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Too Short: Turns Down Kanye's Beat

Too Short has worked with a score of incredible makers all through his very nearly 40-year vocation, from Jermaine Dupri and Lil Jon to Daz Dillinger and DJ Pooh. However, one major name beatsmith he missed the valuable chance to work with was Kanye West. During a new meeting with VladTV, the Bay Area legend reviewed Scarface enthusiastically informing him regarding the youthful Chicago-reared beatmaker around the time he was chipping away at his 2002 collection The Fix (which highlighted three beats from Kanye, including "Think about Who's Back"), yet Too $hort essentially wasn't intrigued. "I recollect Scarface called me. He was in New York, he was like, 'I got the coldest (bleep) maker.' He was discussing Kanye West," he made sense of. "You know everything that I said to him? I was in Atlanta, I said, 'Man, we got every one of the makers with me. I needn't bother with no new makers.' "What's more, he was like, 'I pled

Exclusive Interview with talented group Moon And Aries

Can you tell us your upbringing?   -         Hello, Jordana Moon here. Thanks for having Tom and I in your magazine! Tom and my upbringing was similar in the way we were both surrounded by music. It was a huge part of our daily lives. We both started in piano at an early age. I wasn't very good, not a natural like Tom. I went off to learn the violin and guitar, and then of course, voice lessons. Both Tom and I were in bands - and I was also doing theatre, in our late teens, early 20s.       How did Moon and Aries come about ?    -         Tom and I met on Instagram during the beginning phases of the pandemic. Both of us were composing and putting out original music, looking to expand our community. We were both instant fans of each other. I was always looking to collaborate with other producers, and Tom was only releasing instrumentals. I secretly hoped he would want to work with me, and after six months of friendship, the right time came. So summer of 2020, we began to work on The

Paul and Friends are “Smooth Sailing”

  So Paul, where you guys are from and can you give us a brief description of you guys background? > Wow.  Well, you're asking for a lot.  There have been many musicians in "Paul and Friends" over the years.  Many - from two countries.  Perhaps it would be best if I focus on those who are performing on "What's the Matter with That?", which is the tune you have in-hand.   >“Paul and Friends” is made up of an amazing number of musicians from the New Orleans area, around the US, and around the world.  These are folks with great talents who have lent them to my productions.     >Joe Raines is an incredible vocalist.  He sings lead here and pushes this tune forward.  He is from Ocala, FL,  and is a well-known performer, producer, and recording artist in his own right.   He attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL.  He started as a brass player and expanded into keyboards, vocals, leading bands, and studio ownership. Having settled on the Co

Check out Adub Nati emerging Indie Artist

    Alrick L.J. Warner better known by his stage name Adub Nati is an American songwriter/ rapper. A First generation son of two West Indian immigrants from St. Kitts & Nevis. He was Born In Houston, Texas, and raised in several neighborhoods throughout Cincinnati, Ohio. Adub Nati attended and graduated Princeton High School in Cincinnati. Started rapping listening to others that sounded like they were rapping about his life. Wants to keep positive / conscious messages in his music. His debut project, the "No Plan B" mixtape was released late 2015. Music Links artist/0QkObM036xNfIHIsbI9Jp3? si=SsHdB7c1T7SRiesGrGBfzg AdubNati-DeathbyJew i

DaeMarcus is Making Waves New Indie Rock Record

DaeMarcus is Making Waves New Indie Rock Record  The new record from DaeMarcus has been making its way up the grapevine and we just got wind of it.  This is a record that goes in depth with words and packs a bit of a pop punch and have a strong base of acoustic guitar and keys.  It features 10 songs with all kinds of effects and storylines that come with them so you can connect the dots as the record plays.  It can best be described as edgy, poppy, and with some personal insight as well.  You can hear this full record on the DaeMarcus Spotify page or you can go to the DaeMarcus website itself but you will want to listen to the whole album this time.  Artist Bio:  DaeMarcus is the brainchild of songwriter Adam Araujo. The songwriter's love for music began at the age of 5 when his brother showed him The Beatles "Penny Lane". It wasn't long after that Araujo began writing his own songs.   The artist began playing in bands and performed in his high school's Battle of

Prince Lit Exclusive Interview “A very interesting life”

   So Prince Lit, can you tell us a little bit of your upbriging? Where are from and how you made it to this point?   So I am from Denver, Colorado. I would say I have had the experience and benefits of growing up unstable. I've been able to learn that true growth only comes from being uncomfortable. My family and I moved from place to place sometimes state to state looking for a new start growing up, we never really were a family that had it all together. although we were Christian and went to church only when we could, the hardship still excisted my mom was rapped and kept me; although her first experience with that happened when my big brother came into the picture.  I was born into calamity and Grace my mother was always playing catch up so we could never really be there (in a place of comfort.) My still currently single mom tried to be in multiple relationship raising us and of course when the next one came along while we were growing up my 3 siblings and I thought everything