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Lost on The Metro Gets Down With Ramey Road

Lost on The Metro Gets Down With Ramey Road Lost on The Metro has a new track out that was just released and it's got quite classic blues-rock style to it that shows the bands amazing presence on and off stage.  This single, Ramey Road, is a strong one indeed as a single but, you can also watch them perform the track and others live on stage via the bands YouTube page  HERE . Bio: Lost on the Metro started in the basement of Jilly and David's house.  All three band members had grown up in musical families, but Jilly and David were married for 20 years before they realized by chance that they were pretty good at writing songs together.  They were both asked to participate in a teacher cover band, and their show went so well, they ended up booking gigs after that.  The lead singer of the teacher band suggested everyone write songs over the summer, and that pressure was just what David and Jilly needed to discover that they had this immense well of creativity that was just waiting

Invisible Lines Review - Mr. MAC written by @Avijit Misra

  Invisible  Lines Review Invisible Lines Review Founded by Dan McLaughlin, MR.MAC is a new musical persona that is set to take the American music industry by storm with original music as his album  Invisible Lines  makes listeners groove as they open YouTube. Listening to this album made me wish to read between the lines of his dense lyrics. This album features ten songs, and “Invisible Line”, the title song of this album has an ‘80’s, post-Punk energy. The rhyming of lyrics is awesome and this is a song that you will not wish to pause once you hit the play button. The “Jenny Was” song talks about an Alt- girl who has something for everyone; except for the one who loves her. This reminded me of a song “Miss Independent'' by Ne-Yo which sent positive vibes by talking about a woman who did everything in the best way. “Looking for You” is a song that sounds like it’s straight from the 80’s even though it is not. Even as I was listening to the next track, “Until We're Awoken”

Planet Of Rhythm Exclusive interview

  GCoulda you tell us what it's like being from L.A.?   LA is a great city for music, like any other large city.   Of course the downsides are things like traffic etc. but it is a wonderful place to create music, to hear music and experience great performances. Could you name the members in Planet of Rhythm and the roles they play? Doug Hafford (me): songwriter, singer, guitar Greg Thomas: Producer Rhythm Guitar, Bass, backup vocals Chad McKinsey: Producer, Drums, Guitar, backup vocals Juliet Roberts: Lead and backup vocals (what a talent she is) Elliott Jason: Lead Guitars Jorge Orellana:  Bass, Sax    Who inspired you guys to make electric blues rock music; is it something you guys just have in common?   The music comes from our love of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s style rockers.   Of course much of that was inspired by earlier artists such as Robert Johnson, or Howlin’ Wolf etc.  We love the simplicity mixed with great musical performances, overdriven guitars and a strong driving bea

Dan McLaughlin, singer-songwriter, guitarist founding member of MR MAC. Album: Invisible Lines

  Interview: 2/17/2022  Dan McLaughlin, singer-songwriter, guitarist founding member of of MR MAC. Album: Invisible Lines   So Mr Mac, Where are you from and what's it like in your hometown?   I hail from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. I live on Oahu, a beautiful island, though somewhat over-crowded. Other than that, the tourist brochures are fairly accurate. The vibe is laid-back and tropical.  Reggae (“Ja-waiian”),Hawaiian music and whatever corporate radio dictates you should listen to  are the favored genres. Bruno Mars went to the High School I teach at. Jack Johnson lives on the North Shore.  Honolulu is a scene that generally favors cover bands, rather than original acts--unless you fit into a popular genre.  The original rock-punk scene is spirited, but small. In that way, if feels like a close-knit, underground community.  I understand you do alternative rock , can you tell us where some of your inspiration comes from?   I think “Indie Rock” might better describe my music. In othe

Spider-Man: Capability EPISODE 2 Writer – Avijit Shanker Misra Spider-Man created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko Produced by Rellz Tha Postman

  Spider-Man: Capability EPISODE 2 Writer –  Avijit   Shanker   Misra Spider-Man created by Stan Lee & Steve  Ditko Produced by  Rellz   Tha  Postman DISCLAIMER:  All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to those who are living or dead is purely co-incidental. The characters of this story have not been created to hurt the sentiments of any community. Spider-Man is the copyrighted property of Marvel Comics. This story has been written for a non–profit series.             Find previous episodes at this link. At the  FiskCorp  headquarters, CEO Wilson Fisk was in his office when his assistant James Wesley entered. Among the civilian employees of Fisk who had no connection to the criminal empire of Fisk, Wesley was the only person who knew that Fisk was secretly a crime boss and his name in the underworld was Kingpin.  Wesley said, “Mr. Fisk! Mr. Alistair  Smythe  is here!” Fisk replied, “Show him in!” Wesley responded, “OK Sir!” Wesley walked out and a young man Al