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D'Meetri is #Flyah

Defender of being original and passionate about Art itself, Pop singer D'Meetri aims to rearrange the stars throughout his career in entertainment. Urging all of his supporters to love who they are and scream it high and loud, one of D'Meetri's goal is to reach the masses with heartfelt music & a heart warming smile. Dominique Demetrice Farrar, known as D'Meetri (formely known as Dominoe Ch’Yea) is an American rapper, singer, and engineer. By mixing Hiphop, Rap, Pop, Reggae, and Soul, D'Meetri has developed from an arresting rapper into an inventive and dynamic artist. His career burgeoned when he learned the only currency that matters is fans. Gaining multiple fans and booking show after show, D'Meetri soon became one of the "Most Wanted" targets on the Minnesota music scene. D'Meetri stretched out too as an entrepreneur, he founded One Life Enterprise. “Music is still a business; talent is a shy little kid without t

Taylor Hewitt is #Flyah

Larry Fridie, former manager of James Brown the Godfather of Soul, whose clients have been involved with over 50 million records sold, stated. "Taylor is one of those kids that has that "It" factor. He will be a great asset to any record label. Of all the talent I have seen I chose to work with Taylor and the Hewitt family. The last time I passed up on a talent like Taylor in Augusta, Georgia, they turned into Lady Antebellum." William Whitney, sound at Full Sail University, stated. "It was a pleasure working with Taylor, He was a great performer as well as a professional artist off stage. It was very selfless for him to be willing to share his guitar with the act before him on Sunday. I would like to get him involved here at Full Sail to possibly record or play some Live Shows." No matter how you feel about 17 year old Taylor Hewitt, you still have to marvel about how hard he works and how dedicated he is to his craft. Taylor has

P. Melody is #Flyah

  Songwriter & Artist P. Melody, finds her voice! The West Virginia born songwriter/ artist began writing songs at the age of 7. She recalls, as a kid, she would put on dancing and singing showcases to entertain the adults; with all original songs she had written. As she grew up, writing was the only thing she didn’t “grow out of,” and upon entering college, she found out why songwriting was the love that she could never shake. “When I took my college entrance exams, the professor approached me with my scores and I’m thinking, “OMG please let me into school (lol).” But she says “Wow, you’ll succeed at anything that has to do with writing and English…you’re a genius.” I’m pretty much like huh??? So I’m in??” Undoubtedly, she was in and her confidence in her writing went up as a result. So what do you become when you’re a “genius writer,” literally? A super dope songwriter, of course! Taking a leap of faith to pursue her industry dreams, P. Melody has been abl

Double Vision is #Flyah

To those who meet them, hip hop artists Jarred and Johnathan Lindsay, better known as Mackamillion and Mr. Mackmore, present a Double Vision, and not just because they are twins. Their group is DV, short for Double Vision, and their music captures a bold vision of both simplicity and intellectual intensity. The vision is unmistakable in their latest EP, (Ra)w Form. Mackamillion explains that “Raw form is about finding the God in you or the Creator within yourself.” Even the title’s spelling, (Ra)w, has deeper meaning: that the process of creating anything, be it music, money, or even another being, starts from the same source, the raw energy that permeates the whole universe, known by some as God, or love, or universe, or Amen Ra, aka the Egyptian Sun God. And Ra, explains Mr. Mackmore, is “a primordial sound which holds a vibration of creation.” The duo hail from Venice, CA, and have spent most of their years shuffling back and forth between the midwest and west

JO-1 is #Flyah

An Inside Peak at a Rising Global Star known to fans as simply JO-1 JO-1 can you please introduce yourself to the world. Please tell us more about yourself? Hello world! I am an upcoming artist. My voice is versatile ranging from R&B, Dancehall to Neo-Soul music. I am a singer and songwriter. I am also a dancer. My favorite genres of dance are afro-fusion, hip-hop, dancehall and jazz. In the field of writing I’ve published two successful children’s books entitled, “The Lizard and the Rock” and “The Priceless Hogg Penny.” The first title has a soundtrack CD attached to it where the songs range from a Disney-like feel to pop and calypso. The themes of the song correspond to the themes in the book. I wrote most of the songs including the awarded theme track, “Free to be Me.” What´s the story behind your stage name? I wanted to keep my real name as my stage name. The producers of Grandpa Records thought that the spelling of my name was too simple. So they changed the spel

K-Squeez is #Flyah

  K-Squeez isn’t just another white rapper from the Detroit area. He is quite possibly the best story telling lyricist in the Midwest. A truly gifted Hip-Hop artist with a style that features fast rhymes and clear syllable placement. His music has an up tempo/club vibe but at the same time still focusing on the art of being a true lyricists. The delivery and emotion of his lyrics is clean and concise providing his listeners with the ability to not just feel the beat but get a vivid image of what the song is trying to convey. In 2007 he was discovered by Eminem’s finders the Bass Brothers. His demo got cut short when Eminem signed Bobby Creekwater/Cashis and assigned them to the Bass Brothers for production. Then in 2011 he was invited to work with Mike Strange, Eminem’s main producer at the time. K-Squeez has performed from the top of U.S. map to the bottom with having performances that span from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Coconut Grove Florida. He as s

"War Poets" are #Flyah   Digital release for War Poets’ new EP “American Police State” out June 3rd ! Pop-rock band War Poets are uncompromising social justice advocates with a refreshingly inviting approach to expressing their ideals. They infiltrate the pop-rock genre using smart hooks and compelling narratives to gracefully invite listeners to consider their social and political perspectives. “The songs we write have messages, but we like to pass these on in stories so they’re more relatable,” says Rex Haberman, the band’s primary creative force. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based group has garnered favorable comparisons to Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and the Replacements. Like the aforementioned artists, War Poets draw on Americana, pop, and rock to achieve an aesthetic that’s refined but rootsy. In just 14 months, War Poets have m

Stephanie Braganza #Flyah

   Stephanie Braganza has released her second international single, "When We Last Kissed" feat. Drega. The single was produced by a production team who collectively have had years of experience on the Toronto scene, having worked/performed with artists such as Drake , The Weeknd and more. The song was written by Stephanie, Colin Stewart, Peter Linseman and the production team. Stephanie Braganza is a powerhouse vocalist who weaves a sonic tapestry neatly blending elements of pop, electro, and dance. V-MIX TV hosted the worldwide video premiere of her first international single “2 Good 2 Be”. “2 Good 2 Be” is currently featured on the international compilation - Goa Chillout Zone Vol.5. available on iTunes and other download services. Her track “Fantasy” reached #5 on charts, which led to a performance with rap artist Belly and Ginuwine at the Muchmusic Video Awards . Stephanie’s sexy style and playful performances helped her win the To

The Seal Breakers are "Ready for War"

  The Seal Breakers are " Ready for War" Life as we Know It  is about to change. This battle begins in Brooklyn…  not with brass bullets, but with brass instruments. "Their music is our heritage, our life, our story through music ..." - Bill Cosby after seeing The Seal Breakers in 2008. BROOKLYN, NY (20 JUNE 2014)  –  The Seal Breakers  are a nine-member musical collective known for conquering almost every genre of music they've taken on since 2001. Led by their maestro Craig Williams, they've seized and mastered styles from jazz and r&b to gospel and soul. But now  The Seal Breakers  are "Ready for War." "Ready for War" is the first single off of their upcoming EP,  Life as we Know It . The EP is due out in late 2014 and follows the successful release of  Introducing The Seal Breakers  in 2011 .  "Ready for War" is a new creative crusade for the group. It integrates elements of hip-hop, soul

Kali Jani is #Flyah

  What makes a new artist rise above the rest? If you ask singer/songwriter Kali Jani she will tell you it is quite simple, “An unwavering belief in one’s self and an unfaltering commitment to making it to the top.” So who is Kali Jani? She’s a hot new singer on the scene out of Orlando, Florida, set to release her debut single Permission to Go , a lyrics driven track with a hot mixture of pop and urban flavor. Born Simone Farrell in Boston Massachusetts, she grew-up in Poinciana, Florida. A graduate of Liberty High School, she continued her education and earned a BA in Criminology from the University of South Florida, in 2012. The stage name Kali Jani has significant meaning. Kali means lively and fierce , while Jani translates into God has answered . Jani believes that now is her time. “For so long I did everything that I thought I was supposed to do, things that everyone else wanted me to do,” she says. Following this path never seemed right for her and sh

WiL Dix is #Flyah

Artist:  WiL   Dix  Genre: Pop/R&B     ‎

Piqued Jacks is #FLYAH

Piqued Jacks describe their sound in their own words: “being able to speak without impediment; having sex in the most intense way possible; expressing ourselves 100%”.    You have to hear it to experience it for yourself. Piqued Jacks are brave souls. Raised in a small village in Italy , they have methodically made their way from obscurity to Austin , the heart of the indie music scene, performing at SXSW in 2013 and 2014 , and sharing the stage with international acts such as Atoms for Peace and Bob Schneider. Their powerful alliance and headstrong vision has resulted in rapid success and the positive flow of their career indicates a confident band gaining serious momentum. Back in 2006, the Piqued Jacks were anything but serious. They causally acquired the band name after someone dropped a bass during rehearsal. The damaged jack resembled a boner and the boys felt the sexual allusion suited their sound. A few years later, something clicked, a unified connectio

Byron Bank is #FLyah

     Byron Jones (born July 15), better known by stage name Byron Bank, is an American Rapper. Bank born in the southeast Houston neighborhood, started rapping at the age of fifteen. Due in part to being the only man in the household, Bank witnessing his mother's struggle as a single parent; using his mother's pain as motivation. Bank learns to play the trumpet and drums in the high school band, however with the encouragement of his grandmother who purchased his first ever keyboard workstation Byron found his true love producing music. Byron knew music was his future and felt he had something special to share with the world.    The rapper/producer/songwriter/ honing his skills as a songwriter creating hooks for his beats, Bank stepped up his lyrical repertoire with full length and completed songs. Finally having the first opportunity to showcase his talent Byron join Hip Hop group Uppa Dek. As the "hottest thing on the street" at the time B

OLIO is #Flyah

BIO - Three brothers from other mothers (and fathers) got together, from the OC, LA and DC, to create a miscellaneous collection of musical works aka OLIO. Inspired by everything from Black Sabbath to Barry White these guys stir up an eclectic blend of rock/pop/funk music and serve it up hot! Whether it’s songs about break-ups, make-outs, shake-ups or four letter words, Olio produces electrifying, positive music from their studio in Los Angeles, CA. On stage Arif Hodzic sings and breaks strings (sometimes his right hand gets heavy), DeHaven Carrington grooves on drums and croons (when the lights are low and the mood is right), and newest member Kelley Hill is a fireball of energy, bouncing on one leg and just tearing the bass up (you may even see metal shavings come off the neck). Olio hit the road in the USA the summer of 2013 for their “Comeback Kings Tour.” Played a successful string of dates in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and cities in between in J

Sydney Lauren is #Flyah

  Sydney Lauren has been in love with music her whole life but didn't develop her passion seriously until high school. She's 19 years old and is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Sydney is primarily a vocalist who started learning the guitar and piano in her early years of high school. It was important to her to have the ability to accompany herself while singing. Learning these instruments is also what sparked her interest in songwriting. Some of Sydney's biggest inspirations are Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, James Taylor, Carole King, John Mayer, and others. After joining a cappella, and falling in love with it, Sydney started writing songs. Her writing comes from a place of truth and a way to connect to others. Songwriting is how she expresses herself. After spending a year at a college with not enough music for her, she took a personal risk and auditioned for Berklee College of music to follow her passion. Tha

J. Haskin - The Bottom

Definitely a talented brother....I download one of his songs because it was dope not because I needed for the magazine. Great delivery and the word play reminds me of some the heavy hitters....Keep grinding folk....#Salute #Postman 


For the 2nd release off his forthcoming collaborative EP with Soultrap aficionado Tree, Rogizz displays his lyrical ability over an upbeat original track produced by Tree that will undoubtedly keep the listener reaching for the rewind button and thoroughly entertained. If you love creative lyricism and clever punchlines, this latest leak from his forthcoming project, The Pimp and the Preacher, will not disappoint. Straight from the house where SoulTrap lives. #Respecttheshooter follow @mctreeg @rogizz

Hip Hop's Postman(Hip Hop Comic) #FLYAH

  RELLZ THA POSTMAN  OWNER OF FLYAH MAGAZINE Check out Rellz Tha Postman's newest video entitled"Fur Coats".  Fur coats was released in January and was one of the songs on his project called the Oscar.  You can pick up a copy of this album at Rellz is currently working on a new project which is scheduled to be released in September 09,2014 on iTunes, and many other digital stores. Rellz Tha Postman is a Virginia Native that has been doing music since the 90's but just started taking things serious in the last 5 years. Rellz makes his own beats and records is own music because he is a Audio Institute of America Graduate.  For those that like Real Hip Hop Please follow Rellz on Twitter @RellzThaPostman The "Postman" is a super hero which Rellz uses as a theme for his career.  Rellz believes mixing hip hop and comics will make his make his music "sparkle".  Check out the first r

Lanskey is #Flyah

   Hey world I am Lanskey and my name means having the key to open up the doors of opportunity. I use the studio like any great artist, just constantly throwing ideas and paint on the canvas looking for the pattern that could capture your imagination. I dare myself to be different and I do what I do effortlessly. I am a very complex individual who follows details very carefully, I got my ear to the streets so i don't miss a beat. I hear the gimmicks and from my point of view the airwaves is polluted with too much party and bullshit music (pardon my french). So I push myself to create music that's diverse and to give the fans and the people a bit of optimism. You see my music is more than entertainment to me it's about purpose, it's about uplifting too, so I put my message in the music hoping that I reach you or touch you in some way also my music represents my personality. I am real and never jaded also the rude boy of hip hop is very confident and

Frank Right is #Flyah "Whats your fly?"

 In the brief publicity bio that he wrote for his website, Chicago-based rapper Frank Right declares: “Hip-hop is not about color. It’s about experience.”  Very true.  Hip-hop is about experience and skills, and skillful rappers come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.  Right is not black, and that should not be a factor when one is evaluating his work.  On his album,  Said I Couldn't Do It , the Midwesterner shows himself to be a skillful and talented MC.  And Right puts those skills to good use, offering a fair amount of variety and delivering one of the more unpredictable hip-hop releases of early 2013. Much of the time, Right can be considered hardcore rap.  “On Top of the World,” the edgy “Life,” the sociopolitical “Liberty,” the angry “Like Me” and the title song certainly fall into the hardcore rap category.  Whether he is addressing social and political issues, describing his angst in vivid detail (which is what he does on “Countdown