exhibition in the U.S.A., and others.
A.G. SYJUCO is the eldest son of artists Cesare Syjuco and Jean Marie Syjuco.
At age 15, he was the lead guitarist, composer and arranger for FAUST!, an art-rock band of prodigious siblings that was discovered by MTV Asia in 1996, quickly signed to a major label, and disbanded 2 years later after releasing 2 controversial albums that included the historic "My Secret Identity" (MSI) in 1998 -- probably the first full-length album in the Philippines to be released for free on the Internet by a group of commercially signed recording artists. Abandoning his professional interest in music for the next eight years, he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from San Beda Alabang, and presently holds a management position in a multinational tech conglomerate.
His more recent musical endeavors include co-producing his Father's critically acclaimed album, "A Sudden Rush of Genius". On Jack of None's "Who's Listening to Van Gogh's Ear" he acts as principal composer, guitar player and producer.
A.G. currently resides in Chicago IL with his wife, Mica, and their daughter, Muli.
JULIAN SYJUCO is the youngest of five children of Cesare Syjuco and Jean Marie Syjuco. He is both an accomplished painter and electric guitarist of note.
He was recently singled out as one of the bright up-and-coming new generation abstractionists, and was featured in the National Artist Jose Joya Retrospective in 2012.

JACK OF NONE - “Who’s Listening to Van Gogh’s Ear”
by Lorraine Vergara
JACK OF NONE is a band that marches to the beat of a different drum -- its own.
The trio of siblings’ self-produced debut album “Who’s Listening to Van Gogh’s Ear” is chock-full of tight, riff-heavy tunes and trance-inducing soundscapes that are familiar in structure, but sound like nothing in the market today. Some might suggest it’s their minimalistic approach to experimentation -- often introducing subtle nuances, clever transitions and unexpected twists between parts of the same track. Others might argue that it’s Maxine Syjuco’s use of the spoken word and her unique brand of haunting, (at times) unnerving poetry and storytelling. It’s most likely all of these things that make the band so undeniably different; their album, a true landmark in the Philippines' independent music scene.
Musically, many of the tracks seem to sit somewhere between the alt-metal, industrial rock and post-punk genres – an odd shade of gray they’ve claimed as their own. Of course, there’s good and bad in that. On the one hand, the small but loyal following they’ve gathered recognizes the brilliance and ingenuity of their work -- putting them at the forefront of the avant-garde. On the other hand, the band may find itself on the outside-looking-in; with a sound that’s neither pop, nor the established “alternative”.
They don’t seem bothered in the least about the latter.
“We’ve never had delusions of grandeur. We never thought we’d become The Beatles or anything like that,” says A.G. Syjuco, the eldest of the siblings and the band’s principal composer and producer.
“What you hear on the record is what happens when you put the 3 of us together. We never sat down and decided to form an art band, or listen to a track and go ‘It isn’t weird enough!’  We just wanted to make music together and this is the result. We like to think there’s a kind of synergy there where the combined effect is greater than the sum of its parts, but we’ll let the listeners decide.” 
Still, there are undoubtedly many obstacles for the band to overcome, despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews the album has garnered so far from critics and fans alike. This is further exacerbated by their inability to promote the record with live performances. Geographically, they couldn’t be farther apart.  A.G. currently resides in the United States' mid-west, while Maxine and Julian live in Manila, Philippines.  
“There are definitely hurdles, but that’s what’s been driving this project from the get-go. It’s a challenge to us. We want to pave our own path and figure it out,” A.G. continues.
 “I’ve been sensing a lot of doom-and-gloom from industry insiders with all the digital disruption going on. You have social media promotion and streaming services to contend with, and musicians are forced to re-think what it means to ‘make it’ because the old formula of playing shows and getting signed no longer seems to apply. That’s exciting to us! ”
Indeed, there’s plenty to be excited about with the release of “Who’s Listening to Van Gogh’s Ear”. 
As a fan and critic, the album is truly a breath of fresh air -- a welcome relief to the drudgery of the tried-and-true in an industry that seems almost lost-at-sea. As a casual observer, I’m dying to see where it all goes from here!


Check out "Who's Listening to Van Gogh's Ear" by Jack of None from one of the links below:
Bandcamp -…van-goghs-ear
iTunes -…ghs/id1104088299
Google Play Music -…muakkmpage3k25pry
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CJ Smyth with some calming lovely music

CJ Smyth

A native of Georgia, award winning singer songwriter CJ Smyth writes with a signature poetic lyrical style. She learned to walk to the Beatles and was saturated with the country sounds of rural radio. Later she found inspiration in the songs of Dan Fogelberg, the Eagles, the Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, and Catie Curtis. Like a hint of vanilla in your latte, these influences provide a sweet background to her original work. Her debut release “Miracle Alley” with duo CYNOVA was ranked #4 on the Outvoice Top 40 CDs of 2007 and nominated by Pride in the Arts for “Favorite Album of the Year” that same year.
After the early death of a close friend CJ began an internal journey of emotional housecleaning. Her debut solo effort “Common Shaman” is the result of that journey and takes a hard look at the human condition with songs about relationships, our place in the global community and the universe.  A solid folk endeavor ranging from the whimsical rocking “Cyber Tech Chick v. 5.03A” and “That’s What I Get”, heart opening ballads “Open Hand” and ”Hold Me Close” and Enyaesque tone poem “Falling Into Grace”.
A veteran of Pride festivals and coffee houses, CJ currently plays small shows in and around her home in Louisville, Colorado.

Robert Lawrence Apr 6, 2015
I love finding new artists that remind me of other artists, but have their own distinct sound which sets them apart. Georgia native C.J. Smyth’s voice reminds me of the laidback caress of Aimee Mann, her tone takes me to the dark approaches of Mazzy Starr’s Hope Sandoval, and her songwriting echoes the honesty of Joni Mitchell. Not quite Folk, Country or Rock, Smyth falls into the category of Homespun Rock Angels like Sheryl Crow or Alana Davis.
My favorite song on “Common Shaman” is “Open Hand.” It’s complicated lyric can have several interpretations. The chorus says it all for me; “Love me with an open hand it’s all you need to do/ove me with an open hand and I’ll come home to you.” I took this as someone in an abusive relationship who has settled for the circumstances regardless of how destructive, due to drowning in love. Others may see the phrase “open hand” as meaning something inviting or offering. Other lyrics in the song lead to me believe the open hand was of a violent nature; “I know you worry cause I’ve been known to run from pleasure and pain, When it feels like a loaded gun with a shot that bears my name.”
The twelve tracks on C.J. Smyth’s Common Shaman cover a lot of emotion and many points of sadness, however it’s not grim. The relationship songs are complicated as most relationships are and the songs of inspiration are within realistic expectations. Well rounding out the experience are a few upbeat numbers that add richness to the project. Of these, “Sweet Mercy” stands out for me and is geared at being the most commercial. Miranda Lambert would be smart to cover this seductive number with it’s religious undercurrent.
C.J. is a noteworthy up and comer. I’d like our readers to be able to get some insight into someone whom in my opinion knows how to “do it right” when it comes to putting your dreams on the map and letting the cosmos take over from there.
Gaysonama: C.J., I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your Common Shaman project. I can tell a lot of time, love and emotion went into it. I’d like our readers to get to know you better, so tell me a little about yourself. How did you start out to be a singer-songwiter, what made you select such a sometimes non-rewarding profession, and what were some of the hurdles along the way to this point, your first solo effort?
C.J. Smyth: Bob, thank you for this opportunity to talk with you about “Common Shaman!” I am very happy that you enjoyed the album, and you are right, its creation was an important chapter in my life
To answer your questions, I came to professional songwriting a bit later in life. I played guitar and wrote prose from a young age, and in college decided to try combining the two and loved it. I wrote mostly for my own enjoyment or for friends and family celebrations until I was about 30. At that time I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and my hands were really being affected, I decided that if I was going to give myself a shot with my music I needed to do it or I might not get the chance. Luckily some new treatments came along a few years later and my hands are still doing well.
My first professional venture was a trio, Cynova, and I wrote all of our original music. We were just starting to talk about cutting a record when one of our group, Valerie Van Zyl, was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. She died 15 months later just a few weeks before we were to go into the studio. We did go ahead and cut that record “Miracle Alley” with the remaining member Nora-Ellen Long and my partner Kit Thompson filling in for Valerie’s part. We were excited to have it nominated for Pride in the Arts (PITA) Favorite album of 2007.
Afterwards, I wanted to be more intentional about what I created with my life and put out in the world. I worked to get clear on what was important to me and how my music was an expression of that. The songs on “Common Shaman” are a result of that reflection. I also knew from my previous experience that I wanted to have more creative input on the production of this album and it soon became clear it would be a solo project.
Gaysonoma: Starting out later in life reminds me of one of my favorite Country Singers, K.T. Oslin from the later 80s, do you remember her? Seasoned performers even “new to the game” have that built in confidence which is very apparent. You surely have that in common. I noticed your partner Kit is not a performer on Common Shaman. Is Cynova on hiatus for now?
C.J. Smyth: I do remember her, I especially like the tune “Hold Me” such richness and texture in her vocal!
Cynova decided to disband in 2013, after a wonderful 12 year run we all were interested in other directions creatively, luckily it was on good terms, and we support each other 100%. Kit was just helping out with the third harmony part as the songs had been arranged (for which I am grateful!). She did the photography on both albums.
I really wanted “Common Shaman” to develop more organically in terms of supporting vocals and instrumentation and found the perfect producer in John McVey. Rather than take a set arrangement into the studio, John and I worked hard to find the right backing musicians and vocals lines for each tune.
Gaysonoma: Your planning C.J.  paid off well. I have listened to thousands of debuts over the years. Many seem to have something a bit off about them. The vocal drowns in parts or some backing tracks seem off. “Common Shaman” was put together very well, so hats off to you and your team! My favorite track is “Open Hand.” Now that I’m speaking to you directly you can uncover the mystery for me. I took it as a tale related to domestic abuse. I am I right? What is the actual meaning behind that song?
C.J. Smyth: Thank you so much, I really appreciate hearing that from you. I could not have been happier with how “Open Hand” came out! The arrangement we came up with really serves the song well.
I love hearing about how people relate to lyrics, I hear many different things that get touched in people, it’s like all the facets of our humanity comes out. My usual answer is, if that is what you are hearing then yes, that is what the song is about! But I will answer you more directly, the song is an explanation from one partner who needs more independence and space in relationship to the other who worries this means they are not committed and maybe a little self destructive at times. It is a way of saying, I am here and when I go away it’s to gather myself in order to come back more fully present. My partner Kit calls it one of her instruction songs.
GAYSONOMA: When there are many interpretations, that is the sign of a really good song. The title track and title of your CD “Common Shaman” seemed to have a mystical connection. What was the inspiration behind that and why did you select it as the CD’s title?
C.J. Smyth: I was studying Peruvian shamanism at the time. The philosophy is with the right tools the gifts of the shaman are available to everyone. I just hit on the “Common Shaman” as word play one day and really liked it. I planned to title the CD that before the song ever came into being. It circles back to what I was saying earlier about wanting to be more intentional with what I was putting out in the world, focusing more on positivity.
The song posed a challenge musically as it one of several that I alter the tuning on by adding multiple capos to the fret board, so it’s not as straight forward for the musicians to play. John had to do a big of arranging to accommodate that.
Gaysonoma: C.J., if I was to pull a single from the album, my choice would be “Sweet Mercy.” It has playful and lightly seductive lyrics, and a slight blues feel while bordering on country-soft rock. I could see Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt or Miranda Lambert scoring well with that track. What was your direction with that number?
C.J. Smyth: That one is super fun to perform live too! You are right on with that one. I had been out with some friends the night before I wrote this and we were watching these two women do this kind of fun, flirty dance back and forth all night, taking bets on whether they would hook up or not.
I sat down to write the next day. It had been a while since I had written anything and I was having a little writer’s block. I sometimes try to write something like someone else might to get things flowing when I feel a little stuck, so i asked myself, “What would Melissa Etheridge say about last night” and this was the result. Sometimes I get keepers out of that and sometimes not, but it’s fun.
Gaysonoma: Well that makes me really happy C.J.. I can tell you really enjoyed creating it as much I enjoyed discovering it. On the subject of inspiration, in closing, what single artist has influenced you and your creativity the most throughout your career and how? Also, what one song do you wish you had written and why?
C.J. Smyth: Wow, that is such a difficult question, there are so many inspirations out there Melissa E, Aimee Mann, the Indigo Girls all come to mind. I had to really think about this for a bit as you said “the most” over my career. I think I would have to say it’s a toss up between Ferron and Dan Fogelberg for many of the same reasons. They both cut across the folk, rock and country genres adeptly, they both write stellar lyrics, though I might give that one to Ferron. The prosody they both utilize in their music can create some exceptional emotional moments. I’d have to give Dan the upper hand in musical composition though. He used so many different chords to create a song. If I need some restoration these are the two I come back to over and over after many years. Okay that was a really long answer!
I’ll give you a favorite from each of them that I wish I had written “Ain’t Life a Brook.” by Ferron because the lyrics paint such a great picture of what it’s like healing from a break up over time and the vocal delivery is awesome. Then Fogelberg’s “Dancing Shoes” because the musical arrangement is so sparse and delicate and supports the feeling of the lyric perfectly, wonderfully crafted.
Thank you so much for this opportunity I have really enjoyed it!
Our thanks to C.J. for her time and personal exposure into the realm of media. You can find C.J. Smyth’s music at several venues including Amazon, CD Baby, CD Universe, and at

Honky Tonk Clown by Bobby Joe Owens & Retro Deluxe

Who Is Bobby Joe Owens?
Bobby Joe Owens is a new age Renaissance Man. Best known as a Singer/Songwriter and Band Leader/Front Man for the band Retro Deluxe, Bobby Joe is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a father, inventor, artist, entrepreneur, restaurateur, philanthropist, producer, innovator and so much more. Bobby Joe didn't start singing until 2006 and since 2008, he has written over 70 songs under his alter ego Robert J. Thompson and has recorded five (5) albums with local, regional, national and internationally recognized musicians including Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Buddy Guy, Tri-State Coalition, etc.), Grammy Award Winner Billy Earheart (The Amazing Rythym Aces, Hank Williams, Jr., etc), Marty MacMillan (Blue Plate Special, Retro Deluxe, MacMillan Guitars) and Guitarist Zach Sweeney (Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Lucky Tubb, Retro Deluxe, etc.)!
Bobby Joe Owens has been called garrulous, pugnacious, legendary, boozy, seductive and whatnot. Call him what you want, but his songs are infectious, his vocal stylings are unique and his passion, energy and love for his music are ever-present.
Retro Deluxe
Retro Deluxe is Bobby Joe’s versatile and talented band based out of Bowie, MD. The band’s current lineup includes Mike Mautino (Drums), Miles Long (Standup & Electric Bass), Carl Cimino (Keyboards) and Joe Goltz (Guitar). Their repertoire includes originals and covers in the genres of country, rockabilly, blues, rock, R&B and oldies. It’s always party when Bobby Joe and the boys of Retro Deluxe come to town!
He’s done clowning around! The larger-than-life Bobby Joe Owens has done it again with his new release, Honky Tonk Clown! Honky Tonk Clown was recorded live at the Historic Old Bowie Town Grille (Bowie, MD) with his band Retro Deluxe and includes 15 all-new, original songs with all but one penned by his alter ego Robert J. Thompson. The songs range from traditional and outlaw country to rockabilly to blues to hippy rock and even gospel. Each listener will find his or her favorites out of this diverse collection.
“This album was recorded live at the Historic Old Bowie Town Grille (Bowie, MD) over the weekend of August 14th and 15th of 2015 in front of a live audience. The audience was asked to hold their enthusiasm until each take was complete and alcohol was added to loosen things up. We are a live show band and wanted this album to capture what it’s like to experience one of our shows. A number of special commentary tracks were included because you never know what’s going to happen in between songs. We laugh, we cry, we drink, we carry on, we tell stupid jokes and we love all of our friends and family who support us at our shows and online. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and participated in this very special live recording! It’s all about the love!
Yours truly,
Bobby Joe Owens”

Vernon Neilly is #Flyah

Vernon Neilly is an international, award winning recording artist, who has recorded with, toured with, produced, worked with some of the most legendary names in the music business such as, the late blues legends "Johnny Guitar Watson", "Etta James”, “Temptations” , “Steve Vai”, “Greg Howe”, Motown hit producer "Norman Whitfield", “Jennifer Batten”, “Slash”, Rap superstar "Warren G", "Howard Hewitt", "Teena Marie", funk pioneer George Clinton, Brasilian guitar hero’s “Edu Ardanuy”, Kiko Loureiro (Angra,Megadeth) and many more.
He produced and mastered the 18 artist compilation disc "United By Tone" in conjunction with the worlds leading guitar pickup manufacturer, "Seymour Duncan". This highly acclaimed limited edition disc features some of the most notable names in the guitar world such as, Slash, Jerry Horton(Papa Roach), Jennifer Batten(Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson), Alien Ant Farm, Jimmy Bruno, 311, Seymour Duncan , and Vernon, who's track "Nassau Nights" is the first song on the disc. 
Vernon just released his 5th solo CD entitled “Outta Time” to his international fan base and the world. This CD features some of the most prominent guitar players, bass players, and drummers in the world such as Frank Gambale (Chic Corea), Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, Rianna), Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra, Tarja), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Vic Johnson (Sammy Hagar, Busboys), Mattius Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Jeff Beck, Tarja), TM Stevens (Steve Vai), Phillip Bynoe (Steve Vai), Juan Nelson (Ben Harper), and others.
Vernon and his CD's have also been featured in magazines such as Guitar Player, Guitar World, Guitar One, 20th Century Guitar, Vintage Guitar, Jazz Improv Magazine, Jazz Times, Down Beat, Urban Network, Ebony, Our Weekly, Guitar Player Brazil, Cover Guitarra (Brazil), Smooth Jazz News, Abyss Jazz, All About Jazz, Cutaway Guitar Magazine(Spain), Todo Guitarra Y Bajo(Argentina), Musico Pro(Mexico, Central, and South America), Young Guitar(Japan) and many others, and also a myriad of newspapers, and e-zines globally. Songs from his CD's have been used on programs like MTV's "Made", and BET's "Jazz Impressions" as background themes, and PBS Radio. His songs are being played all over the USA in major retail outlets and food establishments as part of their in store programming, such as Walmart and McDonalds as consumers shop and dine.
Extending his career to acting, Vernon now can be seen on the big screen in theaters across the world, TV, and DVD in 3 major film company releases, Universals "Along Came Polly", Warner Bros. "Starsky and Hutch", and the most recent, Columbia Pictures "Walk Hard" . Vernon has also appeared in the UPN Network's hit television sitcom "One On One", and "Girlfriends". Vernon also can be seen in these movies and TV programs all over the world via cable and satellite broadcasts in many different languages.
Vernon recently moved on, and is working with Parker Guitars part of the US Music Corp, conglomerate of instrument manufacturers. Other companies that Vernon endorses are Seymour Duncan, Giannini acoustic guitars and strings, Dunlop, Wampler, Sony Music Software, Levy’s Straps and Bags, Sony Creative Software, Digitech Effects, In-Tune Guitar Picks, Xotic Effects, and Meteoro Amps.

April 15, 2016 Boosweet Records released the long awaited 5th solo CD of award winning guitarist/actor Vernon Neilly called "Outta Time" along with his new music video single entitled "They Don't Care" which is already being played nationally on major market video channels. Vernon as he is accustomed, assembled an all-star list of guests such Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Frank Gambale (Chic Corea, Vital Information), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Jeff Beck, Tarja), Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra), Philip Bynoe(Steve Vai), Victor Johnson (Sammy Hagar, The Busboys), Mattias "IA" Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Juan Nelson (Ben Haper) and more virtuoso talent, to deliver a definitive musical proclamation.

Outta Time is not just a exposition of super talented musicians but a statement of today's social and political climate, as corruption in government worldwide looms large, as serious issues like inequality, poverty, starvation, viral epidemics, global climate change, and other serious subjects do not get the proper attention they deserve in the news mainstream media that they deserve, but things worsen daily. Vernon by means of cutting edge musical tracks and powerful video images, attack the senses of the hearer and viewer to evoke powerful emtions. Vernon's previous projects have charted Top 10 Billboard Charts retail, also FMQB Top 10 Radio Charts and "Outta Time" looks to not only equal, but surpass the success of his prior releases. Vernon an avid Jimi Hendrix music lover covers one of Jimi's major hits "Fire", which is updated and re-arranged by Vernon and guitarist supreme Greg Howe. Just imagine Prince and Lenny Kravitz teaming up, a heavy, grooving, pulsating declaration, his is what the new "Fire" is. 

With this much musical firepower, carefully crafted songs that combine strong melodies and catchy choruses, "Outta Time" is destined to be one of the hit recording projects of 2016. The CD is already available for download at all major digital retailers, and physical copies can be ordered at or through distribution. 

For all press inquiries please contact Boosweet Records at 

Pistols at Dawn is awsome

Pistols at Dawn
is the debut solo album by John Denney. It delivers a powerful mix of deep lyrics and addictive rock tunes. His experimentation with various instruments collected on his travels of the world include grungy biting guitar with fast paced riffs, huge drum rolls, haunting strings, uplifting keys, slide guitar, the occasional harmonica, sitar and dual harp interludes but most of all that unforgettable voice. Pistols at Dawn is a chance for John to show off his many talents in the solo arena. He loves nothing more than sitting down with an acoustic guitar and laying downs some stunning tracks which once layered with his various skills has produced his “Masterpiece”. You should hear him play live!

Pullen Project is Flyah

jerome pullen leader of the pullen project born in memphis,tn form his first professional band straight from high school growing up in memphis a music he started recording and playing locally caught the i of the legendary producer willie mitchelle work and recorded with him through this he got to meet and do some work with the legendary bar-kays pullen became one of memphis most reconize up an coming artist he began writing and producing his music releasing a coupleof regionald records getting a chance to tour the mid south and got notice by charles stone who manage and book the band on national tour dates pullen decided to start his own label and release the my life cd with this cd pullen feels the sky is the limit

Jenni Ferchenko is #Flyah

Jenni Ferchenko is a Ukrainian born British singer, songwriter and a novelist. 
She grew up under communist rule in a troubled Ukraine. She published her first book of poetry at the age of fifteen and was the lead singer of an alternative rock-band, but she had to suppress her creative nature for a more predictable, sensible career in order to support her family. Jenni left the Ukraine on the Erasmus program and to support herself whilst studying, she worked as a product controller at a BMW factory, a cleaner, shop assistant, waitress, bar tender, interpreter and fashion model.
In 2006 Jenni became an intern on a trading floor at Lehman Brothers in London, the subsequent redundancy in 2008 and the take up of a new role at a Swiss bank in Moscow, which largely laid the groundwork for her first novel The Snow Job (expected in October 2016).
This is a story of internal and external corruption, redemption and self-searching blended in with high finance, politics, self-distractive sex, oligarchs and true values.

The upcoming album with the same title ‘The Snow Job’ is Jenni's revealing soundtrack to her story, a reflection of the all too real emotions, which reach far beyond the book. 

Free From Gravity but they still pull you close - Saints and Sinners


Free From Gravity are a 4 piece Rock band out of Portsmouth UK who play a style of music they call "Kick Assed Chilled Out Rock" - that's Soft Rock With Attitude.

Free From Gravity but it still pulls you close

“Saints and Sinners” EP is a contemporary rock extended play from upcoming artist(s), FreeFromGravity. Hearing this brilliant project of 4 songs opens the minds to scenes of movies that can be used as its background music for a soundtrack. “Crazy Lady”, seems to be essential in its soft rock tune and gives a picture of a couple experiencing complications in their relationship and a man taking a ride on the road to clear his head listening to this song makes the man want to change his mind and think about how crazy and deep in love he is with his woman.
        “Dance with Me”, a song that illustrates a meeting with a soul mate and a time that is full of energy connecting the two like Prince Charming and Cinderella. Furthermore, the song is eager to be more of a memory keeping close to the heart as the lyrics speak about seeing a woman in a group and wanting to dance with her only. Each time the chorus comes in, the vibe of the song just feels exhilarating and doesn’t miss its “Sticking out like a sore thumb” moment.
         The project entitled song, “Saints and Sinners”, is a record showing two different aspects of life. On one side for the sinners, it’s all about having fun regardless of laws rules or danger. The saint’s side is about abiding to the right way of living and not being entertained in what the sinners do. This song also brings light to a social issue that in modern day society that sometimes not stated or spoken aloud to get attention to a multitude of people. Still in all, the song is a piece of art in its own right bringing two groups together to understand we’re all winners.
        “Step into the Sunlight”, a song about making a transition from being in darkness to finding encouragement by stepping into the light. As the song continues, it inspires people to looking to the high road when feeling depression.  Needing to find this source seems vital as in life there may be times when things appear to be gloomy and distorted but searching for a way out such as light can be rewarding.

Overall this project is a soundtrack o f life and may be used as a tool of help and to build confidence to accomplish any dream that mind sets upon. If I had to rate   this album it would be a 4 out of 5 based on subject matter, creativity, a strong message & a way of to uplift.. Not to mention, it is great rock music.

Gone To The Spirits, A very unique album

Gone To The Spirits,  An very unique album



Norine Braun, released her 10th CD, Gone To The Spirits this June. The concept album is birthed from the Ququnak PaΗ‚kiy Song Collection that Braun wrote from a Canada Council For The Arts Award last year. The songs are based on the engaging and dramatic life story of a two spirited Ktunaxa warrior woman, courier and guide, who lived in the early 19th century in southeastern BC Canada.

This album is definitely different and special because of the history and deepness of the lyrics.  At first I was blown away by the opening spoken word track that gives profound detail about the passing of the great warrior.  Following this track is Morning Prayer that really sets the tone of the last moments of a powerful woman and the kick drums that show up mid flight reminds me of the heart beats mentioned in the spoke word.   The words really paint a picture and the music compliments ever passionate vibe that the lyrics are giving off.  Songs like Rock people present a form of happiness that kind of uplifts you from reaching depression.  It describes the environment and seems exceptionally inviting.  I really love her voice and flow on the song”Sometimes the rain comes” and to me this is the truth when life is the subject.  The rain was used as a metaphor of cleansing the soul, mind and surroundings.  This song to me is a must hear and means a lot to people that may struggle with bad times but there is a guided light at the end of the tunnel. 26 Horses is another favorite of mine. This song displays strength and the powerful guitars matches this song like a game of Uno.  26 Horses is followed by the song Victory that starts with the sounds of tribal drums and transcends to a cool party and celebration song.  Over all I think this album is well put together and thought of.  Her style is distinctive and the idea is marvelous.  If I had to rate this album on a scale of 1-10 this will get an 8 for creativity, mood, and delivery.