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O'Ivy Brightens Your Day With "Be Alright"

O'Ivy Brightens Your Day With "Be Alright" O'Ivy is a female helmed alternative rock band with the power to get you moving. "Be Alright" is the latest from their arsenal and it's all fun in the sun. Once you hit play you might find yourself doing The's a dance move. A dance move completely appropriate for this song as it blasts through your speakers. Hugely pop based, "Be Alright" rocks out with a "let loose" style we all need these days. You can get down with O'Ivy at the following spots! oivymusic/ releases artist/3izA7k9EwFlXFLkfRd3P7B? si=JHeWwB_DRPGscZ9rsrO8gA

Bossa Me makes me feel like a boss #FlyahReview

Born in Miami Beach,  Anthony Baglino is a tenor and alto saxophonist with the gift to take you on a marvelous adventure. Performing in jazz clubs and art galleries, Baglino continues to advance with new projects in different languages and multiple mediums. Listening to this smooth jazz puts me in a splendid mood that almost creates an imaginative world by every note. Backing his performance, you can hear well mixed percussion at the volume of perfection. It reminds me of musicians such as Brian Culbertson Paul Hardcastle and even Boney James . Anthony expresses himself through means of the instruments he uses like a painter with a brush. What makes it more interesting is that he uses video art in his performances to illustrate the metro sounds that are pleasing to the ear. Listening to the " Bossa Me " EP was definitely worth the time and I can appreciate his level of talent. The CD entitled track gives me a memory of the film, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?&

Nyah connects with her fans with Disconnected EP #Flyah Review

Nyah is an up and coming artist from a small town of Florence in the state of Oregon. She is a terrific vocalist who is etching her own lane to be the dynamic artist she is today. What I find to be notable was she also had acting roles such as Flounder in The Little Mermaid and Dorothy in her most recent casting of The Wiz . Nyah also was discovered by Grammy award nominated producer/writer, Bruce Vanderveer. Her latest EP is entitled " Disconnected " which features five tantalizing pop tracks. When I first heard the track entitled " Midnight ", I was instantly blown away from her vocal range and metaphoric passages given in the lyrics. The song almost has a magical sound that leads you down a path telling a story of a mysterious person that does everything in secret because of the fear of losing it all. The music behind this track invokes a rave party spirit and entices the listener with every bar. The second song is called " A Thousand Wishes &

Introducing Glotis

Introducing Glotis Glotis has arrived and has taken a good chunk of what you know about music, and swirled it into whole other universe. There is no actual introduction to Glotis aside from the album, self titled, glimmering with the power of expressive liberty, and rightfully so. It's music like this that makes it great to live in the time we do. Especially for pop music. With everything going on in the world it's important to see an honest form of ultra creativity happening. Glotis is at the top of his game when it comes to such a thing. The album is full of surprises and refined songwriting. To pinpoint  a single song out of the bunch would almost be an insult as the record plays out like a concept album with a growing personality or even personalities. Bring on the Glotis! glotismusic/?hl=en glotismusic/ glotismusic https:// glotis

I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello #FlyahReview

Before I knew the name of this group, See Your Shadow (a music creation entity based out of Phoenix Arizona) or the name of this song, "I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello", I pressed play with no expectations. I was immediately greeted by a story of a son and his dad that kept me engaged from start to finish. This carefully crafted sound from artistic director Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy“ Coleman has a voice that comes across to be very convincing and seasoned on this particular song. In the opening bars, Michael Coleman jumps right in with a breathtaking event that leads to a heartbreaking scene of a young boy on his death bed. The song is so touchy because we have seen this story time and time again of a pairing between father and son playing catch but somehow the unawareness of moving cars leads to disaster. It can be emotional when a young person shows up as the strongest in a time of adversity. This is vividly shown by the entitled statement, "I will tell Jes

Justin Bieber admits he couldn't be 'faithful' to wife Hailey Bieber at start of relationship

Justin Bieber has opened up about his past. The 25-year-old singer was recently interviewed by Beat 1's Zane Lowe, where he dished on the rocky beginnings of his relationship with his now-wife, Hailey Bieber. In the interview, Bieber revealed that when he and Hailey began seeing each other, he told her he couldn't stay faithful to her. "I'd let her know prior to the tour when we were hanging a lot, I said, 'Listen, I'm still really hurt and still trying to figure out my way, and I'm not ready to make a commitment to you... I just don't want to say something and do the opposite.'" JUSTIN BIEBER CALLS SEX LIFE WITH WIFE HAILEY 'PRETTY CRAZY' "I was at the point where I'd done that in the past," continued the singer. "And I just was honest with her, I was like,'I'm not in a place to be faithful,' and all this sort of stuff, that I wanted to be, but I just wasn't there yet." Bieber

Aladdin 2: 5 Major Questions We Have About The Live-Action Disney Sequel

Ready to enter a whole new world… again, in Aladdin 2? That’s right. Disney has announced that a sequel to the live action Aladdin is officially in the works. There is no question as to how the 2019 update of their 1992 Oscar-winning animated classic, starring Will Smith as the Genie, Mena Massoud in the title role, and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, got the green light after it surpassed Disney’s favorite B-word in its global box office earnings. However, Aladdin 2 does bring several questions to mind. As of now, we only know so much about this forthcoming sequel, but what sort of things are we still scratching our heads about. I present five of our most pressing questions regarding Aladdin 2. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers of both the 1992 and 2019 versions of Aladdin**. We recommend you watch both of them before you proceed.** Is Will Smith Returning As The Genie? No one can dispute the belief that Robin Williams’ performance as the Genie in th

FLYAH COMICS - Children of The Pencil - Episode 3

Batman: Ranking the Movie Batsuits

With the cool tease of Robert Pattinson all geared up for The Batman, which director Matt Reeves posted on Twitter, we're sorting through all the movie batsuits and ranking them awful to awesome, from nipples to neck-mobility.The batsuit is more important than any of Bruce Wayne's various gadgets and weapons. It needs to strike fear in the hearts of law-breakers while also coloring the specific Bat-movie it appears in with a distinct tone and vibe. We've all gone down the batsuit road many times, and many actors and directors have tackled the Dark Knight's various crucibles crushing the criminals of Gortham. The Caped Crusader's costuming is crucial, allowing him to shift through the shadows and strike, like a bat, out of nowhere. Here's a glimpse of Pattinson all batted up, with score accompaniment by Michael Giacchino (Lost, Spider-Man: Far From Home)... Now let's dig into decades of batsuits, from '60s camp to '80s goth to armor freakin' th

Disney Finally Revealed Its Adorable Baby Yoda Stuffed Animal, And Of Course It's Sold Out

When it comes to people’s interest in a Baby Yoda stuffed animal, the Force is strong! Disney has finally unveiled the adorable stuffed animal of your Star Wars dreams, which is excellent news. The bad news is that finally getting to hold your very own official Baby Yoda just took a substantial twist. It is already sold out. ShopDisney has posted “The Child” (aka Baby Yoda) in all of his 11-inch glory for one cent shy of $25! Unfortunately, moving your cursor over to pre-order The Mandalorian merchandise will reveal the dreaded sight of a greyed-out button with the disturbing words: “sold out.” No! What is it they say about good things coming to those who wait? Fans who managed to pre-order already have to wait until April 20, 2020 to receive their toys, since that is the date Disney lists under the shipping and delivery section. But how long is the wait for Team "Save for Later"? The thing is, fans have already been waiting for a long time! After The Mandalor

Stargirl Explained: Who Is the CW/DC Universe Superhero?

A new teenage heroine is coming to the small screen, and we can't wait to see her in action! Stargirl makes her debut this spring on DC Universe and The CW. The title character, also known as Courtney Whitmore, will be played by Brec Bassinger, and if the latest trailer is any indication, she's going to bring the same rebellious attitude and fresh look at the world of superheroes as the original incarnation of the character in the comics. Just who is Stargirl? And what is that staff she proudly carries? Let's learn more about the DC Comics character and her ties to the storied Justice Society of America to get an idea of what adventures might await the newest superhero to shine on the small screen. These are the topics we'll be covering here: Who Is Stargirl? How Did Stargirl Get Her Powers? Stargirl's Powers and Abilities Stargirl's Signature Villains Stargirl's Most Heroic Moments What Network Will Stargirl Be on? Stargirl in TV and Games Wh


What Do Batfans Think of The Batman Batsuit: Do They Love It or Hate It?

Well, this Valentine's Day we have all been given a gift, our first official look at Robert Pattinson stuffed into a Batman suit. Director of the upcoming DC Comics superhero adventure surprised fans earlier with this tantalizing glimpse of the new Caped Crusader, and The Batman test footage has taken the internet by storm. Fans have flocked to social media to let their thoughts be known and, overall the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive towards this take on the Dark Knight. "BATMAN! The score is amazing! Powerful, eerie, foreboding with sense of justice. The costume looks sick! Almost a hybrid between Batman Arkham Knight and Batman Noel #TheBatman." This fan clearly loves the costume, comparing it to the one sported by Bruce Wayne in the Arkham Knight video game and the suit from the 2011 graphic novel Batman: Noël. They have also declared their love for The Batman music that plays over the clip, music which has been confirmed to be from the movie's o

How Daniel Patrick turned his love of sports, hip-hop and 1990s nostalgia into a brand

When Daniel Patrick arrived in Los Angeles, he had two bags with him and a thousand dollars. It was 2011, and the native Australian was in the City of Angels for two reasons: one, to see the woman he'd been romancing long distance, and the other, to start a clothing line. "I had to buy a return plane ticket because they won't let you in the country without one," he said recently. "But I had every intention of staying." Everything turned out well. The woman, Jenny, is now his wife and the mother of their two children. She's also his business partner. Patrick's line, which includes elevated hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, footwear and more, is sold at his shop on Melrose Avenue in addition to being stocked in some of the world's most influential stores. On the label's website,, are a range of pieces for men and women. New selections include $45 logo socks, $95 sports bras, $200 graphic T-shirts and $700 track jackets. Pa

Keish Strong Flyah Review

BIOGRAPHY  Keish Strong is one of the most refreshingly entertaining female artist since Eve(Ruff Ryders Ent.) She is a Hip Hop artist from Detroit, MI. Her style is very enjoyable, yet at times, serious as life itself. She has received over 10000 views on Soundcloud. Keish Strong has been featured in publications and ezines like Hype Off Life & Real Rap. She has features coming in the months of March and April in Coast 2 Coast, The Grynd Report, Hype Magazine and others we will inform you on when they are finalized. Keish Strong began writing poems very young as a means of expression and escape from a very traumatic childhood. She began rapping in High School about age 16 or 17. She uses her very poor upbringing as a driving force to keep her motivated. She is determined to provide a better life for herself and give her children the childhood she never enjoyed. Her music is a reflection of her no nonsense attitude, as well as her fun side. She's an incredible humanita

Aladdin sequel in ‘early development’ at Disney – report

Disney is reportedly working on a sequel to its live-action remake of Aladdin, following the massive success of the film.  According to Variety, plans for a follow-up film are in "early development" after producers are said to have spent the past six months pondering what direction to take the next movie in. The industry publication reported that writers John Gatins and Andrea Berloff will be returning, while executive producer Ryan Halprin and producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich are also said to be back on board for a second film. It's unclear at this stage whether director Guy Ritchie will return to the helm for the sequel, but Variety added producers "hope to bring back stars Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott" – who played the Genie, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, respectively, in the 2019 film. And while the original animated Disney movie Aladdin had two straight-to-video sequels, it's believed this movie won't be based on any of those fil

Master P Commends Romeo's "Integrity" For Reportedly Exiting "Growing Up Hip Hop"

   Yesterday we shared a report that stated Romeo Miller would be leaving the hit WE tv reality series Growing Up Hip Hop, citing his distaste for the fake love triangle between him, Angela Simmons and childhood rap rival Bow Wow. Now, it seems like his famous pops Master P is doing all but confirming the news with his recent throwback flick on Instagram. Sure, the Rap Snacks head honcho could've just been bigging up his son with the photo, which shows the two sitting side-by-side 18 years ago during the 2002 AAU National Boys 12 & Under Basketball Championships in Virginia Beach as P spits knowledge to "Lil" Romeo. He explained the moment by writing, "@romeomiller at 12 years old I was teaching him about integrity," continuing by adding, "All money ain't good money." If that wasn't enough to signify that he's talking about the GUHH situation, take a look below at the rest of his IG caption: "We'll walk away from a job o

Hip-Hop artist Nelly to heat up Kansas State Fair

 It's time to brush up on your "Country Grammar" — hip-hop artist Nelly is coming to the Kansas State Fair. The three-time Grammy award-winner will perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19, at the Nex-Tech Wireless Grandstand. Opening for Nelly is rising star Willie Jones. Tickets go on sale at 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 7. The Fair's ticket office will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day to accommodate walk-in traffic and phone calls. Fans can snag tickets two days earlier, on Wednesday, Feb. 5, by signing up for the Fair's email list at Ticket prices are $25 to $65, which includes gate admission to the Fair if purchased by Aug. 15. "We are excited to add another concert to our already strong lineup, especially one in a genre we haven't normally offered at the Kansas State Fair," said the fair's general manager, Robin Jennison. "Nelly is obviously one of the top-selling rappers in history. However, he a

The Lowsiders Get Their Dirty Rock Out

The Lowsiders Get Their Dirty Rock Out A dirty-rock grungy blues type of rock n roll is what you get when you start listening to the  Can't Stop The World From Spinning  record from The Lowsiders. The songs paint some great visuals in your head and packs a certain punch for fans of garage rock with some life to it. The record  at times reaches some harder hitting and heavier points but without going overboard and without letting go of the staple sound they've created. Located in the greater Ohio area, these guys have been peddling their rock in all the right places. There is something quite cool about their songs. Something in the loose and tasteful licks and hooks that make you want to go back and listen a gain. Stand out notable songs include "Desire", "Revolutions", and "Disney Girl" all  with a slightly different feel to them but very well performed. Check out The Lowsiders in all your favorite places! ht

FLYAH COMICS - Children of The Pencil - Episode 2