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THE OUTSIDER by MARYANN Exclusive Interview

  So Maryann, where you're from and can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing? I am originally from New Jersey with roots in New York and Florida.  Having 3 brothers, I spent a lot of time climbing trees, crabapple fights, swimming in the pool, riding mini-bikes, mushroom hunting…basically I was outside enjoying nature a lot.  When inside I loved playing my Monkeys Album which my brother broke over my head.  I guess he got tired of hearing it…LOL.  As I got older, I loved singing all the Elvis songs as well as all the oldies.  I took ballet from the age of 3 up till I turned 12, which I didn’t appreciated until much later in life. We understand you have been doing music for a long time so what inspires you to make such a prosperous career? I don’t know so much about being prosperous, but it is a very rewarding career.  I’ve had a long desire to sing.  My formative years, my 20s, I had the fun of being in a band called Disaster Recovery.  We did alternative rock and it was

kalispitems Exclusive Interview!

So Mr. Kalifornia, what's it like being from the notorious west coast city of Los Angeles? WHAT’s IT LIKE BEING FROM LOS ANGELES IT HAS IT UPS AND DOWNS ESPECIALLY THE WAY THE CITY IS NOW BUT I LOVE IT WOULDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING! Artists like Dr. Dre have pretty large shoes to fill; what's your motivation to keep going and your inspiration that raises the bar? WHAT REALLY MOTIVATES ME IS GREAT MUSIC WHEN I LISTEN TO ARTIST SUCH AS DR DRE ICE CUBE,ETC IT GIVES ME A DRIVE OF PASSION! Can you tell us about your latest project? I HAVE A FEW PROJECTS IN THE MAKING I JUST RECENTLY DROPPED MRKALIFORNIA VOL1 THAT PROJECTS GIVES INSIGHT INTO WHAT IS COMING! How did you first get into music? I first got into music when I was in Central juvenile hall I use to rap time to time but to pass time I started rapping,it's been in me since then I was about 12 when I started  Who are some of the notable people you work with or like to work with? I would love to work with Pharrell and timberl

Drowning Effect is #Flyah

  At a time when we are wading through seas of information, Spadaro (Morning Spy, Foxtail Summersault, and Tracing Figures), Baker (Tracing Figures) and Loftin (Morning Spy, Imperial Highway, Astral and solo work) have come together to create a rocking beacon of sound that reminds us of our humanity, our emotions, and our connection to one another. Named after the widespread impact of content overload, the San Francisco-based group pulses with the angsty influences of 70s psych bands and 90s alt. rockers:  think Blue Cheer and The Stooges meet Jane’s Addiction and Filter . Since forming in 2021, Drowning Effect has released two albums, Drowning Effect (2019) and Techniculture (2021), both mixed by Gabriel Shepard (Cake, The Residents) at Oakland's 25th Street Recording and mastered by LA's Mike Wells (Jello Biafra, Green Day). Rising from the deep is a sound that’s cuts through the age of digital noise in Drowning Effect’s second album, Techniculture, released in 2021. The psyc

Rodd Jimmerson Exclusive Interview

So Rodd, what is it like in Bolivar, Tennessee? Can you tell us a little about your upbringing?  My upbringing was middle class youngest of two. Surrounded by family and church. Small town but fun. Some hardships but I persevered.  I understand you do both Soul and Christian music, can you tell us what inspires you to do these popular genres?  I was inspired to do Soul and Christian because I was surrounded by it throughout my childhood.  Is it anybody you would like to work with, if so what would be the motivation? I would love to work with Mali Music and Jasmine Sullivan. Is it anybody you would like to work with, if so what would be the motivation?  What was behind Dance is that I love to party when I get a chance rare. Dance was inspired by the love of a party atmosphere having a good time.  So being tossed between two genres, is there any genre you love the most? The genre I love the most hard to say cause I love both lol I do.  Can you tell us about your latest project? The laste

R. Kelly - Minister Testifies?

A surprise witness takes the stand during the R. Kelly trial and it's no one either than the ordained minister who was fiscally responsible for the secret marriage between Kelly and his then bride, the late and great Aaliyah. Nathan Edmond is the minister's name and he's 73 years old. The testimony took place on what would had been the 27th wedding anniversary; the charges against R. Kelly stem from claims of racketeering charges. Prosecutors allege a member of the entourage bribed a local official to create a fake ID. The marriage technically was not under consent as Aaliyah was 15 (too young to be married under legal law as it states a person must be 18 years or above to get married).  The marriage faced annulment after her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Haughton, found out about it. R. Kelly pleaded not guilty on racketeering. Edmond said "I didn't think it was anybody special I didn't understand it at all". The two were married inside of the hotel in Rosemont I

Cardi B - Property Wet after Ida?

Cardi B has taken to Social Media after hearing her home in Atlanta GA is toppled by weather caused by Hurricane Ida over the weekend. The home in Atlanta cost more than 5.5 million dollars and the property according to Cardi was "wet". The category 4 hurricane made landfall in Louisiana over the weekend and begin to brush through various other states such as Alabama Mississippi Georgia and parts of Virginia. The Fast 9 star was so disgusted continuing on saying "this is wack" the home was purchased in 2019 which is a five bedroom, 11 bathroom mansion located in the Sandy Springs suburb in Atlanta during Christmas Eve For more news, stay tuned to Flyah Magazine  

Donald Glover - Shades DONDA?

Donald Glover (known in the hip hop community by his alter ego, Chilldish Gambino) has since took to Twitter over his disgust behind the concept art for the album of Kanye West, "DONDA".. Donald's tweet said "I love being influential". He was referring to the album being a plain black cover versus Childish Gambino's white cover of his 3.15.20 album that was released on March 15 2020. Fans of Kanye West immediately took this as a shot at Ye for the comment. Donald originally was part of DONDA in the early stages of the process but Gambino was pulled from the project like numerous other artists. Donald is still in production of the FX show, ATL which enters season 3 coming in 2021. for more news, stay tuned to Flyah Magazine.  

J.Rice is bringing the heat with three tracks

  J.Rice is bringing the heat with three tracks that have powerful flows and  just as powerful lyrics.  With influences like  Jay-Z  and J Cole  to choose from, it’s no wonder his music resonates with so many. We also get to enjoy the skills of featured artists this time around, making these songs a gold mine for new artists to look forward to. In the first song, Round It Up, Rice emphasised the desire to be successful. The beat makes it easy to get into the song and I appreciate that the featured artists have equal amounts of time. Speaking of which,  Psykasolar(?)  gives a tight rap that attacks the senses in quick succession, while  Majesty(?)  keeps it real with her simple but strong lyrics showing she can keep up with the boys. But Rice starts us off with a loose rap, grooving on the beat; bouncing with the rhythm.  Some of that simplicity is continued into the next song. No Brady also boasts a simple beat, that is easy to dance to. The song talks about what the rappers can offer

21 Savage - Hot Take on Cheating?

21 Savage was spotted on the Million Dollaz Worth the Game Podcast. He was asked to give a hot take on amid cheating topics. 21 starts off by giving his experience a light that was hidden from the public view for many of years. Back in 2016, 21 Savage was caught in an affair with Wiz Khalifa's now turned ex-wife Amber Rose.  21 also was in a committed relationship with a woman he since then had met on Instagram but this woman has since moved on away from 21 as forgiveness was not given to him. The hot take referred to conquering the other sex and this was a hot button pressed for many of listeners of the podcast and didn't waste seconds approaching Social Media  DJ Akademiks (formerly of Complex News) reported that 21 was out of line for allowing cheating to be ok when it was wrong on both parties who commit the infidelity. for more news, stay tuned to Flyah Magazine.   

Jazmine Sullivan - Heat for Leaking IG Secrets?

The Philadelphia based singer, Jazmine Sullivan has been recalled to not be scared of Lions Tigers and Bears. However, what she really should be afraid for is catching heat on Social Media for leaking secrets of fans and others using Instagram posts. Anonymously she has appeared on IG and shared secrets of fans with reactions. Brazen adultery shameless money scams and embarrassing secrets in a sexual nature are of three types of controversial topics/issues Jazmine has enveloped herself in. Dating back to 2020, Jazmine claimed her mother Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer and has spread awareness ever since but the eyes on Jazmine may had turn to evil ones as people's privacy may have been a severe high risk. Trustworthiness is called into question and maybe it's too late for any sympathetic or apologetic comments from the singer at this time. Self-reflection by one of her fans had since been echoed. For more news, stay tune to Flyah Magazine.  

Soundcloud Radio Launched?

Soundcloud Radio, launched by SiriusXM, made its debut one week ahead of TikTok Radio, its soon to be sister engagement channel. Sirius has been in the talks of bringing forth the latest of Today's hip hop hits that paved the way for many of generational artists and also had means to encapsulating new tracks to drive a culture of new fans. Sirius and Soundcloud formed a partnership in April 2021 and after having partnership discussions, it was clear that the mission was to expand. There are other involved companies tied in to Soundcloud Radio and specially curated to highlight big names and bring forth newer releases as time goes on. the music service has been invested of 75 million dollars in the transaction since February 2020 and based on the actual user engagement, there is a inkling of ad-sales representation by AdsWizz.  for more news, stay tune to Flyah Magazine.