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S Don Perion is #Flyah

Don Perion "Dope Boy Swagg"                                                       OFFICIAL RELEASE:   (Soundcloud) OFFICIAL VIDEO Song - Dope Boy Swagg  Artist Name – S Don Perion Director - Captured Photography & Film Release - June 7 2014 Synopsis "Dope Boy Swagg" is about the entrepreneurial street dream made reality of a young man who rises from the bottom of the game and turns a small time hustle into an empire. Throughout the song S Don Perion gives listeners an in-depth look at the struggles and survival challenges faced within that lifestyle and how he was able to successfully stabilize his future financially. This feel good up-tempo street anthem comes equipped with a melodic hypnotizing chorus courtesy of S Don Perion. The production is on point as he reminisces about his "Dope Days" while showing off his now lavish lifestyle.  ABOUT S Don Perion  Omar Wilson, better known as S Don Perion

Sp studios

Check out Sp studios.  This company provides visual and audio services that bridges the gap between the professionals and the consumers by giving professional quality at affordable prices If you need photograph work event coverage or video production this is great place to go to get the job done. They are great contenders in media world and have worked with people like Trey Songs, Dot Rotten, and Bluey Robinson They have just released footage of event coverage with Krystal Pr at the Fusion festival Birmingham with backstage peak of The Wanted, The Vamps, and Fuse ODG Check them out at the following links

Matt Coleman is #FLYAH

  Matthew Coleman Born in N.Amityville (FLATZ) liked music such as rap in pop and became a huge fan of them.As well as artists such as Cassidy,Vanessa Carlton my cousin Dod and Black spitfire syndicate.An because of my cousin Dod's music movement with Black spitfire syndicate I witnessed and supported straight forward it inspired me to create my own music which I enjoy doing cause music is my outlet of troubles in the world like sorrow in stress and a strong outlet to be creative.So I began mixing and mastering my own music to this day!For Fun an For Financial assistance and to network with others an soon to network with big starz as well (Thanks 4 Reading)

E-Reign is #Flyah

  E-reign is a underground rapper from long island, New York. Saying his style is like none other would be to cliche. Instead we say he has a subtle passion for creating out of the box music. E-reign creates music that is nothing but true to his character, and his delivery speaks for itself. Lyrically he is not one to over exaggerate like most rappers do, he just keeps it real and spits raw truth. show your support and share his music with your friends and family. E-reign Releases Lead Single 'Money Calling' to YouTube When you are browsing through new music by rappers from Long Island, NY there is an exciting new record to take into consideration. 'Money Calling' is a motivational street anthem by underground rap artist E-reign of INDALAB. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 25, 2014 - LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- Major Music Promotions [Underground Rap News] For more information contact MajorMusicNYC eMail:


CHECK OUT THIS HIP HOP ARTIST....YOU CAN REALLY HERE THE KANSAS CITY INFLUENCE  SOME SAY HE'S THE BEST IN KC  Ricarion Nelson aka Baby Nelson born December 28, 1989 in Kansas City, MO. In 2010 Baby Nelson became CEO of his own company Nelsonary LLC .With music being around him at such a young age it was bound to be in his blood.

Zo ILLY is #Flyah

Zo Illy - Artist Bio Zo Illy began his journey in music at the age of 15. In 2006, he collaborated with an old childhood friend and they soon formed a duo called “Da Kuntry Boyz.” They released a single called “Stayin’ On My Grind” which lead to them opening for artists such as, B.o.B, J.T. Money, Cash Camp, etc. Two years later, he pursued his solo career and changed his stage name to Zo Illy, formerly, Yung Zo Da Boss Kid. Since branching out on his own, Zo Illy continued to record songs and find himself. Eventually, he recorded two singles that he started in push in 2012 entitled “I Love My DJ” and “She Tatted.” Ever since the beginning of his music career, Zo Illy managed to stay motivated, ambitious, and determined to break into the music industry. CONTACT Phillip Franklin Hustlehard Group Entertainment Tel: (912) 278-0718 ### Zo Illy Earns Straight A’s i

Terock is #Flyah

  I proved them wrong and it feels so good... That cocky headstrong line from his conquering - the- world - athem Feels so good is a great intro to the world of Terock. Terock grew up in Tampa, Florida as a drummer, and a rabid fan of the cultural phenomenon of hip hop and other genres of music.While still in elementary school Terock's older brother wrote the budding artist's first hip hop song. As a result, it ignited Terock's passion to write and perform his own material. His influences include elite rap artist such as nas, all the way down to the pioneers of southern hip hop the duo Outkast. Moreover, Terock has a unique interest and passion for an unlikely musical era. Terock asserts he has always been a fan of down south bass driven beats, but he was atrracted to the lyricism of up north rappers. I was very obessed with the lyrical content of rappers such as Nas , KRS One , but I was also captivated by the production of Legendary southern producers s

New Money Twinz is #Flyah

  Full Name: Ryan and Bryan Wood a.k.a New Money Twinz Birth Place: BirchWood to HollyWood, Oxon Hill to Beverly Hills Don’t mistake frankness and honesty for lack of consideration. These two crooners have been one of the hardest working bands of brothers since the turn of the century, when they founded their own music label New Money Records in Beverly Hils, CA (as well as a clothing line, an all-natural supplement drink and more!). As you may all be aware, running a label is a labor of love and hard work. Fortunately for the Wood brothers, their work did not go unrewarded. Their fantastic and constant stream of music videos has built them a massive YouTube and MySpace following. The duo's work has even been noticed and featured by the ultra popular genre website WorldStarHipHop. New Money Twinz has already achieved a ton of buzz on the net, getting featured in blogs like Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Mixtape Wire. They have been featured videos on

Five Hunnet is #Flyah

  J.Durham aka Five Hunnet born June 26, 1989 better yet known as Five Hunnet is a American songwriter, producer, actor & songwriter grandson of G.Richardson & Air Force SGT. R. Richardson. Since 2002 , Five Hunnet has released ten consecutive albums and sold over 500,000 iTunes downloads & 100,000 record sales independently worldwide. His musical career started in 2000, he has been featured on over 200 projects from underground to mainstream recording artist. His latest album "Rags to Fortunes" is one of the West Coast highly anticipated albums yet to come. Five Hunnet sound has elevated and gaining respect from all hip-hop & R&B genres. Latest single "Im Just Gettin Faded" official video just released this year in 2014 hit over 20k views less than a week & latest single "Peter Pan Fly" sold over 10k downloads in one week. Its been over ten years and Fivehunnet just released his new album 'Rags 2 Fortunes

Seven is #FLyah

  This multi talented artist, producer, and C.E.O known as Seven, got his foot in the game originally as a freelance producer working for independent and major labels such as, Sony Music, Ruthless Records and eventually the infamous Death Row Records. Seven began his passion for music growing up on the sunny streets of southern California bumping legendary sounds of the originators of West Coast Rap, N.W.A, ATL, Dr. Dre, Dj Quik, and of course the ever so present sound of 60s and 70s oldies and old school funk. Highly influenced by the combination of the music and the street lifestyle, it lead to the creativity expressed in his tracks, that bring back that rhythmatical flow of real life. Having the opportunity to work with many major and independent artists along the road due to his success, he soon began to develop his own rap style which he combined with a little singing. Now after perfecting his talents, he has evolved into one of today s hottest artists in the independent game.

Reed Deming is #Flyah

  Artist Biography Reed Deming is a 15-year-old Singer/Musician/Actor from San Antonio, Texas. It could be said that Reed Deming has music in his DNA. Singing from a young age, his musical style can be described as pop or alternative pop/rock. Inspired by artists such as One Republic, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5, Reed writes original songs with lyrical depth far beyond his years. In June 2011, Reed won Best Overall Performance at the Septien Entertainment Master's Class competition at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. At age 11, Reed was a finalist in Simon Fuller's Boy Band for the Next Generation nationwide search and a Kidz Bop nationwide talent search. In March of 2012, Reed signed with accomplished talent manager John Gomez (Silver Tongue Management). Gomez arranged to have Reed audition for The X Factor Season 2 in Austin, TX on May 24, 2012 and he received 4 YESSES from celebrity judges Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Britn

Mic Benjammin is #Flyah

  Mic Benjammin is a major musician who has just established him self as a worldwide icon, who will  be recognized for his skills in producing, engineering, writing, and making all round grate music. Mic Benjammin has been making music now for the last 8 years professionally he only uses systems like protools/FL Stuidos for high quality sound. Mic Benjammin has also been rapping since he was in 4th grade. "A true legend in the making" So join us at Mic Benjammin Music. Established Ent. In the search for the massive audience Mic Benjammin's music so rightfully deserves. Plus get your free copy of Mic Benjammin's exclusive gift/album called Uneducated Vol.1 Only available at ....Thank you for considering this message; we are hoping to inspire that through dedication and hard work anything is possible.   

MAVOfficial is #Flyah

Born in Detroit, MI on December 4, 1989, Artist/producer/engineer M.A.V. discovered his love for music at a very early age. His talent as a writer began to show at the age of 8, when he wrote a parody to Fresh Prince of Bel Aire’s theme song. He performed his version of the song at the D.A.R.E program graduation in front of his entire school, which got him a standing ovation. This was the first glimpse of the talent that M.A.V. possessed as an artist. Over the next few years M.A.V dedicated his spare time to writing and working on his craft. He began to make beats at the age of 15 when he was introduced to a computer software production program by the name of FL Studio while living in Atlanta, GA. With the ability to write and produce catchy songs, M.A.V. lacked the resources it took to record those songs. In 2007, M.A.V. began to record and mix records along with his father, who bought an 8 track audio recorder after noticing the immense talent his son possessed wi

Block Scholars is #Flyah

Artist Biography Block Scholars is the indie Hip Hop musical collaboration between NOBULL (Bennett Baskerville; Bronx, NY) and Slimdog of Slimdog Productions (David Bell Jr.; Akron, OH), with the pair rapping their way through some of the freshest Hip Hop beats around. Originally a three-piece featuring 2mental (Nathan Andreas; Philadelphia, PA), the group first met each other through Myspace and mutual friends in 2005. Home now in Colorado Springs, CO, the rap act is heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of music ranging from Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Madlib, Dr. Dre, Pharrell and Prince to even Jazz, Opera, Rock and Classical music. They are also considered a “triple threat” because collectively they can write high quality lyrics, produce and perform their own music. Block Scholars received the 2011 "Excellence In Songwriting" Award from The 18th Annual Billboard/Starmaker 360 Worldwide Songwriting Contest for placing in 3rd out of 1000s of entries in


EILEEN CAREY ARTIST BIO One of the hardest thing for human beings to learn is how and when to let things go. So when an artist like Eileen Carey comes along with a powerful message about doing just that, it’s a welcomed sight.  The award-winning California-based singer/songwriter’s fourth and latest album LET IT GO features songs which follow through on the theme on letting go of those ties that bind us to the past and perhaps no song is more evident than the title track, “Let It Go,” a thumping up-tempo country pop tune about forgetting the small things or events from our past that lead to insecurities and indecisions of life. “I Always try to give people different options as a way to look at things,” Eileen says. “Because, unfortunately, this world’s been up and down and if I can get them to think about things that maybe they haven’t before, then maybe they can “Let It Go” and get to a better place in their life.” The remainder of LET IT GO, which was tracked i

DareDevilDale IS #FLYAH

Explosively expatriated from the farmlands of Ohio, singer-songwriter Doli Stepniewski breathes mischievous spirit into creative alter ego, DareDevilDale . Known for effusive hooks and anthemic power-pop melodies, he creates vivid tales of love and catastrophe... fit for the pages of a graphic novel. Each song pulls equally from Stepniewski’s own experiences as both an accomplished touring musician ( Owsley , Amy Grant, Under The Big Top ) and a successful tech entrepreneur. The result is an accessible yet divergent sound delivered with a wink and nod to musical superheroes Stewart Copeland, Gordon Sumner, Andy Summers, Stuart Adamson and John Taylor. When not criss-crossing the boundaries of the American soundscape as DareDevilDale, Stepniewski is an animator and rock & roll developer in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives with his wife and three sons. NEW RELEASE: VIVID TALES OF LOVE AND CATASTROPHE Welcome To Pulp Rock. Conceptually dark a

Sympathetic Drive is #FLYAH

  Sympathetic Drive got their start playing for special occasions at family gatherings.  What started as a dream for me, to play music together with my sons and daughters, has morphed into a reality. The band, influenced by a variety of different music genres, started doing cover songs and now has produced original songs for our 1st CD. The variety of music played by the band includes; Latin pop, rock, and pop music. Although having different genres thrown together is considered uncommon, we decided to go against the grain and be ourselves. Sympathetic Drive is made up of band members Daniel T. Ramos, Vocals, Keyboard and guitar; David Ramos, drums and vocals; Analisa Ramos, vocals and keyboards; Javier Ramos, guitar and Bass, Megan Ramos, vocals and Keyboard and Danny Blake, guitar and vocals. Sympathetic Drive – A family affair A lot of fathers might have musical ambitions for their kids. But not so many end up forming a successful band with them.

Taylor Matos is #Flyah

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  - JUNE 2, 2014 15-YEAR-OLD ELK GROVE NATIVE TAYLOR MATOS SHOWS OFF HER “GOOD LOOKS” The Chicago suburban teen releases her first single and video for her first track “Good Looks”. Taylor Matos, signs a production deal with KMA Enterprises and releases her first single:  “Good Looks” at the age of 15. The single, “Good Looks” along with the b-side 24/7  is now available on iTunes and her debut video for “Good Looks” is up now on Taylor Matos, now 15 years old, has been singing since she was four. “Singing is my passion. I love to perform and I feel this is what I am meant to do with my life” says Taylor. From the suburban town of Elk Grove, IL, Taylor is no stranger to performing on stage.  She has been involved in theater for eight years and has won the “Elk Grove Idol” championships twice and was the runner up on ABC’s Windy City Live’s “Search for a Star” competition. KMA Enterprises, known for helping ink some Chica