The Happy Curmudgeons Brings a Marvelous sound

The Happy Curmudgeons were assembled by Dave Hamilton, a session guitarist. Hamilton wrote or co-wrote all 11 tracks on Meant 2 Be, their debut album. Meant 2 Be was produced by Nate Harasim and Mark Byerly.

The Happy Curmudgeons consists of studio musicians that decided to write original material they appreciated. 
“If it sounds good to us, others may feel the same way”.  They have a diverse background of music and everyone that has contributed to the project is founded in different genres. They came together for the LOVE of music.

“Their music is fun, soulful and full of the type of creativity this industry needs. My favorite thing about this band is how consistent they are throughout their project.  Every song is a story of its own but their great branding skills receives the glory.  Their hot single Soulsville is one of our favorites because the way they mixed indie rock with A jazzy saxophone.  This style is authentic and like a breathe of fresh air. This is definitely the independent, artistic drive that will lift them to new heights!” FLYAH MAGAZINE



Alarm beeped. It was 5 PM. A jobless man called John Avery woke up and said, “Another day without job! But I can sleep at afternoon now! Time for me to get ready!”
John opened a small drawer in his closet saw the ring as he muttered, “Ah! It is still here!” As he looked at it, his mind recalled an old moment as he picked the ring in his hand.


John was walking with his girlfriend Stacy Wilson. Stacy asked John, “You wanted to tell me something John! What was it?”John told her, “Stacy! I have known you for six years and we have been dating for five years! You know how happy you make me! For me, the happiest moment is when you feel happy because of something that I have done! I have realized that you are the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with!” John got on one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket. Opening it to reveal a ring, he said, “Stacy Wilson! Will you marry me?” John was expecting Stacy to exclaim with excitement and cover her mouth with her hands but she was standing silently, appearing to be struggling for words to say. John asked her, “What happened Stacy? Why are you not saying anything?” Stacy replied, “John! When you lost your first job, I stood by you! Now you lost your second job! I stayed beside you! I love you! I want to marry you and start a family with you! But love alone is not enough for happy life! Stability is also necessary! Right now, is not the right time to get married! I think we should wait a little bit! You should get a job first and settle yourself in it! After that, we should get married!”John Avery had lost his jobs due to his hothead attitude. But he did not learn from his mistakes. Hearing Stacy‘s reply, he snapped and shouted at a high pitch, “What the fuck are you saying? Jobs will come and go! You have loved me for five years! Why can‘t you accept my proposal? Stacy replied, “Calm down John! This is about us being life partners! Right now, what you need most is a job! I am not going anywhere! You can propose me after you get a job! We should not make hasty decisions! I need time to think!” Angry John said, “Pardon my anger! I am an artist! You want to think? Well, think now! I don‘t care about being unemployed! I want an answer now! Just say yes or no!” Stacy said, “You are misunderstanding me John!” “Just say it Goddamn it!”John angrily shouted. Stacy got startled. With tears in her eyes, “I am Sorry John!” Stacy turned and left. John yelled, “Never come back Stacy! You are dead to me!”


The ringing doorbell brought artist John Avery out of his thoughts. He put the ring inside in the drawer as he muttered, “I miss you Stacy! It was so foolish of me to let you go!”
Doorbell rang again. And John heard the voice of his childhood friend Amy Tomlinson, “Hello! Earth to greatest artist John Avery! Come out of your world of art and design! Look at the beautiful girl at your door!” John opened the door with Amy standing outside, smiling. She was dressed in purple woolen jacket and brown pants. She said, “Get ready! We are going somewhere! I brought my car!”
John went inside and changed into better jacket and shirt and pants. Moments later, they were going in Amy‘s car. Amy was driving when John asked, “Where are we going and why?” Amy replied, “The answer to your “where” is a surprise! The answer to your “why” is that you lost your third job and I feel that I need to cheer you up!” John coldly said, “Amy! You do not need to worry about me! Jobs come and go! I have decided that now I will do something of my own! My own business! I am getting everything new! I got a new bank account! A new phone number for mobile banking! Now I am looking for potential clients and my home will be my office! You do not need to worry!” Amy said, “Still not wishing to talk to me because you can‘t get over Stacy? You met her six years ago and you two dated for five years! Now that it is over for both of you, you are thinking about her when you should be thinking about someone you can see or talk to! Like me! You have known me since childhood! I was 13 and you were 14 when we first met!” John replied, “It is not like that Amy! Yes! I loved Stacy but you were always my best friend and you still are!” Amy muttered as John paused, “Only friend?” Then John said, “When I get client, I may need a helping hand! Would you like to work in my business? I will give you 40% of monthly earnings! Right now, you also do not have any job!” Amy thought, “This is a good opportunity to stay close to John!” She said, “OK! What will your business offer to clients?” John replied, “I am an artist! I love to paint! Both traditionally and through software! I will design and color custom shoes, shirts, paintings, and cars! I will also design and print brochures, greeting cards, wedding cards, and commissioned artwork! You can do business development! Get me new clients!” Amy replied, “Sounds good! But all this designing stuff, how will you raise money for initial investment! I can give you maximum $ 1000! You are out of work!”
John replied, “I am determined that somehow I will get money to invest initially! Yesterday I met someone who has offered me $ 450 to design cards for his son‘s birthday party!”

Amy replied, “That sounds like a plan! May God help you to raise the required amount as soon as possible!” This was the moment when car arrived at a venue. John peeped outside and said, “Magic show?” Pulling the hand brake, Amy replied, “You never entertained yourself! Dedicated to work and bosses who never appreciated you! After magic show, we are going for dinner! I hope this magic show entertains you and helps you to see the life from a new perspective! I got two tickets!”
As John and Amy entered the auditorium, John was looking at the stage while Amy was looking at him. She thought, “I hope this magic show gives you a reason to look at me with a new perspective!”
Amy was happy to see John enjoying the magic show. After magic show, Amy and John had a happy dinner. John told her, “You remember my favorite restaurant!” Amy replied, “And your favorite cuisines!” John said, “You have a great memory!” Amy replied, “When you agreed to go with me to High School Prom, to thank you, I brought you here to give you treat! I never saw you so happy at that time! That is why I chose this restaurant for dinner!” After dinner, Amy dropped John home and then she drove towards her home. As Amy was driving home she thought, “I failed! Because John did not even try to kiss me!” At home, John was making his bed. Just then, he received a call on his new phone number that he had taken for his mobile banking activities. “Hello!” He answered the call. The unknown caller asked, “Is this John Avery?” John replied, “Yes!” The unknown caller said, “Your payment of $ 1 Million has been dispatched to Post Box Number 28119 of NY Post Office! Go to Post Office tomorrow and talk to my man Greg McCain! Just tell him your name and he will direct you to the Post Box to collect your cash!” John replied, “OK!” After hanging up, he thought, “Wow! $ 1 Million waiting for me to be taken! Is this a prank? I should check out! If it is not a prank, I get lots of money! I will go tomorrow!” Next morning, John Avery went to the Post Office. He saw the desk of Greg McCain. Walking to him, he said, “I am John Avery!” Greg looked at him. Without asking any question, he brought him to a room and unlocked a post box. John saw a bag in the post box. He pulled it out. He opened it and he was shocked and excited to find

huge amount of cash in it. Thanking Greg, he zipped the bag and walked away. Driving towards his home, John thought, “Now I have money to start my dream business!” 

When Will The Batman, Shang-Chi and Other Movies Resume Production?

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, when will The Batman, Marvel's Shangi-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Matrix 4, Jurassic World: Dominion, Mission: Impossible 7, and other major releases slated for 2021 resume production? And when will projects such as Uncharted and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness be able to even start filming given the industry-wide shutdown?No movies will be able to resume or begin production until local governments lift bans on gatherings of more than 10 people. According to a source for Variety, it's expected that the first productions to resume will be those filming in the U.S. given that "the prospect of filming overseas presents too many logistical challenges given the global nature of COVID-19."
Variety reports that studios have informed talent and their representatives that they don't expect delayed productions to resume "until mid-May at the earliest. ... But even May could be overly optimistic — the pandemic is not expe cted to reach its apex in major production hubs like New York City until the end of April."
Every Delayed Movie Due to Coronavirus (So Far)
For Warner Bros., The Batman had already been filming for almost seven weeks in England when production was halted for what was initially only expected to be two weeks, while The Matrix 4 had completed filming in San Francisco and was bound for Berlin when the hiatus took effect. Paramount's Mission: Impossible 7 was about to shoot in Italy when the COVID-19 outbreak ravaged that country.
Variety points out that production delays are causing scheduling issues for talent attached to star in other productions slated to begin filming later this year. Production start dates on those later films may have to be pushed and roles, both major and supporting, may need to be recast.
Uncharted, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, was poised to begin filming in Berlin when production was put on hiatus. Holland was expected to segue from Uncharted to begin filming the third Spider-Man movie in July.
Meanwhile, Marvel's Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness reportedly hasn't shifted its start date and remains slated to begin filming in June.

Disney World and Disneyland Finally Admit Things Will Never Be the Same

a person holding a sign: Disney World and Disneyland Finally Admit Things Will Never Be the Same © Provided by The Motley Fool Disney World and Disneyland Finally Admit Things Will Never Be the Same
Disney (NYSE: DIS) was living in denial until Friday afternoon, finally conceding that Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida won't be reopening anytime soon. It's been two weeks since the world's leading theme park operator closed its stateside attractions, initially targeting the outage to last only through the end of the month.
With April around the corner and no coronavirus containment in sight, Disney is now shuttering its domestic theme parks indefinitely. There is no new opening date. Disney is promising to continue paying its displaced hourly workers through April 18, but that doesn't necessarily mean the resort will spring back to life immediately after that. Disney doesn't know when it will open its parks, only because nobody knows when that will be.
Disney may have been the first theme park operator to announce the first round of closures, but it let its biggest rival take the lead this time around. Universal Studios parent Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) announced on Tuesday that its parks would remain closed through April 19. Legoland, another theme park chain with parks in Central Florida and Southern California, beat Disney to the punch hours earlier on Friday. Its two resorts now won't open until at least April 15.
The worst news came out of SeaWorld Entertainment (NYSE: SEAS) shortly after Disney's update. It will also be keeping its theme parks closed indefinitely, but it also announced that it will be furloughing more than 90% of its employees by the end of this month.
This has obviously been a brutal month for the theme park industry. Shares of Disney, Comcast, and SeaWorld Entertainment are down 18%, 14%, and 50%, respectively, through Friday's close -- and that's with big stock price recoveries over the past week. There is no reason to think that April will be any more promising for the industry. Comcast and Legoland will likely have to abandon their new mid-April reopening dates.
The news isn't all bad here. Theme park and regional amusement park operators may be missing out on the spring break crowds, but there's still hope that the industry unlocks its turnstiles in time for the peak summer travel season.
The rub here is that this disheartening saga doesn't end with the eventual reopening of the parks. With unemployment claims spiking, we are likely facing some form of recession at the other end of this crisis. Theme parks offer the civic duty of escapism during dark times, but a lot of park fans won't be able to justify the expense if families are jobless and struggling just to pay for essential expenditures.
We also have the big risk that the parks open too soon. If the attractions open before COVID-19 has completed its run -- only to have to close again when cases start inching higher again -- we will likely be looking at an even longer closure the second time around.
Disney is finally doing the right thing by not getting its fans and shareholders excited about a brief closure, even if it will torpedo its financials through at least these next couple of quarters. Reality isn't pretty, but stringing along future park guests and making them believe that the parks would be open at month's end is pure Fantasyland fare.
Rick Munarriz owns shares of SeaWorld Entertainment and Walt Disney. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Walt Disney. The Motley Fool recommends Comcast and recommends the following options: long January 2021 $60 calls on Walt Disney and short April 2020 $135 calls on Walt Disney. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.
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Wrong Number Series - Chapter 1 - Written By Avijit Misra(Created by Charles J.)


In a building, a man came out of the elevator and walked towards an office. He was holding a Wolfman mask in his hand. He entered the office where the underworld mobster Nikolai Belinsky was sitting at a table. Looking at the man, Belinsky said in a Russian accent, “John Avery! My favorite American! Because the whole criminal underworld knows you as the dangerous Wolfman!”
In a cold voice, John Avery replied, “In the whole underworld, only you know the face behind the Wolfman mask!” As John spoke, he thought, “Even my Voter ID does not have my real face!” John Avery continued, “When you call me, I give priority to your assignments because you are a good friend, you make timely payments, and cops on your payroll always help me when I need help from police to accomplish a mission!” Nikolai Belinsky replied, “I have suffered a huge loss as police has confiscated a consignment of my drugs! So for this mission, I cannot pay you immediately! But I promise that within one year, I will pay you with interest and late fee! It would be $ 1 Million!” John Avery responded, “Tell me the person I have to kill!” Nikolai Belinsky, turned on the monitor of a computer on his screen and showed him a picture of an old woman saying, “This is Melanie Turner! She lives in Boston! She is street smart! Her tip-off helped police to capture my consignment in Boston! You need to kill her!” John Avery replied, “Consider it done! In one week, she will be dead!” Nikolai Belinsky replied, “Her picture and file containing her personal information and address will be given to you by Mikhail Andropov!” John Avery said, “Done!” He walked out and saw Mikhail Andropov was standing with a file saying, “This is all you need!” John Avery took it and said, “Thank You!”
John and Mikhail shook hands and John walked away. 

Audio Moonshine - Left in the Dark #FlyahReview

Audio Moonshine is a Northwestern Indie Rock group. Going through common times were things seem mundane, Audio Moonshine was concerned that creativity had hit a brick wall. Artist Jake Ransom went through a terrible accident that lead to devastating events but his band gathered around to make sure he made it through. The album, "Left in the Dark" is a call of action and story about the journey of overcome these tough hurdles.

We started listening to Audio Moonshine with one desire and that was to hear great rock and roll. I have to say that this band didn't let us down at all. "Lonely Ride Back Home" sets the tone and brings a real perspective on how things can be when facing life challenges. The music was perfectly mixed, the vocals were intoxicating and the vibe touches us with a sense of hope. 

"Take It For Granted" is a tale of a person who thought everything was peach and nothing could go wrong but now the air is getting thin and the walls are closing. This is very relative to the everyday struggle and the allusions that are painted after having a win streak but the pendulum must swing. I was taught that sometimes you must neutralize the fall for life battles that are yet to come but sometimes the impact is just too much to bear. 

Another song I like on this album was entitled "Catching Up to Speed". When I first turn it on, I could not help to bounce my head back and forth when this renegade tune picked up the pace of the album. My favorite part of the song was around the 2 minute and 4 second mark when the squealing guitar comes in for the bridge. This song makes me picture of good American muscle speeding down the highway as if Jake Ransom was a powerhouse machine. 

The overall performance of this album is fantastic and the lyrics are catchy, very detailed & words of motivation. If I have to rate this album on the scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 8 for its creativity, conceptual delivery, perfect composition.

Don't Call Me Shirley

Don't Call Me Shirley

Don't Call Me Shirley focuses on catchy prog-rock with the Tired / Ashes EP. Utilizing a little distance to create an impressive space rock kind of sound, the EP is a bit innovative in it's reaching outside the norms of rock music and still being quite catchy in it's own right. Emotion and fire are both there and can be heard clearly while the songs take over the atmosphere. These songs are best listened to with headphones though great for a drive as well. They can get you thinking and that's part of what makes good music so good. Songs that take you out of where you are and bring you to another place all together. Don't Call Me Shirley does this. "Tired" is a radio worthy song for prog-rock fans anywhere. 

The RobAnd - Bextasy - Flyah Review

Starting in the mid 90's, Roberto Fabbro began to take a journey in the world of Rock and Blues with the mixture of electronic music. By the early 2000's, he participated in several different bands that played Pop, Grunge Metal, Rock, and Blues. In 2013, he decided to create new projects under the name, The RobAnd, after a purposal given to him by Garbiele Saro

Now they're back with a track entitled "Bextasy". The rock driven song starts with the sound of broken glass giving its hardcore theme. Following with the sound of rolling percussion, Gabriele comes in with the perfect tune and delivery to match its pizzazz. With the Amy Winehouse style of singing, this track really has a bluesy sound. In a professional way, you can tell that the engineers really took their time and efforts to produce a crystal clear recording of her voice.

I really enjoyed around the 47 second mark when the track kicks up into a more upbeat metal sequence and she shows intensity to match the vibe. Roberto is definitely a wonderful bass and guitar player to match her authentic sound. The infectious lyrics paints a picture on a fatal attraction that never seems to end. We all become attach to someone that goes through dangerous times and painful emotions can really stir us up. It reminds me of those early 90's movies when a girl is in love with a renegade and the relationship is toxic. I really believe this track can be a wonderful performance in front of a live crowd. Surely if you are into those head banging, guitar driven, passionate choruses, this is definitely the song for you.

If I have to rate this on the scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 8 for charisma, being filled with excitement, a little of suspense and perfect composition with flawless mixing.

Johnathan Len Has a Marvelous Voice! #Flyah Revew

Johnathan Len, an excellent entertainer hailing from Paducah, Kentucky hits the industry with vocals full of passion and power. While attending Southern Illinois, Johnathan became the lead singer of an epic acapella group entitled Blend, which is based on the 50's. Working for 12 years with several successful artists, he acquired the skills that will proceed his advancement.

Expressing his emotions on the track "You're All I Need", Johnathan Len made Flyah Magazine a fan right from the beginning. The chilled relaxing guitars was very soothing to the ear from the beginning note. Johnathan starts this track with a bold statement "I will never find someone like you". I'm sure we all have strong emotions for a love one before that make you say such a thing. Johnathan reminds me of the late great Sam Cook with a little bit of country flavor intertwined. Johnathan was definitely blessed with a voice that captures the ears upon listening and it's a heaven sent feeling. I love the backing vocals on You're All I Need around the 39 second mark. They are amazing to hear and really elevates the mood of the song.

Shocking the world with more an aggressive approach, Johnathan Len really stands out on the hit single "I Want My Country Back". Filled with a political charge, He expresses his love for the old days. American flag pride denim blue jeans and muscle cars is the lifestyle that Americans are built for. I really love the energetic instrumentation on this song. It can definitely get a party started and reminds of the classic theme song to Roseanne. Coming from the south and mid-west, Johnathan definitely creates the perfect theme song for his tribe.

If I have to rate these songs on a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 9 for great use of concepts and being extra relatable with a performance beyond industry standards.

PRSNA Brings the Energized Punk Rock Bangers! #FlyahReview

PRSNA is a pop rock band based out of Long Island, New York who is formerly known as Persona. They introduce to the world melodic vocals, synchronizing guitars, and high velocity rhythm. Over the course of 9 years, the group has released 2 EPs and have performed with Third Eye Blind, Twenty-One Pilots, and Envy on the east coast. They are an one of a kind band with a 90's-esque style that high school students would love. Punk Rock is suppose to be fun energetic and free-spirited which PRSNA performs well.

While listening to the single "Cut Throat", I was taken on a journey consisting of a spiraling down relationship between a hard working person and political jerks forcing their way of living on the average joe. Sometimes people can feel alienated and blocked from the success they want to achieve; this also can be a metaphor of a battle between the conscious and subconscious mind. In life, we could be our own enemies and become aware but seem to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The vocoder driven love song, "Never Said Goodbye" is my favorite song from this band. I really enjoyed the mixing and the different synth effects in the background. The different breakdowns of the instrumentation really brings out the emotional stride of this record. Of course if somebody leave stones unturned, it can really be heartbreaking. Missing pieces to the puzzle can drive people stir crazy. This is a very relatable subject because even I have been in relationships that ended abruptly with no trace to the disturbance. The mysteries of life has always been thought provoking for me. I am just happy that PRSNA has been the voice to represent such an impactful subject.

The album entitled single "Lions", reminds me of this one YouTube video I have watched about the dark night of the soul. Living with hope praying that someone can understand you and being there for you in your darkest hour is a common thought for someone dealing with emotional pain. Although I feel that the mixing could be a little better on this one, the song did contain a very powerful message and it displays the versatile delivery that PRSNA is capable of.

If I have to rate these songs on a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 7 for energy consistency of concept conveying a message and great composition.

Katie Belle - Love Someone – Review

Love Someone – Review

From receiving hundreds of thousands of streamsonline from different platforms, being featured in popular articles, and touring across the US, Katie Belle is truly a gifted, talented and successful musical artist. With the release of her new single titled “Love Someone”, Belle is back at it again with another hit track. Upon the track’s intro, listeners are greeted with beautifully appealing vocals that are pleasing to the ears. Along with the vocal style being attractive, the vocal melodies in this song are kept catchy, simplistic, and easy to follow. Therefore, it is evident that music fans are sure to be caught either humming or singing along to the melody of “Love Someone”. In addition to the lead vocals, it is important to highlight the power that the backing vocals and vocal effects bring to the table as they add a greater sense of depth to this song.In regards to the instrumentals, they are kept mild and few-in-number so that the attention will not be drawn away from the vocals and it also allows for the vocals to shine brightly. Even though kept mild, the percussion carries the song along nicely and holds as a sturdy backbone, while the synth adds a great strength especially in the chorus line. Overall, “Love Someone” is a solid track that is catchy, easy to digest, and most importantly, it is kept original and tasteful. Music fans of the genre are sure to love this song and is one that will surely be added to playlists for listeners to repeat the track over and over again. It is highly recommended for music lovers to give Katie Belle a listen with not only her new single, “Love Someone”, but also to give attention to her past work with other fantastic songs.

Dear Love by King.S #FlyahReview

King. S is a 30 year old R&B artist from Pensacola, Florida. Raised around a musical family, King was bound to be groomed into an exceptional superstar. Using music to escape from problems and life issues, he utilizes his talent in a stupendous manner. Today, he graces us with a passionate driven LP entitled "Dear Love".

The overall production performance of this album is quite up to date with sounds of the 808's pounding and nice neo-soul melodies. One of my favorite things of this album is that it can definitely be considered a concept album. The album features up to 8 love inspired songs that bring you into the mindset of a young man that is learning about love as the days go by. The cover is quite vibrant showing a cartoon version of King.S dressed in white seeming as if he was in deep contemplation.

This project is intended to be a letter about the state of relationships and his perspective on topics that men normally don't discuss. This album starts off with clean melody and vocal range on the intro track, "Here I Am". The track is short and sweet but have so much to cover. He talks about how being separate has a deep lesson but sometimes you think about the person who is now distant. The intro brings light on the subjects that is later to be talk about throughout the album.

On the song "What Would You Do", he sings about having relationship problems and trying your best to fight through the issues. It's a statement asking what would be your claim to have a stable state of love. I love the beat and reminds me of Usher's hit record in 1997 named "Nice and Slow". The next track which is one of favorite on this album is entitled "Ouh Oh" which gives detail of a late night rendezvous when two come together and make time for each other even though they know there are difficulties in life that prevent them of joining. With thoughts in ways to make things work, a little enticement draws a person closer to that promise land.

The last but also my most favorite record is the CD entitled song, "Dear Love". The flute instruments really bring out a magical feeling and his performance was definitely the best throughout the album. He makes it vintage with more of a 1960's blues club way of saying his words. The chorus is quite impactful as he sheds light on how throughout his whole relationship all he ever wanted to do was to make the girl happy. However, things seem impossible with the lack of effort from both parties.

If I have to rate this album on a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 7 for tremendous harmony, consistency of concept, and well mixed production. If you are a fan of R&B, this album will definitely be a good listen

Don't Wanna Live, Don't Wanna Die by E.R.I.E.

Don't Wanna Live, Don't Wanna Die by E.R.I.E.

New indie rock group E.R.I.E.released their debut album entitled "Don't Wanna Live, Don't Wanna Die", and it's easy to get hooked on the sound.  At the helm of the project is songwriter and producer TJ Foster, known for his work in other  projects along with his solo career in music. E.R.I.E. takes on a new direction for Foster as the band lays down some real deal classic rock roots. "Fire Away" leads the set of 11 songs that complete the album. You can feel the inner turmoil turn to an inspirational send off as storytelling begins. A great chorus and energy shows it's face while the song grows more powerful. The record plays out with folk-ish sounds and goes back to hitting a harder rock all with a gusto. "Doubt" is a near perfect example of what the record has to offer. Other notable songs include the swing time Americana song "The Background". Along with those, "Fears Come Runnin'" and "Life and/or Death" both very well performed and well written. The record has a terrific concept and to summarize, Foster explains that E.R.I.E.stands for "Everything Resides In Everyone". This is a record well worth a spin.

Dusty Leigh - Like you were forbidden - Flyah Review

Hailing from Idaho, Dusty Leigh is a country sensation you must hear. Named after her mother's favorite band ZZ Top, Dusty started life with humble beginnings. At a young age, she entered karaoke contests, talent shows, & local fair competitions. Losing her mother in near teens, Dusty knew she had to hammer down and work hard for her dreams. With influences of Dolly Parton Bob Seger & Tina Turner, she was equipped for the battle.

When first playing the country hit single, "Like You Were Forbidden", I was instantly blown away by the wonderful mastering work. The song starts off strong and powerful with blaring guitars and well mixed percussion. This love song reminds me of the Adam and Eve story when something is so desirable that you can not keep away. The detailed lyrics paints a magical scene of passionate attraction. With these metaphoric phrases, the listener will be entertained from start to finish.

The one line "It may burns us up but I’ll strike that match" caught me by surprise. Love can be that strong that you know there are things that will prevent you from forming an union but you disregard the backlash. These burning desires remind me of a conversation my cousin and I have all of the time. Some love interests can be dangerous with beauty brains and a wild side. There is also family members, friends, and peers that interfere telling you that you made a bad choice but it's up to you to make that decision.

There is also those situations when a person belongs to someone else but both of you have a stronger attraction for each other. Of course in religious terms, those feelings are against the law but we all have a human weakness known as Temptation. To rate this song on a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 9 for great performance, excellent vocal range, use of metaphors with biblical parallels, and authenticity.


Ninety Nine Halos

Like you were forbidden

Twicy Asks to Gimme Love #FlyahReview

Hailing from the country of West Africa, Twicy has the sound to become an overnight sensation. With his Afrobeat influence and savvy lyrics, he definitely has the skills to pay the bills. As a graduate from Edinaman High School in Ghana, Twicy truthfully defeats all odds. He was first recognized in 2018 when he performed in France and in Germany.

Shocking the listeners with his new smash hit entitled "Gimme Love", Twicy hits the ground running with the Wizkid type of vibe. His voice is very appealing and accent makes the song supreme while the mixing on this record is also very professional. I can picture this played on the top 40 channels throughout the whole summer. This song talks about having a love interest whose body is amazing, with style and grace that brings you into a romantic world. Twicy also speaks about all the things he can do for that girl.

The hook is catchy and has the ability to stand the test of time. I believe the organization and composition of the track is perfect with the right energy to keep the song entertaining throughout the repetition. If I have to rate Gimme Love on a scale of 1 to 10, it will get a 8 for commercial performance, energetic motion, a twist of the Afrobeat sound with a R&B flavor and above all for just being a great track to listen to.

The addictive pop of Me Me Me

The addictive pop of Me Me Me

Atlanta based pop group Me Me Me packs a punch, but does so in the form of  strings, hooks, and excellent songwriting. Their EP (self titled), goes through 5 songs each strung together and woven into a whole almost seamlessly. Each song a part of the next, and each song with the stature to stand on its own. The record is as poppy as it gets in an acoustic sort of way, but most of these tunes are backed up with some titillating strings that just take over and leave you wanting more. In short, Me Me Me leaves you wanting more more more. The EP is a good length and is worthy of hitting repeat a few times at least and this band has come a long way from their humble beginnings. But you can hear the musicianship and quality in this record without trying. A valiant effort from Me Me Me.  

Socially Altered and the Subconsious Terminus #FlyahReview

Socially Altered is a solo act from the marvelous country of India. Krishnendu Ghosal is the sole member who creates music with the blend of alternative rock, jazz, and psychedelic tunes. In 2015, he was signed to an indie label entitled NUB Music. Dealing with the lost of his grandfather, Krishnendu took an absence in 2018 because of emotional turbulence.

Now it's 2020 and the talented superstar arrives with the EP entitled "Subconscious Terminus". The first track on this EP is entitled "Into the Snake Pit". This track lives up to its name by starting with a dangerous sounding baseline. The saxophone brings you into a dramatic twist when things can spiral out of control. In accompaniment by the guitar, the theme is well presented and entertains you as the beat goes on.

The second track on this EP is called "Lost in Jazz". When I first listened to Lost in Jazz, I was traversed to a place where daydreams rule. The opening cymbal followed by the spiraling sax brings you into a hypnotic state picturing someone lost in jazz. The third tune on Subconscious Terminus that stands out to me is "Faded and Some Forgotten Dreams". As the saxophone blows throughout the track, I get the sense the creator was trying to paint a picture of the aftereffects of someone being lost in jazz. Truthfully, this EP could be the results of a person struggling with emotions, searching for a release, and a safe haven from pain.

To me, the order of the tracks are no mistake. This is definitely a concept album. I believe the tracks are cohesive and filled with concepts that keeps the listener engaged throughout the project. If I have to rate this EP on a scale of 1 to 10, it will get a 8 for sticking to its theme with great production and imaginative elements.

The Victoria Napolitano Group's Outlook on Love #FlyahReview

The Victoria Napolitano Group is a multimedia marketing group that does numerous things such as 3-D animation, short films, music and more. This group performs in many different languages including English, Spanish,  French and several others. The CEO and President Victoria Napolitano has been casted in commercials radio and other great venues over the course of 12 years.

When first listening to the 80's inspired song "Tell Me My Heart Wasn't Wrong", I was instantly blown away by the soothing vibe. It begins with strings,  piano playing and soft percussion that brings you into an insightful mindset. The lyrics are very passionate telling a story of meeting a love interest and being enchanted in the realm of seeking love. The Techno-Pop song speaks about depending on the presence of a loved one and feeling encouraged to keep the union close. I felt as if the vocalist opened his heart in sincerity wishing that this love interest will respect and invite him in for more. I thought the harmonics of the song was very entertaining with the vocalist's voice being calming bringing in a sense of peace and musical delight.

The soundtrack vibe reminds of me of songs that would be featured in movies such as Miami Vice, Scarface and other films with a beach setting. If I have to rate this song on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9 for its awesome performance, flawless mixing, imaginative sounds, and inspiring lyrics.

Hip-Hop + House Choreography Signal an All-New Kind of ‘West Side Story’ on Broadway

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The country looks very different than it did 60 years ago, and any new production of "West Side Story" probably should, too. That's the philosophy of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, the choreographer enlisted by theater's preeminent avant-garde interpreter Ivo van Hove for his revival of the American classic (now running at the Broadway Theatre). De Keersmaeker makes her Broadway debut with this sinister take on the Leonard Bernstein-Arthur Laurents-Stephen Sondheim epic—a feat she acknowledges as going directly "into the lion's mouth."
In your words, what does the choreographer do?A choreographer organizes movement in time and in space. I love choreography because it is the most direct [means] of embodied abstraction. I like to work with the body. I do consider myself even more a dancer than a choreographer. Another possible definition is defying gravity. Also, if you go back to ancient Greek mythology, it means "writing the people." Chore means the chorus, and graphing in Greek means writing, and in the ancient Greek tragedies, the chorus was an objective commenting on what happened to the main characters.
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How did you first start choreographing? From the beginning, like a lot of little girls, I wanted to put on a dress and turn. I would turn in front of the mirror, and then very soon after, I knew that I wanted to make my own work—I wanted to find my own movements, my own grammar, my own language. So I decided, by the time I was 16, [that] I wanted to become a choreographer and do my own work.
How was it that you came to work on "West Side Story"? Ivo asked if I would be interested in doing it. I'd wanted to work with Ivo for a very long time and we hadn't found the right project. I had been hesitating a lot. But I think because of the material, the music of Bernstein—I have an enormous admiration for Leonard Bernstein, but also for Sondheim and Arthur Laurents, and of course the work of Jerome Robbins [director and choreographer of the original stage production and co-director of the 1961 film]. The fact that it is also a story based on Shakespeare, it seemed like an ideal combination. I was reluctant to work in such a big structure, but if I was going to do a musical, I might as well do this one. It's not just an American classic, but maybe the American classic. I knew that I was going into the lion's mouth, and that I had the risk of being roasted.
How different has this experience choreographing a huge Broadway musical been from your previous choreography work? Very different, because it's a scale difference. I had to sharpen my pencil, basically. There is a certain codified language, which I had to learn. Also, doing a [play] is different from doing a Broadway musical, where so many people are involved. The largest pieces I've done were with 16, 17 people. Here, every night you have 40, 45 people onstage. That's a huge difference. I've done opera before, but here, the big challenge was how can you make dance, theater, and music fuse together and serve the story? Tell the story, that was the main [objective]. All the movement had to relate to that expression, through a certain emotional logic or through dramatic consequences, which was challenging.
Were you conscious of paying homage to the classic "West Side Story" movement while still creating something new? Proportion-wise, the main thing was to create something new. This was an exceptional occasion, because it was the first time we got permission from the Jerome Robbins estate to write new choreography. The music doesn't change, the text doesn't change. With all the respect and admiration I had for Robbins—without denying that, how do you make a genuinely authentic new reading for the 21st century? The world has changed from 60 years ago, but the stories that are told in Shakespeare are stories of love and death, and tension fields between the community and individuals, about race exclusion, about immigration, about integration, about violence, about friendship. They are timeless, but at the same time you want to give them an articulation and a readability that is genuinely us today in a changed world. And I think the bodies of people are the same but also diff erent; people move in a different way than they did 60 years ago. Also in social dancing, Jerome Robbins was going for Latino dancing; for the mambo, he asked people to assist him to create a real Latino movement. Today, you have hip-hop dancing, house dancing, and that somehow had to be present.
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Do you have ways to make actors who aren't "dancers" more comfortable with movement? Yes. We were lucky that we had exceptionally good performers in the role of Tony [Isaac Powell] and Maria [Shereen Pimentel]. They're not really dancers, but they are extremely gifted. It was such an inspiring experience. It was making sure that in certain scenes, to get the story told, we would speak about the choreography: How does it tell the story, and also in the acting scenes, how we should choreograph those purely theatrical scenes. We all had to come out of our comfort zones—and it was not a cozy, comfortable zone [to work in].
What advice would you offer to aspiring choreographers? First of all, train very well as a dancer yourself, so that you know the mechanics. The starting point is your own body in all its different aspects: mechanically, sensuously, socially. And then also, I have learned a lot from composers from different centuries, how they organize movements around time and space. I really consider music to be my first partner, and I know that in modern dance and post-modern dance, there has very often been a tie that exists in the history of mankind: People dance to music.
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