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Audio Contra Releases The Drag Race

  Audio Contra is back with a hip hop classic in the form of a 5 Track EP entitled The Dragrace! Smooth instrumentals and clever rhyme schemes make this force to be reckoned with! Their soulful signature sound lets the world know that nothing has changed and hip hop is alive!   Rellz Tha Postman had something interesting to say about this project as well! “  We put a lot of work into the EP!  Of course it was short and sweet but truthfully to maintain the level of soul and smoothness has been a journey of finding ourselves and pocket for creativity”  From crafting the best topics to finding the prefect production with the unquie mood to match, this project knocks it straight out the park!  If you grew up listening to groups like Gang Starr, Eric B and Rakim, you will definitely appreciate their sound of choice!  The Drag Race by Audio Contra

Kanye West - Donda is Finished?

Kanye's latest album will be entitled DONDA, as a homage to the name of his mother Donda West who had passed away due to health complications. Since then, her son has various setbacks such as divorce from Kim Khardashian, custody battles with children he has with her and denied votes to become the following President of the United States. Kanye has also been releasing 7 track projects between artists such as Nas Kid Cudi and even releasing some of himself as of late. DONDA also was spotted with a tracklist on Twitter and Instagram as of late Sunday afternoon. The features on the album does not include Lil Durk and this was due to creative differences taken place after Kanye took offense of the video Kanye Krazy which Lil Durk released back in 2020 which caught eyes on YouTube and other platforms. The incident indicates Kanye never endorse the song or supported it. The album's release is sill to be determined; for more news, check out to Flyah Magazine  

Space Jam 2 - The Original is Better?

Space Jam 2: A New Legacy is the sequel to the 1995 film Space Jam that starred 6 time NBA champion of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan. The sequel however stars current Los Angeles Lakers (former Cleveland Cavalier and Miami Heat) member, LeBron James who makes his acting debut in this sequel. The film was introduced to the theaters on July 16h 2021 and had the world talking about remaking a classic film. However, critics alike have bombed this film with tomatoes and other debris they can possibly get their hands on. The film's result was bad grades and due to changes made at Warner Bros in pre-production form like removing characters that may depict stereotypes leading to racism, the removals actually done more damage to the film than the script itself. The original also was met by bad reviews but over time became a cult classic; however for #2, this motion picture has too many gapping holes to patch up and the audience are not taking this lightly. They have serious concerns ove

Exclusive interview with Rick Sazon. Great Rock Artist

⁸1.  Rick Sazon I understand that you're from British Columbia, Can you tell me what's it like in your hometown? Well, it's a nice place to the summer. If that seems terse, it's only because I've been strongly advised by my lawyers not to mention the rampant chickenporn that goes on around here.  Wouldn't wanna ruin the family-friendly rep this ol' town has, now would I? 2. Would you say that Canada has a strong influence on your style of choice? I wish I could say that 'cause it would warm the hearts of them regular, God-fearin' folk back home but I can't  because the bands that I like to think influenced me the most are british, but I do like the Band though, and weren't most of the members Canadian?   3.  So what's your musical genre and are you active in the local scene?   Rock, for better or worse. I've been active in sending my songs out to independent radio stations for airplay and have had some success but no, I hav

Cardi B - Win But Still Wants Trial?

Cardi B back in the news for a victory that has now been viewed as short lived.  3 years ago, Cardi was involved in a defamation suit against blogger, Latasha K (who is the host of the YouTube web series Unwine with Tasha K) as details circulating around assault claims proved to be false. According to the litigation team of Cardi representing her in court, the judgment found Cardi not guilty and settlement money has been dished out. However, the countersuit from Cardi has Latasha K being sent to trial. The countersuit claims Tasha K has been constantly lying on Cardi's name to raise viewership and the Bodak Yellow grammy award winning artist isn't taking this fight lightly. the lawyers at this time representing on the side of Tasha K have not come forward with any other comments. For more news, check out Flyah Magazine.  

50 Cent - Celebrity Rap Competition?

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is a multi-media mogul with his production credits for Power and its spin-offs like Ghost and Raising Kanan; 50 Cent has now has hands put in the cookie jar of ABC and for good reason. He and his team of G-Uint Productions in association with ABC are drawing the battle lines sort of speak for a celebrity rap competition. The show in the works is called Unrapped and it's executive produced by 50 Cent and other producers part of the team of ABC. Unwrapped will be in direct competition with the Ultimate Rap League, Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out and would be the latest celebrity rap battle since James Corden introduced the Drop the Mic show which spun off from the Late Late Show segment.  50 is making certain that a new platform is open for any celebrity to go head to head to see who can become the number one emcee. For more news, check out Flyah Magazine  

Ludacris - Called Out for No New Music?

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is a busy man these days; he is a father to many of daughters and starring in cooking shows for Discovery and still filming movies. The issue with fans at times is that a desire to hear music from their favorite artist gets call into question and could not be louder than towards the Fast and Furious star now.  Ludacris has not recorded a full length LP since 2015 with the release of Ludaversal which had underperformed in commercial sales and selection of radio quality hits. The most recent video Luda has released as an act for himself was Representin' ft. Destiny Child member Kelly Rowland.  Ludacris has made claims in the past 3 years that he was in the studio to make music but the fans have much time to wait. For more news, check out Flyah Magazine  

T-Pain - Rap Ranting?

the hip hop community has begun to be enflamed by a rant by T-Pain over the lack of originality in rap music by newcomer artists that mimic the sounds of Lil Uzi Vert DaBaby Lil Baby to name a few. The grammy award winning rappa turnt sanga T-Pain had a meltdown over a video that surfaced over the airwaves Monday evening. the emotion tirade was raw and unapologetic. T-Pain let all of his frustrations and dislikes in a fashion that was risen levels of passion of creativity through rap and wishes for others to do something else instead of copying of what sound is hot on the radio for the moment. Social media is still buzzing over it and the views on video platforms has the internet in a frenzy. For more news, check out Flyah Magazine  

Cardi B: New Album?

 Cardi B, the former Love & Hip Hop superstar turned rapper and movie actress after debuting in F9 (the ninth main installment in the Fast & Furious meta-series) announces after given birth to her second child that she will release her new album. Her recent album Invasion of Privacy was certified Gold upon release and has since nominated her awards eventually winning a few. Cardi also is seeking reconciliation from her baby father and Migos member Offset as they are continuing as parents. For more news, tune into Flyah Magazine

Henry Winkler: Out of Touch

 Henry Winkler under fire for comments made and taken as insensitive and out of touch. The 70 plus year old Happy Days star was referring to the Covid 19 Pandemic being labelled as a cataclysmic event that can bring many of love ones together. Henry never was shy for speaking out his mind when it comes to politics but the way social media can be a catalyst of turning any story or comment and fuel a firestorm of hatred discrimination or create misery in a sense is the way things are taken these days. There is no apology said from Henry on the way he feels at the moment about the responsibility he made. For more news, tune in to Flyah Magazine