Eddie S.G. is simply music

As owner and founder of The Forward Progress Sound (TFPS), composer, music producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and multigenre artist, Eddie S.G. is simply a music geek. As a kid growing up in Queens, NY, his passion for music began with his parents and in school. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Salsa, Merengue, and R&B were always in the air around the house, as poetry and playing clarinet in the school band became his hands-on access to creativity. Trouble at home forced him to leave at age 16. From that point on, music became more than just something in the air to him. It became his outlet. He started inking his thoughts, rhyming them, and then turning them into lyrics.

Eddie S.G. signed up to join the Marine Corps in his senior year of high school and left for bootcamp after graduating. After a 7-year career and one year as a Boeing contractor living in the UK, he decided to return home to pursue a higher education in music. He graduated from the Institute of Audio Research with a diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production in 2010. Afterwards, he attended Fordham University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2014. In October 2014, he founded TFPS and began releasing music under his label.

Although Eddie S.G.’s first love is Hip-Hop, he is also passionate about Classical, R&B, Rock, House, EDM, and New Age and tries to listen to everything in-between as well. He takes pleasure in creating music, not worrying about blurring the lines of genre. The music that pours from his heart is dark and deep. Whether with lyrics, instrumentation, or both, he prefers speaking through music, making his sound very personal. This is especially so since he is rather quiet otherwise.

Jessica's Theme Band was formed in Athens, Greece,

Jessica's Theme Band was formed in Athens, Greece, in 1989, by John Goudoulas, Jim Karahontzitis and Nick Agathos. They wanted to present a different view to covers such as Tush, I know A Little, Feel Like Making Love, Don't Believe A Word etc as well as their own, original, material. Following numerous live gigs, collaborations with local acknowledged musicians, and even after receiving the first prize as band of the year in 1991 on a Greek TV show, the band was disbanded in 1994. After each member's musical journey, they decided to re-unite with two significant additions: Tony Linaris on drums and Denis Kaskouras (a later member of the original band) on bass. With a complete line up, the band started working on its first album, in 2013, inspired by bands from the early seventies (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Bros, Molly Hatchet, Eagles), by various British bands like Bad Company, UFO etc and by Irish bands like Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher etc.

Actual Villains a new project written and recorded by Andrew DeNeef & Jj Cooper

We are Actual Villains a new project written and recorded by Andrew DeNeef & Jj Cooper the driving force behind Close to Home (Razor & tie records/ Artery Recordings 2010-2015).  As their song writing matured they turned away from breakdowns & screaming vocals and turned their focus toward writing their catchiest, most real songs yet. This hard hitting upbeat 4-piece has written a very diverse but cohesive self titled EP set to release April 1st 2016. Our material combines elements of pop punk and an active rock/radio rock sound. For fans of Taking back Sunday, Mayday Parade, The red jumpsuit apparatus, Papa Roach, A Day to Remember, and Bring me the horizon.
Our single Cave in is out now and getting radio play in southern ohio and beyond. we are gearing up to release our second single "Stay tonight" in April with a music video. if you like what you hear i'd be happy to send you a physical copy of our new EP (releasing April 1st 2016)  for review or airplay.

The Damnable Cads is Flyah


The Damnable Cads are a cadre of arrogant swine who travel the world swilling beer and keeping the neighbours up late. Do not trust these men. Unless of course you’re just after a good time that you’ll deny ever happened.

This band is awesome.  I normally just listen to one song when I put bands in our magazine but these guys will have you coming back for more.  I really love the way their songs play out.  They have a cool calming vibe with well put together lyrics.  They remind me of great bands like Three Doors Down and Owl City.  They have about 5 or six songs on Soundcloud that are all creative and different from most.  Take the time to check them out and don't be afraid to comment and tell us what you think


Little Dreamer ​for The Damnable Cads
Capo 1  Intro and verses: C Em C Em Am Am7 F G   

Verse  Little dreamer, awake in your bed  Little dreamer, inside your head  Little dreams, heavy as lead  You’re so young to have already bled    Little dreamer, just try to sleep  Little dreamer, try counting sheep  Little dreams you’ve sown, gotta reap   Costs so much just to feel so cheap 

C                      Cmaj7  e
Little dreamer, you’re already cold    
                 Am                  G  
You got a long way to go before you get that old 
C                      Cmaj7
Little dreamer, cyncical and strange 
Am                                               G 
You know you’re trying too hard to make a little bit of change 

All you rock and roll girls are gone by 25 
Gotta die a couple times just to keep you alive

But the way you look with those stars in your eyes 

Girl you know damn well that’s no way to survive

Little dreamer, you lost your way 
Little dreamer, got nothing to say 
Little dreams are slipping away  You got no God but you still gotta pray    Little dreamer, no, you lost your mind 
You’re watching the stage but you’re walking the line These little dreams you ain’t had for a long time
Little dreamer how’d you get so blind?

Little dreamer, they tore you apart
Now you found yourself broken with a broken heart
Little dreamer at an all time high  Was is worth it in the end, was it worth all the lies?  Another rock and roll girl gone by 25 
Had to die a couple times just to feel alive 
But there’s nobody home behind those eyes 
Girl you knew damn well that’s you couldn’t survive 

Sidewinder of Texas aint playing no games ''MY Country''

Sidewinder of Texas was formed in '84 by guitarist David Valdez and drummer Paul Pederson.  Sharing a common drive and passion for writing and arranging, the two paired up along with long time friend and bassist Rey Ybarra to form a rockin' band that has developed its own unique Texas flavored style sound based on a variety of influences from the 60's through the 80's. 

The Faithful is pretty cool




87 is Flyah

John Vanderslice and 87 made a record at Tiny Telephone!!!
We had a great time hanging out with JV as he produced and played on our new release!!!!

We are on college radio all over America! 

"Liked their sound a lot." WOUB Athens, OH
"Really into it." WCNI New London, CT 
"Digging the sound." WXVU Villanova, PA
"Sounds Great." WMUL Huntington, WV
"Liking their sound." KBGA Missoula, MT
"Getting into it." KCSS Turlock, CA

ACCOLADES FOR 87: “Congrats to the winning band: 87! Cool original sounds, well-rehearsed and a big reaction from the crowd!” - Jamemi Fortier, Music City SF THE JUDGES: Keyatte Shade, founder of Soulhouse. www.keyslistsf.com Jeff Wolfe, Director of Marketing at Collide music festival. Kellyanne Schilke, Noise Pop production manager. “Rad” Chad Zammuto, professional drummer, The Wailer’s, Matt Lucas & Gutter Lily. 

“Our featured performer this week is a duo that has wowed us with their creativity and talent these past few months, PATRICK & HANAKO. (OF THE BAND 87) Seriously, this will be a fun set, expect the unexpected!” - Brendan Getzell, Hotel Utah Saloon

“You guys sound great live!” - Miranda Morris, KUSF Radio - San Francisco, CA 

We landed in San Francisco from different places. Patrick was born in Atlanta and has spent much time in Athens, Georgia and Seattle. He has always been into unique Indie Rock. Hanako is from Yamanashi, Japan and has spent a lot of time singing and playing Jazz in Tokyo. Nate hales from the tiny Wisconsin town of Black River Falls where he was influenced by Classic Rock. He moved to SF with his band from Madison. We think this odd mix of backgrounds and our willingness to experiment leads to songs that are different, interesting and weird.

KT - started as keyboard player and backup vocalist #Flyah

KT is a solo artist.  He started out as a keyboard player and backup vocalist.  He was a member of the duo "Robert and Kenny," the singing group "The Casanovas," and was half of the song writing team of "Tucker and Caswell."
After "Tucker and Caswell," disbanded, KT moved to California, where he was a founding member of   "The Other Brothers."
He now resides in the State of Pennsylvania.
"Lying, Crying, and Dying"
Artist: KT
Release Date: 03/10/2016 - Distributor CDbaby.com
Category: Pop/Rock, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter
Website: www.blackcatkt.com
Email: ktuckersr@aol.com 

"Lying, Crying, and Dying," is, for the most part, an upbeat collection of pop/rock story songs, about life, love, and death.  With strong lyrics, good beats and interesting vocal harmonies, "Lying, Crying, and Dying," is one of the more interesting entries in the pop/rock category.  One of the reasons, the collection is successful, is that, the overall sound is more like that of a pop/rock band, rather than a singer/songwriter.

Singles (by track number)
  1. "Why Don't U Call Me" (Uptempo) A boy tries to help the girl of his dreams recover from a broken heart.
  2. "The Rock Singer" (Mid Tempo) A man tells the story about meeting his rock idol as a teenager, and how that meeting affected the rest of his life
  3. "Afraid of Love" (Mid Tempo) A girl, whose boyfriend cheated on her, is asked, by a rival suitor, to reconsider love.
  4. "X-Rated Movie Star" (Uptempo) A story about a young "Hollywood" actress, who ends up in the porn industry.
  5. "Selfish Man" (Slow Country Song) A man's wife dumps him for taking her for granted
         7. "Ode to a Rainy Day" (Slow Tempo) A man tries to cope with the death of his mother
         9. "The Messiah" (Slow Tempo) A gospel song about the crucifixion of "Christ."

Pathos Pathos indie/pop/rock band out of Orlando, Florida.

It’s in circuses and festivals where every view that greets the eye is spectacular and alluring. Abnormality is celebrated and human dilemma, outside the fair gates, becomes an afterthought. Beneath these carnival lights, Pathos, Pathos is the search for euphoria along a path obscured by obsession, longing, and doubt.

About the band: Pathos, Pathos is an indie/pop/rock band out of Orlando, Florida. The band’s debut album, Familiar Homes, focuses on human connection and the interplay between fantasy and truth, between promiscuity and virtue, and between death and ordeal. The album’s release show was extremely successful with a crowd of 100+. This summer they went on an East Coast tour drawing in crowds each night, and playing venues like The Bowery Electric in New York City. They have drawn quite the crowd here in Orlando as well, playing top tier venues like Backbooth and Will’s Pub. The guys have finished recording their sophomore release, Pet Names EP and will be releasing it in July of 2016.
Please get in touch with Matthew at pathospathosband@gmail.com for further information including guests lists, interviews and copies of Familiar Homes as well as the first single from the upcoming Pet Names EP.




Ghost in the Machine is reborn! The U.S. band that has fused Rock, Electronica, and Industrial into their own form of "Rocktronica" has now evolved an organic rock sound only GITM could deliver - a perfect blending ofGhost in the Machineelectronic hard rock, industrial, and electronic dance music. Its latest album,Broken from Binary, is truly the reinvention of Ghost in the Machine.
Since its first album, named for the band, was released in 1998, GITM has been a trailblazer in Rocktronica, creating an uncategorizable hybrid of modern rock, metal and hard rock, dance, urban, industrial, techno, and electronica, all in various flavors, melded into a perfect, seamless mix that people love to hear. Many of the songs from the ground-breaking albums that followed (The Haunting BeginsThe Repo Session, and The One Within), have weaved their way into 21st Century American culture, heard on TV shows on almost every major cable channel, in feature movies and indie films, on commercials, and in video games, mobile apps, and other modern media.
While staying true to its industrial/electronic roots, with aggressive and emotionally charged songs, Ghost in the Machine's Broken from Binary, released in 2015, brings a new, modern, dark and edgy sound with pop appeal. Featuring GITM's cover of Billy Joel's song "Pressure," the voice ofGhost in the Machine takes you on a journey through the dark side. As an unseen ghost, you are witness to what happens inside the machine - love and hate, oppression and enlightenment woven into well-crafted songs with thundering grooves, heavy guitars and lush electronics.
Ghost in the Machine
Ghost in the Machine's songs always exude an understanding of how music reflects life - both the good and the bad. Music makes us feel invigorated; it motivates and drives us. It also angers and saddens us. It's really another sense by which we experience the world around us. Thus, life and music are intimately intertwined. By casting a wide net and bringing it to bear with utmost focus, GITM's lean, mean compositions have consistently brought a magnifying glass to life's complexities…and done so with keen listener appeal.
The duo of C4 and Face were the founding members and remain the front line of GITM today. Wanting to create music that fused elements of different musical styles, C4 and Face, both former members of late-'80s metal bandHangman, formed the new band in 1995. In early 1996, the band nameGhost in the Machine was chosen after seeing it on a movie box. It was 
Ghost in the Machine
symbolic of the band's essence: while a computer seemed lifeless at the time and devoid of emotion, the band's music - created in, and coming from, the computer - seemed to bring the computer to life; it is that music that is the ghost in the machine.
Its debut EP, the self-titled Ghost in the Machine, was unleashed in 1998 upon an audience of listeners who quickly made it a success. The following year saw the release of the band's full-length effort, The Haunting Begins, which, for the first time pushed GITM into prominence in charts at sites such as the former Mp3.com, former Garageband.com andSoundClick.com.
Fellow friend and musician DJ R.J. joined the band in 2002; and in 2005, the trio released The Repo Session followed by The One Within in 2006. In 2008, the original members and DJ R.J. separated due to creative differences.
Acclaim for GITM grew and continues to grow. Featuring "Contact," "Invincible," and an industrial rock cover of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man,"The One Within has, for instance, gone on to win Best Industrial Album at the 2009 JPF Music AwardsGITM songs "Three," "Invincible" and "Embrace" have also placed in international songwriting competitions and many other GITM songs have been nominated, while "Rodeo" and "Second Coming" have been features and chart toppers on sites such as the formerMp3.comGarageband.com and Broadjam.com. In both 2012 and 2013,GITM was selected as one of Supercuts "Rock the Cut" Ambassador Artists, and "Invincible" and "Three" have been featured on Supercuts radio commercials and in-store programming.
GITM songs have been chosen for numerous network TV shows, includingMistressesFriends with Better LivesThe Mindy ProjectArrowMiss USARaising HopeCastleBurn NoticeFastlane,Greek, and Drive. Its songs have also been licensed for cable TV shows on nearly every major channel, including Spike TV,MTVVH1Animal PlanetThe Travel ChannelThe Learning ChannelA&E,Cartoon NetworkNational Geographic,Food NetworkUSA NetworkESPNThe Sci-Fi ChannelWBHistory ChannelTLCHGTVDiscovery Channel,UFC and more.
GITM songs can also be heard on feature films, such as The Marine 4: Moving TargetFace for SaleH2O ExtremeFrakenhoodAce of Hearts,Souls of StrifeA Night at the CatShred, and Shred II. The songs "King of my World" and "Monster," for instance, can be heard on Shred II and Ace of Hearts.
In addition, songs such as "Supergod" and "Redemption" have been chosen for DVD programs by NIKE (Lance Armstrong)MasterCraft, and Best Buy(feature film Serenity) as well as on such other programs as Tokyopop Initial D anime series.
Numerous major corporations have licensed GITM songs for commercial use, including VerizonMotorolaMountain Dew Tour BMXRed BullVail ResortLockheed MartinDentsu America LAKingston Technology,EURO RSCG DiscoveryMastercraftGatorade Free Flow Tour, and so on.
And GITM songs have been featured in numerous kinds of media, including Appy Monkey's mobile app Throw Stuff; video games, such as Wheelman, distributed by Midway; etc.
808 Multi Media
Chris Weerts
Tel: (414)305-8507


DeDe: An Artist In her Prime-Ahead of Her Time

About the Artist

DeDe: An Artist In her Prime-Ahead of Her Time
At the October, 2015 International Music & Entertainment Awards (http://www.IMEAawards.com), we had the pleasure of hearing 2014 Two-time Album of the Year winner & 2015 Song of the Year winner, DeDe Wedekind, perform her Folk Song of the Year Nominee, “Prime of Life” from her upcoming album Dream of You. But her Song of the Year Category win that night was for her Adult Contemporary original, “Stronger”.

What sets this talented artist apart from others is not only her great vocals, which garnered her Best Vocalist in March 2014 on SingerUniverse.com, but her unique & versatile songwriting. DeDe writes songs that cross many genres of music including: Adult Contemporary, Folk, Pop, Country-Pop, Rock, Americana, Singer/Songwriter, World Music, Jazz and Inspirational. This was evident when at the 2014 IMEA Award Show she received 9 nominations in 7 different categories (the most of any IMEA Artist). 
And indeed she was a winner: she went to the stage to accept a grand total of 3 IMEA awards that chilly October Night in Kentucky for: AC Album of the Year for Love & Fairy Tales (7/2013), Holiday Album of the Year for World of Christmas (11/2013), and Song of the Year for “Canon on the Lord’s Prayer”. This tied DeDe with friend and singer/songwriter Matthew Huff, Country Artist of the Year who also won 3 awards, the most awards won by any artists at the show. Says DeDe about this honor:

“We were all rooting for each other, all of us Indie artists who had been hanging in there, writing songs like crazy, and performing all over the place… in a very tough, sometimes brutal industry. I’d just joined the IMEA because it sounded like a worthwhile organization for indie artists-and it is. The rest was about timing: I decided to submit a bunch of songs from my 2 albums I’d just released in 2013 on a whim-thinking “what the hec”? I have all these new songs, and maybe these judges will like one of them? But getting that many nominations, and that kind of real support and recognition for my music, well, that was only surpassed by getting to meet and know all of these other great indie artists from around the world- (struggling!) artists who were a lot like me. It was truly a watershed moment for my songwriting, and it was a life-changing and pivotal moment for me and my music career.”
Growing up near Houston, she hails from a long line of actors, storytellers and musicians on her father's Welsh side. She is one of seven musical children from an exceptionally creative family. DeDe herself is a classically-trained singer, pianist and flutist. While she had pursued music on a part-time basis in her 20’s and early 30’s after a career in marketing, she came to realize that music was coming back into her life. Only about 7 years ago, DeDe started singing songs around the house that she’d never heard before, and started having dreams about music. It was at that moment she realized that her true calling was to pursue a more active role as a songwriter and musician. She decided to hone her theory, performing and songwriting by returning to college for additional musical training. With the support of husband, Larry, she began to pursue music again full-time.
DeDe tells stories through her music: her original songs are about her feelings, her life, her personal thoughts, joys, losses, hopes, dreams and experiences. She feels that she has a calling from God: a gift for relating her music & melodies to what we all are experiencing in our real lives. “At first it was really scary for me to step out on a limb and try to start a new career in a field where I’m definitely not an expert. But I'm not afraid anymore," says DeDe. "Not afraid to say the things that I feel need to be said, and to take a chance with my music. I've found my joy, my purpose, and my peace."
Her latest album, Dream of You, is unique in that it tells the story of the emotions, struggles, triumphs and the journey that is DeDe’s life. However, it’s not a blow-by-blow recounting of each and every major life event, but rather a playbook of dreams, hopes, and feelings, both positive and negative. Its full of thought-provoking lyrics: observations about the changes she’s been through, and all the emotions and relationships along the way that defined the life-shaping moments in her life. Each song is autobiographical and details actual feelings and thoughts she had about events and experiences: songs about her dreams, hopes, disappointments and relationships that are all a part of what has made her who she is. 
Every listener will be able to relate to DeDe’s dynamic and word-picture filled lyrics, since her songs tell the story of events that happen to us all. Songs that encompass the dreams of youth (Dream of You), the wild times and struggles of growing up & looking for love, such as we find in her 80’s Bon-Jovi like rock tribute: Leaning on Heaven. We relate to her searches for acceptance and meaning in life via Prime of Life, and the rush of sexual attraction and thrill of romantic love in DeDe’s super-sexy, Latin bossa nova, Recipe of Love. Then it all unravels with her Rolling Stones-esque Sell Me Out about complete betrayal of trust, heartbreak, and being left all alone. And in the end- redemption: finding the strength to get through anything with “Stronger”, and the capacity to know and be able to give true love (Love Lives On, with Andrew Fromm on piano, writer of N-Sync’s Millenium Album). 
Through the many challenges and experiences DeDe ‘s faced personally and in her music, she finally feels equipped to accept herself and her circumstances, understand the real meaning of love, and what truly matters in life. Important things like: relationships with family and friends, finding unconditional love (My Unsung Hero), a solid marriage (Today I’ll Marry My Friend), and the realization that she is comfortable with where her life has lead her. She has also discovered how to overcome fears and the renewed ability to believe in yourself and in the one(s) you love. 
When I spoke with DeDe she told me the depth of her faith has grown as she has gone through life’s adventures good and bad, and she hopes that the overall positive tone of her songs speaks as much to others as they have helped her: and that they offer hope, joy, peace, love, acceptance and comfort. Her music is written, arranged and selected to communicate (God’s) love to a hurting world, even if you’ve never stepped inside a church. DeDe’s witnessed firsthand how music can bring together people of all ages and cultures, and that music can touch the very heart of the listener. Says DeDe:

“So many people listen to music every day. We hear it everywhere: on TV, on the radio, and with the advancement of technology listeners have the ability to take music with them on their daily journeys. My desire is that my music will help a person through a difficult time by giving them inspiration and motivation. This is what inspires me to keep writing music and performing.”
Despite having several singles climb the Indie charts, the release of three albums, and the upcoming completion of a fourth album in early Feb. 2016 (all with well-known award-winning producers, Grammy winners, and Multi-Platinum producers & songwriting friends at the helm), DeDe’s entire career thus far has been built in an independent and very organic fashion: “I never really sought to control what direction I would go in, it was just God leading me and my music, along with my husband, Larry, one step at a time.”
In addition to her songwriting and current performance career, DeDe’s been pursuing a speaking and music ministry to empower women and teens to overcome their fears, and also support those who are abused, or who are living in poverty or need hope and a new direction in life. “I have a heart for children and women, and I know their struggles,” she shares. Her Song of the Year Stronger from Dream of You, is about not giving up or giving in (to suicide, abuse, neglect, peer-pressure, poverty, circumstances, substances, etc.) DeDe says of Stronger, “I wanted children and teens (and adults), to know that just because something really bad happens to you, or you’re not popular, or you don’t look or act like everyone else, you can and will make it through the difficult times, and become a stronger person because of it. But you have to embrace forgiveness (for others and yourself), and trust in yourself and in God.”
Her new song , “Love Lives On”, also from Dream of You, is an ode to deep love and acceptance that references Corinthians 13, without pushing any religious ideas or themes. The song was written as a tribute to unconditional love and specifically in memory of Larry and DeDe’s stepson Matt, who was tragically taken from them this year. But it also began as a way to promote world peace and unification through loving and accepting others-unconditionally. 
DeDe’s also clear about what motivates her career. “I didn’t go into this looking for money or for fame. My sister Missi Pyle, is a well-known comedic actress in Hollywood, and I’ve seen firsthand all the pressure of what that kind of life is like out there, and it’s just not for me.” For DeDe, it’s all about writing songs that bring people hope, comfort peace and acceptance.

DeDe’s been a repeat FINALIST in many International Songwriting Competitions including: the 2015 IMEA Awards: 2 Song of the Year Nominations & 1 Song of the Year win. She just was named a Folk Finalist (Top 5 overall), in the July 2015 Song of the Year.com Songwriting Contest for her song ‘Prime of Life’, also from Dream of You. DeDe also won 2nd Place overall in the Dec. 2014 Dallas Songwriting Contest. "The Plans I Have for You", from the same album, was a FINALIST in the UK Songwriting Competition in Aug. 2013. DeDe had 2 major wins from the International Songwriting Contest for 2 of her original songs from Love & Fairy Tales in 2014: "The Fairy Tale Song" was a FINALIST in March 2014, and “Blame it on the Summertime” was also a FINALIST in the ISC in Dec. 2014.
For more information about DeDe, and to hear her music & order albums visit: www.DeDe-Music.com.

Le Folli Arie become a reality in 2012

Le Folli Arie become a reality in 2012. The band is made of four musicians living in Milan that have a huge live experience. They all have worked in various musical projects and share a common love for music from the 70's(Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, PFM, Banco di Mutuo Soccorso, Area,...). They have also been influenced by grunge, pop, latin, funk, jazz, heavy metal. The clash and melt of all these musical influences gave birth to Le Folli Arie's unique style.
The process of making the band sound whole and unique required 2 years of labor-intensive work.
Once you listen throughout the album you can perceive the binding that gathers the 13 tracks together.
The listener is able to experience many extremely different atmospheres and emotional episodes and to appreciate a deep sense of coherence throughout the entire listening experience.
That's why defining Le Folli Arie's style is not a simple task: it could be prog music dressed as pop or the exact opposite.

In a world dominated by media where the key word is appearance, Le Folli Arie take a brave and anacronistic choice: you will be able to see them only during their live shows.
There will be no official photo shooting sessions, they will not appear neither in their video clips nor on their cd booklet, promotional posters and so on... They would rather release written interviews or be interviewed on the phone whenever that is feasible.
The utopic point behind this choice is to communicate with their fans through their artistic means only avoiding any other interference as much as possible.
There will be no void in the visual compartment though. Matteo Compagnoni, (www.facebook.com/MatCompArt)already responsible for the CD artwork, will tell Le Folli Arie world,
through his surreal and visionary, evocative and disturbing drawings.

Le Folli Arie”, Simone Corazzari (lead vocals, guitars, author and producer), Massimiliano Masciari (bass and steel drum), Francesco Meles (drums and percussions) and Marco Antonio Cerioli (keyboards and vocals) trusted the mixing and mastering of their album with Lorenzo Cazzaniga, one of the best italian producer (Claudio Baglioni, Lucio Dalla, Fabrizio De AndrĂ©, Ray Charles, Sting, Mina, Pfm, Pooh, Vasco Rossi,...). Lorenzo is the last and most precious piece of the complex puzzle which is Le Folli Arie's sound. (here you can find CD credits:www.lefolliarie.com/doc/credits.pdf).

Making their own way through echoes of Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Lucio Battisti, PFM (and many more...) Le Folli Arie's first work is a true musical voyage you could easily get lost into, that gently flows with no discrepancies; sounding almost "concept"!

Le Folli Arie is on the run!

Briannagh Dennehy is Flyah

Briannagh Dennehy, was born to Tessa and Terrance Dennehy on October 1, 2001. Having been raised in the New York area, Briannagh incorporates and represents American diversity and pride into her music. As the daughter of a Caribbean mother and Irish-American father, and being raised in the New York Metro area, Briannagh has had the privilege of being exposed to a multitude of cultural facets that have helped mold her into the young sensation that she is today. At the age of eleven, Briannagh was one of the final four contestants in the youth category Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem (2013); as well as a finalist in Deborah’s Got Talent, a fundraiser for Deborah Heart Hospital in New Jersey (2013).

An accomplished pianist, she is asked to perform in public throughout the year. Additionally, Briannagh sang the National Anthem at the opening of a Somerset Patriots baseball game (2013), performed in the Princeton Ballet’s renditions of “The Nutcracker” at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ and the State Theater in New Brunswick (December 2012). Expanding her resume, she has appeared in several television commercials and print advertising for Forman Mills clothing line and in a short film entitled, “Cake” directed by a NYU Tisch School MFA student that was submitted to a film competition in 2013. Briannagh is currently working on her material for her first album. She gained significant praise and recognition from her peers and fans with the single and video “American Fab Kid” she released in 2012). Both the song and video reflect American diversity and pride, expressed through fashion. A young, vibrant girl full of talent and ideas, Briannagh Dennehy aims to inspire other girls her age through video, song and dance. with her next single, “Stand Tall” which aims to encourage kids to believe in themselves and follow their dreams when other people are trying to discourage them.
 Briannagh D is at it again! This time, her new rendition dubbed, "Everlasting Love" showcases her budding talent and her growing musical passion "Everlasting Love" is a vibrant and incredibly soulful masterpiece that is the embodiment of love in all facets of life. It is ode to the significant people in our lives who continue to inspire us. In her new song, Briannagh honors mentors and guardians, including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches or anyone who serves as an inspiration for others.  Miss Briannagh Dennehy, has arrived and ready to make a positive, lasting impression on her peers for generations to come!

Dan Beck Band great jazz

Do you enjoy real music that has something for everyone? If you like to sit back and relax or dance the night away, this band has right music for you. The Dan Beck Band plays an upbeat mix of original tunes with influences of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Swing, Folk and Classical music.  Founder, lead guitarist and vocalist Dan Beck writes lyrics and composes music for the group.Dan Beck Band
"I have a need to create and I write new music every week - my songs reflect my everyday life and I want to share this with the world," states Beck. 
Hailing form the Monterey Bay region of California, the Dan Beck Band performs for local events, clubs, markets, pubs, restaruants and during the 1st Fridays Art Walk in Salinas. If you haven't seen them live, then you need to make it a point to enjoy a live show soon. The band is looking forward to their first U.S. tour in 2017.
The Dan Beck Band records exactly the way they perform - live takes with the entire band playing together, so the listener experiences exactly the same style in a recorded version as is performed live. Beck has a unique style that is ever-changing due to his ability to improvise even as a solo guitarist – mixing chords and single notes with a versatile finger picking technique stemming from his original classical training. The band consists of:Dan Beck Band

Robert Rosett - an MD by day – though he was actually a music major in college – playing soprano & tenor sax, flute, bass flute, chapman stick and percussion. Doctor Robert enjoys building unusual musical instruments.

Dave Prentice is a professional percussionist with over 40 years of experience. He has shared a stage with Peter Kaukonen, The Grateful Dead, Santana. and performed with bands in San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz.

Tyler Reilly has been playing the violin since he was a boy. He performs with the Monterey County Symphony on a regular basis and has toured with Ricky Lee Jones and recorded with Modest Mouse.

Pablo Perez is an amazing bass player who played with several professional groups in Mexico before coming to the United States. His repertoire includes rock, metal, punk, indy, salsa, blues and jazz.
Occasionally sitting in on percussion are Macucho Bonilla and Sebastian Marchevsky - both experienced musicians who add depth the unique sound of the Dan Beck Band.
Please visit www.DanBeckMusic.com for more information.

Allison Copley is Flyah

An engaging and wholehearted performer full of light and spirit..
Allison comes from a musical family. She has always had music in her life as her father has been a professional musician for 32 years. Allison love of music is as natural as her singing. "Home" is the first song she has writtten for an upcoming album to be released in the fall of 2016. She is a Sr. at Big Bear High School In Big Bear Lake, Ca. USA. She has been involved in local theater for many years.
Allison is currently being played on several collage stations in southern California including Cal-State San Diego, UCLA, USC Cal-State Irvine and locally on KBHR 93.3FM.

The Quiet Cull rock quartet based out of Anchorage, AK.

The Quiet Cull is a rock quartet based out of Anchorage, AK. Fashioned from roots like Thrice, Brand New, and Sparta, the sonic territory they cover is certainly dynamic. With a range of hard and heavy, to mellow, somber and slow, TQC is surely described as contemplative and introspective.

The band started as the brain child of founding member, Todd Farnsworth, who wrote and recorded the bands first full length, before the bands official formation. Growing up in a small town, Farnsworth tried forming the band much earlier, but could never get members to commit. So after many fruitless rehearsals, he decided to hunker down and write the rest of his ideas. Relying on his knowledge and skill from playing percussion in middle and high school, and also from playing guitar for several years, he tracked what is now "Allegories In Rhythm". He now says, "I never imagined a band I would be in to start with a full record, before ever filling out the band. It was out of necessity, but I am so glad to have a full band for future writing. It's so much better having a group of musicians to bounce ideas off of, rather than one guy who just dabbles on instruments. It's very one-dimensional."

After their debut LP release, Allegories In Rhythm (April 2013), the band quickly went to work on their follow up EP, What We Left Behind, (July 2014). During the summer of 2015, the band took a tour of the Pacific Northwest. Afterward, they settled down to start recording their next full length record. 
This Cold, Rational World marks the bands third release, and second full length record. It was just released in November of this year. 

The new album sets a different pace from the bands previous releases. With half a member change over, the band has finally settled into it's skin. This Cold, Rational World is the title track, and intro, which sets the brooding mood for the whole album. Songs like Defaite, The Widow and To The Depths show how the band is equally adept loud and distorted as it is quiet and clean. The whole record has an energy the doesn't give out, even through the ebb and flow of the tracks. Also of note is the change in instrumentation. Songs like Steadfast and When You're Going Through Hell show how some songs need time and space to unfold; that the chorus is not the only important part of song. However, not unlike their old material, the lyrics remain personally identifiable, emotional and intimate, posing questions for the listener to answer. 

Says Rob Daily, of Daily Unsigned Radio, "The Quiet Cull is an alt/rock band who has captured the essence of modern and active rock radio…great melody lines and huge choruses."
Chrisroq, of Nuroq FM Radio, calls The Quiet Cull "One of Alaska's best kept secrets... They must not have FM in Alaska, or these kids would be dominating it!"

The Quiet Cull is:

Todd Farnsworth - Vocals/Guitar
Josh Byrd - Guitar
Nick Vasquez - Drums/Percussion
Mark Farnsworth - Bass Guitar/Vocals