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WydeFrame, born Christopher Kesee, was born February 5,  Vernon, Texas.  Though WydeFrame’s current music genre is hip-hop music, he enjoys all musical genres.  He has experience writing for different genres such as country, pop, and hip-hop music.   WydeFrame has always enjoyed writing hip-hop music; recently he’s focused his efforts towards Hip Hop to forge ahead with his music career when he showed his musical talents to business associates.  When professionals he trusted raved about his music with quotes such as, “you are the real deal, you need to get your music out there”, and “with the right backing you could be just as big as anyone who’s out right now”, WydeFrame put his pen to the pad, and never looked back.           WydeFrame has a strong presence on the microphone, versatility, and ability to tell stories with his words, makes him an undeniable MC.  With WydeFrame’s relentless hustle mentality and deep-rooted motivation, he is s


EVEON shares with the world her beautiful soulful voice, as she demonstrates her versatality as an artist. She is an songwriter, artist and producer who has teamed up with the new an upcoming songwriter and producer, Xavier A. Powell. This dynamic dual has entered into the Funk/R&B genre giving the world a new and funky sound with Piece of Pie and I Give My Love To You (2013).

Aubrey Wood

Aubrey Wood Artist Biography Aubrey Wood is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter from West Hartford , Connecticut now living full time in sunny Southern California to build on her already strong musical foundation and pursue a college degree all at the same time. She has a passion for quirky indulgences including her daily must ritual to Starbucks, cardigan sweaters and conquering her friends and family in a game of Scrabble. And now, we are thrilled to say that Aubrey’s exciting new EP, “Picking Petals” has now been recently released! The music on “Picking Petals” is a bit of a departure from the first EP with an upbeat flair that chronicle stories from Aubrey’s own life (yes, the tales are real !) and features great productions from up and coming producer, Gia Sky, who also performs and contributes great guitar riffs, keyboards and a wealth of fresh innovative sounds. The EP features five new songs including the single, “Love Sick”, whose video can now b


Daiyon You've heard his songs featuring Lil Jon and Bun B, and you’ve also heard his music on Girls Gone Wild – “Hottest Girl In America” on HD Net. Now the Million Dollar Voice Daiyon, aka Bodaiga, is back and has teamed up with Grammy nominated platinum producer, DJ Vudu Spellz, who is responsible for Ludacris’ and Jamie Foxx’s Grammy nominated song “ Georgia .” Daiyon’s single “HANDS UP” climbed to #2 above Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj, Will.I.Am, David Guetta, and Jessie J, on Kiss Fm's stations Top 10 charts which is 99.4 & 102.5 (Canaries), Kiss Fm 91.6 (Sweden), and “HANDS UP” is the first single off Daiyon’s highly anticipated sophomore album “THE LIFE”, releasing summer 2013, with production by Vudu Spellz, Skyler, Dj Shaw T, M Status, DJ Cam, and Troy Carson. “THE LIFE” also features artist and writers including Malone, Yung Blaze, P. Swagger, J Stills, Bigg Fev, and Khalif “Grievence” Borders. Even though Daiyon's single “Hands Up” has


  Timzo I've been Writing and Producing for over half of my life. There have been times where even I have considered myself to be 'too different'. I grew up as an outcast. I never did fit into any groups or clicks; from a child all the way to Adulthood. The uniqueness has a tendency to play out through the music. It's not so much that I try to be different; I was chosen to be this way. My real frustration with the Rap Genre is the fact that it all sounds the same. Everybody's following everybody else. There's almost no passion or life left, because the essence of the art is often sacrificed for riches and fame. I've been rejected for being a different Artist; from the Streets to the Church. So much so, that I decided years ago to walk away from the Art, rather than compromise my uniqueness and my passion for the Art itself. Well, it seems I've been called back. I can't fight it anymore. There are some things that need to be a


Re Matthias Remember Hip-Hop? Remember the music before the “bling”, before the pimp swagg, before the music got lost in the image. Remember the Hip-Hop that was an instrument of social change? Remember the music that stood at the foundation of expression before players, gangsters, and video vixens took over? Remember the artists that had the world moving to beats that spoke of social prejudice and injustice. Remember that Hip-Hop? If you don’t remember music like the one I just described—let me introduce you to Matthias aka "Mr 16 Bars". Matthias was born in North Philadelphia in 1979. He is one of 10 siblings. Matthias graduated from Eastern University with a BA in marketing. In 2006 he enlisted in the US Army. He completed two tours in Iraq and was awarded two Army Accommodation medals in his support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After his discharge Matthias began working on a hip hop album called the "The Forgotten&qu


DTM THE MC DTM THE MC     How did you first decide to do music?? And what made you pick this genre?? I honestly never even imagined myself making music growing up. I've always been an artist but I was more involved with the visual arts at a younger age. I would listen to all genres of music but around the age of 16 I fell in love with hip hop music and was inspired to write my first song.     In what way does the world affect your music?? In every single way. My music is made for the people of the world and is influenced by experiences I've had in my life while in it.      Who are some of your favorite artist?? Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Tupac, Jay- Z, MF DOOM, Big Pun, AZ & basically any artists out there making REAL hip hop music with substance. It's hard to make a list because I'm always discovering new songs & hearing new styles.     What can we expect from you in the future?? Very big things. I want to be known a


ACE B BOOGIE Interview with Ace B. Boogie How did you first decide to do music?? And what made you pick this genre?? It’s funny because in my opinion everyone wants to do music and I say that because music has the strange power to interject emotion into the human experience. Everyone has a few favorite songs or tunes that make them feel a certain way when they hear it. The power of music is an incredible feeling everyone would love to sing that song that everyone knows the words to and vibes off of.   Some people have chosen to try and harness some of that power because they feel they have a message worth delivering to the masses and all they need is that musical medium as the source to deliver that message.   For me I chose to start making music myself because I wanted to be the one who played all the songs everybody wanted to here.   It innocently happened in the presence of a friend of mine who I had attended high school with who by chance ended up at the


POOL COSBY POOL COSBY How did you first decide to do music?? And what made you pick this genre?? - I've been playing in bands for 10 years now. However, at this point, I feel like I am finally making the type of music I like listening to. I really connect well with the rest of the band. I think this genre of 'producer as the artist' is really taking off in a good direction, but having Kristine, Kevin, and Nacor playing live instruments on top of the digital stuff I am doing really takes it to the next level.     What does it take for you to be inspired to do a new song?? - It's hard because sometimes I'll sit with a couple of samples and can't find anything I like and then in one night bang out 3 new songs.     Who are some of your favorite artist?? - Broken Social Scene, TV on the Radio, Dom Kennedy, Andre 3000, Kanye     Where did

Jim Cat of Sharpshooters ENT

Jim Cat of Sharpshooters ENT Questions- How did you first decide to do music? "I grew up singing in the choir at church with my family. Eventually, my older brother found an interest in rapping so of course I had to get into it as well. We had an old Casio keyboard that we would play while we rapped, I'd do the music on the keyboard and sing while he rapped along to it." Do you have any tattoos? "I have two tattoos. The first one I got is my performance name, Jim Cat. The second one says "Certified Gangsta" What have you accomplished so far? "I've won 3 different trophies for music contests I've performed in, including freestyle rap battle contests. I've released numerous successful videos with SharpShooters Ent and I've released officials albums and mixtapes, which have circulated all over our side of Virginia. Outside of music, I've always maintained my own independence and have been self sufficie


PHONIKS Phoniks is a hip-hop producer from Portland , Maine known for his vintage-90's boom-bap production style and melodic jazz and soul samples. The 23-year old producer released the critically acclaimed "Return to the Golden Era" album with emcee Awon on July 30th, 2013 as well as a series of successful remix albums between 2011-2014. On February 15th, 2014 he is releasing “Stories from the Brass Section”, a collaborative LP with Houston emcee Anti-Lilly. Who are some of your favorite artists? I mostly listen to 90’s New York stuff like Gang Starr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Nas, Tribe, Jay-Z, etc. As far as new stuff I like Marco Polo, Doom, Statik Selektah, and Damu The Fudgemunk (my favorite current beat maker). I don’t listen to very much new music except for the occasional song and I’d rather not listen to 90% of the hip-hop that is being made today. Do you think the music industry has changed? If so in what way?


3thou      q)What does it take for you to be inspired to do a new song??  A) other artist inspire me. I like to hear other ppl make good music & that inspires me to go & make the best song that i can.  q) If you had to do something other than music what would it be?? a) I would just travel the world if i could. See all of the landmarks & beautiful sites all over the world q)Have you done any shows?? a) Yes i have. I have done about 4 or 5 shows. Some local showcases. Im always looking to do more tho. Rocking the stage is an incredible feeling!  q) What can we expect from you in the future?? a) I got a couple mixtapes lined up, a few music visuals in the works. I got "Catchin Light" t-shirts coming soon as well. & hopefully more shows coming soon!  q) How did you first decide to do music?? And what made you pick this genre?? a) I always loved music. I used to

Plunky and Oneness

Saxophonist J. Plunky Branch is an experienced performer, songwriter and music and film producer. He is president of his own independent record label, N.A.M.E. Brand Records, through which he has released 25 albums. At one time Plunky was a studio musician for television's top-rated sitcom, "The Cosby Show.” His song “Every Way But Loose” was a top-ten soul music chart hit in London in the 1980’s. He has appeared on avant-garde jazz albums by Pharaoh Sanders, Hamiet Bluiett and others. Nowadays Plunky spends his time leading his band onstage playing rousing funk, R&B, jazz, African, reggae, gospel and rap and making music in his recording studio. His latest releases are the CD album Never Too Late, the 5-CD compilation Plunky & Oneness 2012 Collectors Box Set; and his DVD Plunky & Oneness of Juju - Live In Paris. Plunky’s European touring has taken him to England, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He twice toured Ghana, West Africa, once for the


J EP  R OA D IE JproD  ( Jeopardy ) @ IamJproD www . JproDintheRegal . com #Regal  coming soon ! Hosted by JoJo Simmons. JproD  - " We Here Now (So Much Smoke) " "A bunch of trend stealers, a bunch of imitation, a bunch of lies. I want to bring back that rugged feel. Let's make it cool to say what we really feel. Let's leave being politically correct to the politicians. In 2014, let's make it cool to be normal. I promise it is okay to be a black music artist and not wear Jordans . Which is exactly what I am, a music artist. Not a rapper, not an emcee, not a hip-hop artist. I am a music artist. I have never been conventional. I never felt it was possible to be something i'm not. More than comfortable in my own skin. Am I a genius? Not sure I care. All I care about is having genuine lyrics, attention grabbing hooks, creating my own sound. The reason I


1. How did you first decide to do music??  - Coming up singing & dancing listening to music as a shorty, after i stopped the basketball thing & fell into music.  2.  Have you done any shows??  - Numerous in a couple states, a lot in Chicago, plenty sweet 16's & college parties.  3.  Does fashion have a big influence on your music??  - very large, everyone wants to stay updated on clothing but sometimes loose the value of regular t-shirt & some sneakers.  Myself i wear a lot of different things but Im a sneaker head i actually still work at a footlocker. I tend to wear 2 different shoes alot as well. 4. What can we expect from you in the future??  - you can expect a long, crazy,loud,weird career out of me. Alot of downs But plenty more Ups. Im weird so i know my fans will stick with me. 5. What’s your favorite food?? - shiiit. Chicken & waffles, macaroni, skittles,krunchy kurls.  6. Do you wish you could change the world m