Stuart Pearson Dark Americana artist Suart Pearson releases the MOJAVE album and it is creepily addicting.

Stuart Pearson

Dark Americana artist Suart Pearson releases the MOJAVE album and it is creepily addicting. 

Pearson specializes in a very particular style of folk music called "Dark Americana" and it's got its shadowy tones and effects but there is something about the record that you find so intriguing that you can;t stop listening. 

Most songs are released with music videos which is a delightful thing as they give you a better sense of what it is to be in Pearson's world musically and visually. 

There is a lot of content here so you can start wherever you like but the MOJAVE record is one of the best places to begin your journey. 

You can find some of the videos from this record on his Youtube channel.

The releases are also on his Spotify page.

Or you can jump over to his Website as well to drink it all in.

It's definitely nothing quite like what you've heard before and shows some amazing songwriting and performances.

REYN Exclusive Interview


1. So REYN, where are you from and what's it like in your hometown?

I'm from Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York.

Where I'm from the beach was down the block. It was living in the projects but on an oceanfront tropical island.

2. Doing Hip-Hop and R&B, what are some of the things you bring to the table that separates you from the pack?

The way I see the world, I can only be myself, REYN. So, I strive to be the best REYN I can be! By staying true to myself, living my truth, my life and talent, hard work, patience, and determination strengthen my confidence to create waves instead of only riding the waves of others.

3. How many years have you been in the music industry and what are some of your accomplishments?

I've been in the music and entertainment game for a minute now, and I'm excited about the new era we're now in. Independently owning what I create makes all my hard work worthwhile. In our industry, from national tours, winning awards, making, and selling records, reading, and writing scripts, working my way up from the crew to producing documentaries, and in multiple areas of the entertainment arena, each day has offered me the chance for accomplishment and success. I've achieved a great deal in my career, but I often feel like I'm just getting started.

Our company, MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, and our partners created a mobile video game app called POP ICON CLASHES which is available for download right now on Apple and Google. I’m extremely excited about our expansion into gaming, a natural extension of my work as a musician and producer in independent Film and Television.

4. Beyond music, what are some of your favorite things you like to enjoy?

I'm addicted to information. I like learning. At the moment I'm learning everything I can about METAVERSE. METAVERSE is a parallel universe bursting with ideas and imagination that has "big-banged" into existence! I'm ready and I'm gonna create and grow brand new galaxies, stars, planets, suns, and moons throughout it.

The CEO & Executive Producer of MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, Richard Willis, Jr., is first a Writer who has parlayed his craft, talent, and success into other entertainment areas, including management, as he built MOZELL. I watched him, studied, learned, and adopted a similar set of professional strategies and creative principles that I now apply in my work. METAVERSE opens new doors that allow me to expand as an artist creatively. I believe "the force is with me" as I head into my next phase of extraordinary ventures.

5. Could you tell us about your latest project?

In late Spring and throughout the Summer of 2022,

we are releasing three (3) new singles and music videos. They are: “MY CUDDLE BABY”



In addition to being featured in our current Mobile Video Game POP ICON CLASHES, the music and music videos will also be released

as NFTs, giving you unlockable content in our games and valuable ownership stakes in our development of content.

The release of the new music will also be part of the release and promotion of BRILLIANT DANGER, the latest game created by RANSOM NOTICE and MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, which will feature a dazzling NFT drop later this Spring.

Music, Visuals, and NFTs in METAVERSE are the future. I am making sure that I'm on the cutting edge and at its forefront.

6. Who are some of the notable people who pushed you along the way? My FAMILY is my foundation, I can't do anything without them.
My manager, Richard Willis, Jr. has been a great mentor. Good managers get you into rooms you need to be in. Great managers get you into opportunities so fascinating, they make you realize you’re already in the rooms where you belong!
MOZELL continues to trailblaze and I am thrilled to be represented by them and to be an owner of the company.

7. Anylastremarks?
NOTICE; G-FORCE PR; FLYAH MAGAZINE. -Check me out on the MOZELL website:
Tap in with me on all social media platforms: @reynforver “LOVE IS LOVE”




For the lovers of rock music, here is something refreshing. A rock band called One World Government is here to spread a message of positivity to the whole mankind, using music as a medium. If you believe in the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) and paranormal entities, then this band deserves your attention. This pioneering rock band uses UFO andParanormal concepts as the themes of their music

With Paul Barrett’s musical talent and lyrical genius, two musical masterpieces blew my mind to full extent. Heads Held High and Alien Highway are two songs that not only entertain the listener but also spread different messages of positivity among rock music fans. In both songs, James Linton’s gifted guitar work and incredible engineering skills have decorated and beautified these songs on the front of instrumental music. 

The song Heads Held High sends a positive message to society. It says that when a person wishes to believe in something, then opening his mind leads him to imagine new possibilities that can make a positive contribution to his life and the society. This song also talks about the significance of meditation that calms a person's mind. Instead of being a preachy speaker, One World Government chose to record an awesome song and spread a spiritual message to society. This song is a “must listen” for youngsters who are drifting away from the spiritual side of life. The last monologue in this song tells the listener to enhance his/her compassion to form a friendly relation with his/her mind.

If you believe that aliens are real, then you are among the target audience of the Alien Highway song. One line in this song talks about the strange feeling that one gets by being away from home for a long time. The verse “You're long long way from home, And you feel so strange inside” says a lot in just two lines. By singing this verse, One World Government told the listener, the value of home and family, telling him/her to love his/her home and family. A person should consider himself/herself lucky if he/she has her own home or a family to come home to. A person abducted by aliens can certainly understand the significance of home when he/she sees that how far can he/she be taken away from his/her home/family. In the music video, many newspapers reports appear about alien abductions, published in reputed newspapers. So if you want to prove to others that aliens are real, sharing this music video is what you need to do. In the Man Of Steel movie released in 2013, General Zod of Krypton senthis message to the people of Earth saying, You are not alone!”He meant that there was life on other planets. Similar to that scene, the last line You‘re not alone” ends this song. This song is “must listen” for the people who believe in the existence of UFO and paranormal entities.

Being a lover of rock music, if I give five stars to both of these songs, it can be exaggeration by people who are not into rock music but given the messages of positivity which both of these songs spread, they rightfully deserve five stars. Listen to these songs to enjoy music and to frame your mind into positivity

Exclusive Interview with Eileen Carey


What is the new single, "Dreaming With Me" about? 

The song is about how the magic of inspiration starts with one person. "Dreaming with Me," brings out a sense of inspiration, inciting the feeling that a positive impact can happen with just one person. It demonstrates the magic that an individual can make on the world. The lyrics state, “You look at me, I’m suddenly a rock star, just like you are,” and that is exactly what we hope the listener will realize- that they have the influence to make those around them feel special by being authentically who they are.  After all, the song says it best, “You bring out the magic in me."

Are you currently on tour? 

I have shared the stage with the Little River Band, The Motels, Ambrosia, Raul Malo of the Mavericks this year, and this coming Saturday  May 21st I am performing at a NAMIWalksevent for the Alliance on Mental Illness, in Down Town Los Angeles, from 11AM to 12 Noon 
On Friday, June 10th I am at the Canyon Santa Clarita, 7PM,Doors open at 6PM
ThursdayJune 30th, the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, on the Coors Light Stage, 3:30-4:30 PM.
SaturdayJuly 16at the Orange County Fair, at the Hanger Stage12:15 – 1 PM
Saturday, August 13th I am at the Canyon Montclair, California on August 13,   7PM, Doors open at 6PM
In September I will be heading back into the studio in Nashville.  

Are you going for any new awards anytime soon?

 Not at the moment. I have been blessed over the years, and have won 20 awards and have received 80 nominations. I am fortunate that radio seems to like my music. I am currently the Independent Music Networks “Crossover Artist" and the Las Vegas Producer's Choice Honors Award Singer-Songwriter of the Year 2022. Earlier in the year I also received 4 nominations by the New Music Awards; in what I saw as my most rewarding year of my career; where I had two singles “Keep Your Love To Yourself” and “Leave It All Behind.” reach the top of the New Music Weekly’s Country and AC/Hot AC charts. Some of my past awards include the New Music Awards’ AC/Hot AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year & Country Breakthrough Artist, a New Music Awards; Female Country Artist and a Los Angeles Music Awards Crossover Artist of the Year.

What type of things do you do on your down time?  Any hobbies or side 


Ahhh Pandora’s Box: lol. My blog takes up my time. I learned have a lot in my years raising two girls and singing for a living. I hope it helps others but I know it helps me. Truthfully, it puts my music career in perspective. Keeps me grounded. Wise and Weighty Words: 15 Life Lessons You Need to Hear Now   

Another spare time project turned busy is my husband and wehavea non-profit called Stray Paws Animal Haven which services the feral cat community in the city. TNR Education and Training | Stray Paws Animal Haven | South El Monte  TNR Education and Training | Stray Paws Animal Haven | South El Monte     
Been training at Classic Kick Boxing of Pasadena for years.

Any last remarks?

 Yes! Check out the video!  The video centers round a young man with red headphones that has a powerful sense of confidence and a desire for inclusivity towards those around him. His demeanor attracts many who want to follow his lead. This demonstrates the influence a single person can have by leading by example. His red headphones are a visual representation of what makes him unique, but it means something more profound. The headphones represent the spark of individuality that each person carries, and that spark has the remarkable power to inspire those around them.  Eileen Carey DREAMING WITH ME (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)  If you enjoy this video it be greatif you would Subscribe to my YouTube channel when you visit!

Hi Fidelity Re-Brands Classic Rock

 Hi Fidelity Re-Brands Classic Rock

Hi Fidelity is a fairly newer band built of several members that all have their own set of influences and character to bring to the songs. 

The band is relatively young (or at least it looks that way from the pictures) but the musicianship feels and sounds like nothing but mature and experienced. 

"Someday" is the new song from these guys and it really has this sweet classic feel behind it that makes you kind of stop what you're doing to pay more attention to it. 

These golden oldies vocal harmonies and tones seem so real and they manage to bring all of these elements into an almost indie-pop arena. 

It's surely a very cool way to write a song and Hi Fidelity was able to make this as old school as it gets. 

It's polished and clean, catchy and warm, and it makes you want to play it a few times before showing your mom how cool this band wrote a classic sounding song. 

And she'll love it too. Guaranteed. 

The band followed the format and came through with something special by adding their own flare in there. 

A great new single from Hi Fidelity. 

Mot and Krid Exclusive Interview


So Mot and Krid , where are you from and could you tell us a little about your upbringing?  


Hey Flyah Magazine. Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate it. I was born in New York, grew up in Germany and then spent most of my life in Los Angeles. I recently relocated to Germany. I was always taught to work hard, finish school, get my diplomas and degrees and find a steady and safe job. I did none of that. At age 18 I dropped out of school and started working as a free lance drummer. I did go to a music school, to improve my skills as a musician. It worked for me and I have no regrets.


Being a electronica producer what are some of the main things you use to get a track started?  


I start most of my tracks on piano. Because of my background as a drummer I know what the beat/groove will be so that’s not always a priority getting started. It is also very helpful to have an idea of the melody or hook. My go to instruments to get basic arrangement going, are probably ReFX and Native Instruments. 


What was your first big placement?  Could you tell us how that opportunity felt and came about?  


For me, as an indie artist without a label, it is not so much about the one big placement but rather a steady approach to release music and remain heard and seen. Some of the highlights throughout the years have been, being playlisted on Spotify, KISSFM/UK, KISSFM/Germany, SiriusXM/BPM, having charted # 1 on Beatport, # 5 UK Music Charts and having been supported by DJ’s such as Andi Durrant, STONEBRIDGE, Judge Jules and JES. Plus network TV placements for Pretty Little Liars/ABC,

CSI NY/CBS and The Vampire Diaries/The CW.



So tell us about your latest project?

Exploding Heart was originally written for Valora, a hard rock band fronted by Syd Duran, who also co-wrote this tune. I played with Valora as musical director but we never released the song during that time. I loved Exploding Heart so much and decided to release it as a Mot & Krid single. I re-recorded lead vocal with my good friend and frequent collaborator, the always scintillating Canadian/Colombian singer Cindy Gomez (Dave Stewart, Ringo Starr, Interscope, indie artist) and added additional guitars with LA session player extraordinaire, Rick Zahariades. We are currently working on an animated music video for Exploding Heart, that will be released later this year on our YouTube channel.


Pop music is so addicting, what advise would you give a new emerging artist that will help him or her have a successful song?

Most of it really comes down to luck and timing. Right pace, right time. Write music from the heart, tell a story, share your life experiences, be genuine, be yourself. Be an original. Everything else has already been done. Then make sure your song gets heard. Be ready if and when success comes your way. Have all your social media up and running and build a fan base.

Who are some of the notable people you have worked with in the past?  

I worked with 7 time Grammy winner Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Dave Matthews Band), Grammy winning producer Bob Margouleff (Stevie Wonder), Grammy nominated DJ/producer STONEBRIDGE, DJ/Producers Moto Blanco, Farius and remixed Katy Perry’s single, Waking Up In Vegas for Capitol Records.


If you could choose a person to do your next project with, who would it be?  

That’s always and interesting question. I tend to reach out and contact artists, I’d like to collaborate with. I just had the pleasure of working with Chris Pierce (singer/songwriter) and have a new single coming out May 20 with Redd Carter (Gabriels Rapture Movie, The Other Side). My door is always open.

Do you plan on touring anytime soon?  

Unfortunately, no. Because of pandemic I still don’t think it’s safe for me or people who would come to a show. We will see what life will be like in 2023.


Besides music, what are some of the things that bring you inspiration in life? 

I love nature, being outdoors, jogging with my 4 legged son, Max the Akita. Running takes my mind off everyday worries and it’s just Max, breathing and my thoughts. I check a lot of mixes and arrangements, I am working on whilst jogging. I find inspiration everywhere I look and go, happy or sad.


Any last remarks

Subscribe to to watch the soon to be released video for Exploding Heart, music videos, vlog, shared adventures, free drum lessons, tutorials and so much more. Big thank you again to Flyah Magazine for this opportunity. I am thrilled to bits to speak to you and be part of the Flyah Magazine family. Stay healthy and happy everyone. Cheers.